Green Water Tumbler Set of 4

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Product Introduction

Is there a rule for serving water in plain drinking glasses? If there is, we break it with our collection of gorgeously designed glass drinkware. Our glassware features the finest drinking glasses made with superb craftsmanship that are of excellent quality. The versatility of our glassware collection allows you to choose from a wide range of drinking glasses and tumblers that can be paired with any table decor items to create a fancy dining table decor setting. So, spread a lavish lunch or dinner and set the table with fancy dinnerware and our stunning glassware items.


  • Premium quality
  • Diamond-patterned design
  • High-sheen exterior
  • Gorgeous translucent colour
  • Handcrafted artisanal
  • Durable glass material

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I serve in this glass water tumbler set other than water?
The gorgeous diamond-shaped texture of the green glass tumbler set makes it the perfect choice for serving tea, lemonade, fresh juices, and mocktails to your guests. You can also use the drinking glasses as your regular juice glasses for enjoying a fresh glass of juice during your morning breakfasts.
The glass tumbler set is completely free of lead or any other toxic chemicals, making your drinking experience totally safe and much more enjoyable. The lead-free and food-safe grade premium-quality glass material ensures that the drinking glasses are 100% safe for serving all drinks and beverages. Since the glass material is toxic-free, you can even use these water tumblers to serve milk and health drinks to kids.
The crystal glass water tumbler set is available in three more colour options other than green, including ash, blue, and purple. All the variants feature identical textured designs. So you can pick any colour that matches your personal sense of style and decor.
Use a sponge and some normal dishwashing soap to clean the glass tumblers. You can also soak them in warm water before applying dishwashing liquid to remove stubborn stains. Avoid using harsh detergents or abrasive materials to wash the drinking glasses.
Since the drinking glasses are made of lead-free and food-safe glass material, they are 100% safe for kids. You can use these glasses to serve milk, health drinks, or hot chocolate to your kid.

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