Cutlery Holder

Rs. 650

Cutlery stand and cutlery holders that are sleek and unique. The cutlery tumblers can be bought individually with the cups or can be bought as a set that contains two tumblers and a metal stand. The cutlery tumbler allows the water to drain from below and the cup can hold the water after it is drained from the stand. The cutlery holder or tumbler is a multi utility product that can also be used as a pen stand. The products are easy to clean and can help in organising the table top. 

Nestip: The tumblers can also be used as a toothbrush stand that will drain the water after being used

Size: 8cm diameter x 13.2cm height holder, 9cm diameter x 2.5cm cup

Colour: Holders - green, white, grey

Products Included: 1 tumbler, 1 cup of the same colour 

Material: Tumbler - ceramic, stand - metal

Style: Grey tumbler- XM820CN26
White tumbler- XM820CN27
Green tumbler- XM820CN28

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Great product

Loved the designs and product was amazing! Very interesting website and amazing, trendy and quality products