Face Vase

Rs. 1,490

Face vases that come with a face shaped pattern on the surface. The diagonal foot of the vases give the look of an actual human face. The mouth of the vase can be filled with different colored succulents, climbers and creepers or flowers, to give the face a hair like illusion with the help of these plants. The flower vase if also abled enough to hold a big bouquet of flowers owing to its wide mouth. The colors of the vases may appear to be different under different light settings.

Nestip: The vase can be used inside the bathroom with dried flowers to add a decor element

Size: Black- diameter 13cm (bottom), 13cm (top) x 20cm H
White- diameter 11cm (bottom), 11cm (top) x 25cm H
Grey-  diameter 11cm (bottom), 11cm (top) x 30cm H

Material: Ceramic

Colour: Grey, black, white

Products Included: 1 flower vase

Style: Grey - Vnov66
Black - Vnov67
White - Vnov68

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Simply elegant

Delivery was good and the packaging was also meticulous, overall product, AMAZING 🤩