Women’s Day Gift Ideas: 50+ Unique Ways to Appreciate the Women in Your Life

February 23, 2024

We’re all surrounded by brave, self-sufficient women who don’t think twice about fighting for what they believe in. Growing up, we’ve shared an inseparable bond with our caring and nurturing mothers, who have left no stone unturned to ensure our well-being. Notable mentions also include our sisters, who have been our close confidantes, never snitching on us about things that would get us in trouble. The helpful and kind nature of our female friends, who have always lent a helping hand, is also worth mentioning. As we progress into adulthood, we’ve come to appreciate the balance that the collective feminine aura restores in our lives and the existence of these beautiful women.                                

Round Decorative Wall Mirror

While fresh flowers and chocolates are the key to any woman’s heart, this International Women’s Day, let’s think outside the box to celebrate these special women. We’ve compiled a list of ways to put a big smile on her face that will light up any room.

50+ Unique Ways to Appreciate the Women in Your Life

15 Ways to Appreciate Your Mother

1. We’ve all been witness to how much our mothers cherish jewellery, be it family heirlooms that hold traditional values or dainty keepsakes that are close to their hearts. If your mother loves accessorizing and has an abundance of knick-knacks, perhaps a trusty jewellery box is a way to win her over.                      

Jewellery Box

2. You can also treat your mother to a day of pampering by booking her an all-inclusive spa session. This will be your chance to let her break free from the clutches of everyone’s daily demands - enjoying relaxing massages, sauna sessions, and soothing aroma baths.

3. If your mother loves spending her spare time tending to her green companions, perhaps a set of ceramic planters will hit the spot. You can also look for nifty gardening tools to help with her gardening endeavours.

4. A personalised photo album is a strong contender on the list of ways to make your mom’s day. Gather old family photos and create a visual timeline. Your mother can take a walk down memory lane by flipping over the pages and seeing how far you’ve come as a family.

5. Sometimes the simplest and easiest way to win your mother’s heart is by spending time with her. Plan a leisurely walk in the park or take her on a shopping spree, and create new memories.

6. Mothers carry a mini world in their bag. A bandaid, deodorant, or gum - whatever you need, they reach out into their bag, and it’s there at your disposal. A roomy tote bag is a perfect gift, allowing her to carry all her belongings in style. 

Cargo Style Tote Bag for Women

7. Scented candles are a great way to turn a place into a heavenly retreat. Surprise your mother by investing in warm scents like pumpkin spice or floral blends for a burst of fragrance.

8. Remember the days your mom would cradle you in her arms and coddle you when you had a rough day? It’s time to wrap your mother in warmth by getting her cozy blankets or knitted throws.

9. Tea rituals are a must for mothers, especially as evenings settle in and it’s time for her to turn on the TV for her daily soap. You can explore Nestasia’s collection of exquisite ceramic tea sets to add a touch of sophistication to tea time.

10. Mothers always put everyone ahead of their needs. It’s finally time to consider their health and hydration as a priority by investing in good quality water bottles with capacity markers.

11. While the beauty of fresh flowers is unparalleled, vibrant artificial flowers provide a lasting solution that does not require constant upkeep. Grace your mother’s room with a bunch of lovely artificial flowers that offer vibrancy and none of the wilting.                                                                                     

Artificial Rose Bouquet

12. You can also check out cute beauty accessories. Be it a pair of gold studs, hair accessories, or a lovely scarf, the options are endless.

13. A modern table lamp is a great way to illuminate your mother’s cozy reading nook.

14. In the realm of special presents for your mother, good quality perfume is a great choice. Depending on her preference, opt for sweet floral or zesty citrusy notes to keep her feeling fresh throughout the day.

15. If your mother has recently developed a knack for fitness, a sturdy yoga mat is a thoughtful and practical gift choice.

13 Gift Ideas for Your Sister

1. A stylish shoulder bag is every woman’s best friend, making it a great gift for your sister. You can explore Nestasia’s assortment of sleek shoulder bags for women.

2. If your sister likes styling her hair to create new looks, hair curlers and straightening brushes are something she’s bound to be thankful for. Go for brushes with thermo-protect technology to prevent heat damage.

3. Baggy graphic tees are very much in trend at the moment. Pick out T-shirts with her favourite quotes or pop culture references to tug at her heartstrings.

4. A cute charm bracelet is an adorable present. Wrapped around her wrist, it will likely go on to become a cherished keepsake.

5. “No more chips for me,” said no sister ever. Consider gifting her vibrant ceramic snack bowls so that she can gorge on her favourite treats.                   

Leaf Platter

6. Music is a great escape from the banalities of everyday life. Perfect for treadmill runs or long walks with a podcast or some tunes, invest in wireless earbuds for your sisters.

7. For finicky sisters who’ll return your presents in a heartbeat, consider gift cards.

8. Insulated travel mugs are a useful gift choice, keeping her brews fresh and piping hot when she is on the run.

9. If you want your sister to enjoy nourishing home-cooked meals without getting lukewarm and stale, an insulated lunch bag is a must-have for your sister.

10. A cutesy keychain is yet another great find, allowing your sister to organise her keys.

11. If your sister is somewhat of a scatterbrain and constantly forgets to get things done, a hardbound notebook or planner is a practical gift. It will help her stay organised and smoothly tackle the errands she has lined up.                   

Planners and Notebooks

12. We’re sure you’ve seen your sister's pens and markers rolling around on her table. A desk organiser for her desk is a useful tool that’ll keep her workspace clutter-free.

13. If your sister loves to travel, you can check out our travel kits so that she can safely carry her passport, toiletries, and other travel essentials.

11 Special Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

1. No matter what the occasion, chocolates are the safest gift there is. You can create a custom basket filled with gourmet chocolates to match the sweetness your girlfriend brings to the table.

2. Whether your girlfriend is a fitness freak or is easing into a new fitness routine, absorbent and quick-drying towels are a practical gift that’ll keep her dry and comfortable after intense cardio sessions.

3. A slender crystal vase is a great find for your girlfriend if she loves floral arrangements.                                                                           

Glass Flower Vase

4. Every woman feels the need for lipstick touchups once in a while, which is why a vintage handheld mirror will become her favourite in no time.

5. A quirky decor accent that reflects your girlfriend’s personality is perfect for adding some character to her home decor.

6. If your girlfriend is a pro in the kitchen, invest in a range of premium cookware to help her with her culinary endeavours. We have an extensive range of cooking pots and cast iron cookware that she will surely fancy.                                

Serving Pan with Wooden Handle

7. Brooches are classic accessories that can be a stylish and thoughtful gift for your girlfriend. Whether paired with a headband and some statement earrings or worn on the lapel of her blazer, this timeless accessory will add a sophisticated touch to her outfit.

8. You can also set up an appointment for her at a local nail salon. Be it French tips or dramatic comic nails, if your girlfriend loves flaunting her nails, no gift will top this.

9. Exquisite champagne glasses are also suitable for your girlfriend, especially if she enjoys unwinding with a glass of bubbly every once in a while.                  


10. A floral and flowy sundress can also be a big hit with your girlfriend.

11. Something as simple yet special as a movie marathon is a special way to celebrate your girlfriend’s presence. Create a cosy ambience by laying out plush cushions, layering throws, and of course - what’s a movie without popcorn?

8 Ways to Surprise Your Wife

1. You can get a star named after her.

2. Surprise your wife by making arrangements for a special romantic dinner. Shoot for romantic red colours, extravagant floral arrangements, and a beautiful table setting enhanced by runners and folded napkins.

3. If she likes entertaining, luxurious ceramic dinner sets will be a good choice. At Nestasia, we have a treasure trove of vibrant dinner sets that are perfect for gifting.                                                                           

Ceramic Dinner Set

4. Books and customised bookmarks are perfect if your wife is a reading fanatic.

5. Soft and breathable bed covers are a good choice if your wife has an erratic sleep schedule. Pure cotton sheets are perfect for providing comfort and restful sleep.

6. If your wife constantly keeps losing her makeup brushes, bobby bins, and small palettes, opt for a spacious makeup pouch.                                      

Vanity Pouch

7. Make arrangements for a romantic getaway. Book activities and accommodation ahead of time to have a smooth trip.

8. A roomy duffle bag is perfect for the gym, weekend trips, and others.            

9 Ways to Cherish Your Daughter

1. A trip to the amusement park. This is an experience that is fun, regardless of age.

2. Gift your daughter a sleek photo frame. You can insert cherished photos of her inside the frames to add a sentimental touch.                                       

Pink Glitter Photo Frame

3. Get her a nice lunch box to ensure she enjoys her meals fresh and warm while she’s away at school or work.

4. A DIY art kit is a getaway to myriad artistic expressions.

5. In an era driven by digital waves, an audiobook is a good way to surprise your daughter.

6. Subscription services to streaming platforms.

7. Baking trays are ideal if your daughter loves whipping up sweet and savoury treats in the kitchen.                                                                              

Baking Tray

8. A sporty and functional smartwatch is perfect, especially if your daughter has set new health goals.

9. Stylish sunglasses.


No matter which present you land on, it is the thought and consideration that count. We hope our list of unique gifts for women helps you come up with enough ideas to cherish the beautiful women in your life. You can check out our collection of thoughtful gifts for women to make their day special.

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