Ceramic Dish With Handle

Rs. 540 Rs. 590

Ceramic dish with handle that can be used for baking or serving and comes in multiple color variants. The round baking plates with handle have spouts on the either side which makes the plates look stylish. The baking plates can be used for baking desserts like cinnamon rolls or pie or snacks like creamy potatoes and veggies, nachos, quiche, baked spaghetti and pasta. The snack plates can be easily cleaned and stored as they are stackable and can also be hung on a hook.

Nestip: The ceramic plates can be paired to form a plate set and served with noodles and gravy

Size: 21.5cm x 17.5cm x 3.5cm, 300ml capacity

Material: Ceramic

Colour: White, yellow, pink, red, light blue, dark green, grey, dark blue, black

Item Included: 1 baking plate

Style: White - XP20FCN73
Yellow - XP20FCN20
Pink - XP20FCN75
Red - XP20FCN76
Dark Blue - XP20FCN19
Green - XP20FCN105
Grey - XP20FCN106
Light Blue - XP20FCN107
Black - XP20FCN18

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Preeti Shukla

Finishing is really nice