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Imagine there comes a day when ordering your favorite pasta isn’t an option anymore! The same goes for ravioli, chocolate cake, lasagna, or spaghetti. Is thinking about such a day bringing tears to your eyes? Well, we have a little something to bloom a smile on your face. Nestaisa’s assorted range of bakeware will surely encourage the baker in you to get up and bake the tastiest dishes.

Pasta salad and roasted cauliflower surely sound like a perfect dinner menu when served on beautifully painted ceramic plates. But, going to the kitchen again and again for a refill on the exotic menu, or fetching the cooked spaghetti bolognese from the microwave in the middle of the dinner- these interruptions can be skipped by simply bringing Nestasia’s ceramic baking plates.

The ceramic baking plates are available in different shades, mostly vividly pastel, and are attached with handles. Ceramic bakeware has always been the first choice of many selectors for a multitude of reasons. Since ceramic baking ware can sustain high temperatures without shattering. Furthermore, ceramic bakeware effectively disperses heat, guaranteeing that food is cooked uniformly. Therefore, when cooking delicate dishes such as baked fish or quiches, ceramic bakeware is frequently the finest option. They are simple to clean and often dishwasher-safe.

Ceramic baking dishes augment the flavor of your food's natural ingredients. Since there is no need to add oil to the cooking process, flavors from ingredients like herbs and spices absolutely shine out in the meal. Delicate flavors can flourish on their own, unfettered by the rich aromas of butter and olive oil. By locking in the liquids, ceramic cookware also helps meats and vegetables retain more of their juice. It reveals the beef's inherent juice or even the juice of a plain fresh carrot.

We at Nestasia strongly encourage the use of ceramic products since they evenly bake dishes and conduct heat just as well as glass. These work well for muffins, fast bread, and gourmet foods. Your baking could become more magical with a hand-finished ceramic baking dish. It works nicely in an oven or microwave and is dishwasher safe. Non-porous ceramic surfaces are typically simple to clean. Allow the bakeware to thoroughly cool before cleaning. You can clean it with warm, soapy water and a dishcloth or soft sponge after each usage. If there are any burned foods, immerse the ceramic dish in boiling water for 30 minutes.

The exterior of these ceramic plates is covered in beaming pastel shades of pink, yellow, white, black, blue, or green. Some are adorned with artistic patterns. Regardless, their utility remains the same. The ceramic baking dishes are also scratch-resistant. For those of you who enjoy scraping off the last morsel of food, this is welcome news. Now enjoy the last of the penne pasta sauce or the sticky sides of the cheesecake, with your favorite baking dishes. As an added bonus, you don’t need to serve on any other plate. If you’re having a single serving, you can conquer it all by yourself.

Even the greatest cookware made of stainless steel may not be healthy for you. Ceramic dishes are made without the use of any metals or chemicals. These dishes are made from natural elements. Ceramic baking dishes are the finest choice for those of you who are concerned about what you are feeding yourself or those you cherish.

Baking dishes can be a crucial part of your life- be it a joyous, celebratory occasion or some “me-time”. After all, both are accompanied by drool-worthy delicacies like pepperoni pizza, ravioli, trifle, brownies, and other baked food. Some of the ceramic dishes are blanketed by matte finish and some are hand glazed. Some are aesthetically pleasing and some are striped on the base for sizzling grilled cheese sandwiches. 

The ceramic baking dishes are truly versatile. They can be coupled with serving spoons while serving freshly baked delicacies. The handles will allow a firm grip and make the dish easy to carry. The colour of the dishes is extremely eye-soothing. They can be paired with ceramic dinner sets and ceramic bakeware sets of same colour or playfully contrasting shades to gift the ceramic set on the occasion of anniversaries, weddings, trousseau, housewarmings, festivities, Diwali, Christmas, etc. Speaking of occasions, if Valentine's Day calls for a mini red velvet cake, the ceramic baking dish is all you need to give your cherished one a dreamy surprise- along with all the other decor objects that you need, you know Nestasia is your one-stop destination for all!

As much as baking dishes are meant to serve you happiness, taking care of them and keeping them as new as they can be is in your hands. And if you’re charmed by them head over heels, rush to our top picks and get your favourites today.

Baking Plates Pricing

Product Name Price
Mandala Long Dish Rs.590
Mandala Blue Square Snack Plate With Handle Rs.445
Mandala Blue Round Platter With Handle Rs.590
Mandala Blue Ceramic Round Plate With Handle Rs.505
Mandala Yellow Spirals Round Baking Plate With Handle Rs.590
Mandala Yellow Diamonds Square Snack Plate With Handle Rs.445
Mandala Spiral Ceramic Baking Plate With Handle Rs.590