Home Handwoven Sabai Grass

Types of Sabai Products

The handmade Sabai products come in various styles from planters, storage baskets, fruit baskets and boxes to mats, coasters, handbags, wall décor, and even furniture. These intricately hand-woven products are naturally made, hence making them eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable. The products are durable and long-lasting, and so they’re definitely a value for money.

Colour of Sabai Products

Most Sabai made items retain their natural yellow ochre/whitish colour, but these days, with the rising popularity of these handmade articles, natural and vegetable dyes are used by the artisans to colour the Sabai strands and add a splash of colour to the products. Azo-free dyes are also used sometimes, to elevate the look of the items. What’s important is that not only are the products attractive to look at, they’re also non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Sizes and Usage of Sabai Products

Sabai-made objects are highly handy for day-to-day usage and are available in a broad range of variations, from laundry baskets to mats. They are used for multiple purposes, including but not limited to storage_ kitchen, bathroom or otherwise, decoration and even things related to fashion.

The planters are available in 3 sizes, 10 inches, 8 inches, and 4 inches respectively. From being used as coffee table centre-pieces to decorative balcony accents, these planters are sure to be refreshing additions to your house.

The storage baskets and organisation trays vary in size_ large, medium and small, and come in sets of 3 or 2, depending on what they’re to be used for. These baskets can accommodate space for anything – from laundry to jewellery to food. On an additional note, they can also be used as décor accents on the walls of a living room or entryway.

The Handmade boxes with colourful lids are of 5 inch diameter and are used to keep toiletries, medicines, knitting and sewing items and so on.

The place mats (12 inches), trivets (10 inches) and coasters (3.5 inches) are round and heat-resistant, and are a very helpful addition to the kitchen and dining table.

The Laundry basket has a 14 inch diameter, making it quite handy for storing large amount of unwashed clothes in the bathroom.

The Vegetable basket is just the right size for a day out to the market, and a really comfortable yet stylish fashion choice on a summer morning. What’s more, it is multipurpose and can also be used as a planter as well.

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Product Name Price
Round Sabai Trivet Red Rs.920
Orange Sabai Basket Rs.755
Handmade Wall Craft Rs.475
Hand Woven Placemat Rs.590
Kitchen Organization Baskets Rs.1990
Sabai Grass Baskets Set Rs.2750
Rectangular Sabai Mat Blue Rs.880