Decorative Fruit Bowl With Stand Gold Large

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Premium quality metal
Durable & rust-resistant
Vintage rim design
Expert craftsmanship
High-sheen gold finish
Detachable metal pedestal
Easy to assemble and store
Perfect as a table centrepiece
Ideal for festive decoration
Size & Details
Size: 21.5cm D x 17cm H (with stand), 6cm H (without stand)

Colour: Gold

Material: Metal
Products included
1 decorative bowl

Product Introduction

Our stunning decorative bowl with pedestal is a true masterpiece that elevates your space. Crafted with unparalleled precision, its premium quality metal boasts unparalleled durability and rust resistance. The intricately detailed rim design showcases expert craftsmanship, while the high-sheen gold finish exudes opulence. The detachable metal pedestal ensures versatility, allowing you to customize your display. As a perfect table centrepiece, the decorative metal bowl flawlessly enhances any setting and is ideal for showcasing a vibrant array of fruits. Elevate your decor with this fusion of elegance and functionality, a testament to timeless beauty and superior artistry.


  • Premium quality metal
  • Durable & rust-resistant
  • Detailed rim design
  • Expert craftsmanship
  • High-sheen gold finish
  • Detachable metal pedestal
  • Perfect table centrepiece

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the gold finish prone to tarnishing or fading over time?
Rest assured, the high-sheen gold finish on the decorative bowl is crafted to withstand the test of time. Engineered for durability, it is designed to resist tarnishing, fading, and discolouration. Regular maintenance involves simply wiping the surface with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and maintain its brilliance. This ensures that the bowl remains a captivating focal point in your room decor, preserving its luxurious shine and allure for years to come.
Integrating our decorative bowl into your room decor is effortless. Begin by selecting a strategic spot, such as a coffee table, dining table, or entryway console. The intricate rim design and high-sheen gold finish effortlessly catch the eye. Opt for a monochromatic colour scheme to let the bowl stand out, or complement it with warm hues to create a harmonious ambience. Experiment with decorative fillings like polished stones, decorative orbs, or potpourri.
Unleash your creativity with the decorative bowl as a captivating centrepiece. Embrace seasonal themes by filling it with pinecones and ornaments during winter or seashells during summer. Play with contrasts by pairing it with fresh flowers or lush greenery for a natural-meets-luxe vibe. The bowl's intricate rim design and flawless gold finish harmonise with various elements, making it a versatile canvas for your imaginative centrepieces year-round.
Balancing the bowl's visual impact is key. Opt for a strategic placement that enhances the room's aesthetics without overpowering it. In larger spaces, the decorative bowl can take centre stage on a spacious coffee table. In more compact settings, consider placing it on a side table to create an intimate vignette. Maintain a cohesive design by harmonising the bowl's gold finish with other metallic accents or warm colour tones.
Regularly dust the bowl and pedestal with a soft, lint-free cloth to prevent the buildup of debris. For more thorough cleaning, dampen a soft cloth with mild soapy water and gently wipe the surface. Avoid abrasive cleaners, harsh chemicals, or scouring pads that could damage the gold finish. After cleaning, dry the bowl completely to prevent water spots. By following these care instructions, you ensure the bowl remains a shining testament to refined elegance.

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