55+ Unique & Cute Gift Ideas For Your Employees

April 17, 2024

From travelling miles to make it in time to burning the midnight oil to meet tight deadlines, your employees are the ones who keep everything in the company running like clockwork. Whether they are working on drawn-out projects or taking up new roles to challenge themselves, their steadfast dedication and work ethics deserve recognition and appreciation. Every achievement, big or small, keeps everything orderly, which is why we’ve curated a list of unique company gift ideas for employees so that their time and efforts do not go unnoticed. Join us as we go beyond the mundane and explore delightful tokens of warmth and thoughtfulness. Let’s get right to it!

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55+ Unique & Cute Gift Ideas for Your Workers

1. Coffee Mug

Coffee is something that has permeated the fabric of every workplace. Whether enjoyed as a morning pick-me-up or savoured later during the day to keep going, it’s a refreshing beverage that we’re sure all your employees enjoy. A good quality ceramic coffee mug is a thoughtful and practical present that your workers can use every day. 

Ceramic Coffee Mug

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2. Eco-friendly Jute Bag

For those working 9 to 5, packing for the office can be a hectic affair. People often forget to carry nice-to-have items, whether it is hand sanitiser, wet wipes, power banks, and more. Consider gifting your employees Nestasia’s roomy jute bags so that they can carry the items that make a huge difference in how their day plays out.

3. Planners & Notebooks

Planners and notebooks are the unsung heroes of organization, serving as practical tools to jot down important dates, errands, meeting briefs, or even personal thoughts and inspirational quotes. By gifting your employees a colourful planner or notebook, you get to unleash their creative side and amp up their productivity.

4. Planters

Take your employees’ desks from drab to fab with some beautiful planters. Small plants will help spruce up their workspace and improve the overall air quality in the office. From gently swaying swing planters to colourful patterned ones, you can take your pick from our extensive collection of indoor planters.

5. Desk Organizer

Another strong contender in the list of practical presents is a desk organizer. Help your employees keep their desks clutter-free with a handy desk organizer. From magazine holders to house important files to pen stands to keep everyone’s scribble buddies in one place, you will find something that suits everyone’s tastes.

6. Decor Objects

You can also add some personality to your employees’ desks by gifting them some stunning decor objects from our collection. From abstract marvels to decorative bookends for those who enjoy a little light reading during breaks, the options are endless.

7. Tissue Boxes

Our sleek and modern tissue boxes make for a stylish and practical present for your employees. For occasional sniffles and wiping away spills and stains, this is quite a thoughtful present for your committed employees.

8. Photo Frames

Let your employees keep their fond memories close by gifting them a nice photo frame. From dual-toned beauties to ornate vintage-inspired frames, we’ve got something for every desk.

Glitter Photo Frame

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9. Artificial Flowers

Requiring minimal upkeep, artificial flowers are a vibrant gift choice for your dedicated employees. Be it the delicate beauty of lilies or the grace of Hydrangea clusters, our collection of lifelike artificial flowers calls out to be explored.

10. Scented Candles

Your employees tirelessly work day in and day out. Give them their much-needed break by presenting them with some heavenly-scented candles so that you can create a cozy and comforting ambience where they can relax.

11. Laptop Bag

Tackling the rush hour can be a handful, especially with your laptop on your back. A premium quality laptop bag makes for a thoughtful present. Keep their laptops safe from bumps with Nestasia’s collection of stylish laptop bags.

12. Lunch Box

Let your employees enjoy nourishing home-cooked meals with a good quality lunch box. Designed to keep food fresh, our lunch boxes will reflect your care and consideration for your employees’ well-being. From sturdy stainless steel lunch boxes to clear glass tiffin boxes, you have plenty of options to explore.

13. Flower Vase

Fresh flowers are always instant mood-lifters, making them a great choice for office decor for your employees. Surprise your hardworking employees with some of our modern ceramic vases so they can house vibrant blooms or their artificial counterparts inside them.

14. Snack Bowls

Much like coffee, snacks are also a constant during office hours. This is where our colourful snack bowls come in handy. From pretty pastels to mandala patterns, the endless options will leave you spoiled for choices.

15. Duffle Bag

A sporty duffle bag is a great gift for your employees. Perfect for gym and leisure activities, our carry-it-all spacious duffle bags combine aesthetics and practicality.

16. Wall Art

Evocative wall art can be like a breath of fresh air for drab walls, making them a unique and thoughtful present for your employees. Whether they adorn their living room or dress up the office space, this one-of-a-kind present will surely remain etched in their memories for years to come.

3D Wall Art

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17. Lunch Bag

If you are going for practical presents, consider choosing one of Nestasia’s awesome insulated lunch bags. This gift will certainly be seen as a token of appreciation, letting your employees enjoy a nutritious meal to conquer the hectic days that lie ahead.

18. Travel Accessories

A set of travel organizers is a great way to express your love and appreciation for your employees. You’ll be in their thoughts when they are off to a much-awaited vacation and have all of their travel essentials in one place.

19. Gift Cards

In the realm of corporate presents, gift cards are the safest. This gives the recipient more control over what they want, letting them choose whatever tickles their fancy. This also works best for the fussy ones who’ll replace your gifts in a heartbeat. 

20. Wellness Essentials

A curated wellness gift basket with essential oils, diffusers, scented candles, bath bombs, handmade artisanal soaps, pumice stones, scrubs, and more makes for a great present for your employees. It provides a well-deserved respite from the hustle and bustle of work and their daily lives. 

21. Stationery Set

A customised stationery set with office staples is a simple yet thoughtful present for your employees. You can include an engraved pen stand, quality pens, a stylish paperweight, memo pads and paper clips in the set.

22. Artisanal Chocolates

Chocolates are everyone’s favourite. But the richness and decadence of artisanal chocolates are truly unparalleled, making them another great gift choice for your employees.


23. DIY Craft Kits

Let your employees tune in to their creative side by gifting them some fun DIY craft kits because after all, who doesn’t love a DIY project?! Be it a painting kit or a wooden block printing kit, there are many options to explore.

24. Gourmet Coffee Blends

There’s nothing a steaming cup of coffee can’t fix, especially a full-bodied aromatic brew. Consider surprising your employees with a mix of gourmet coffee blends so that they can start their day on a good note.

25. USB Desk Fans

The summers are in full swing and a quirky USB desk fan will be a relief to come to after long commute hours in the sweltering heat.

26. Inspirational Quote Prints

Consider framing inspirational quotes or inspiring messages to decorate their office space. These will serve as reminders of dedication and perseverance and motivate to keep them going.

27. Tote Bags

A roomy tote bag can be a lifesaver when it comes to carrying daily essentials. Available in classic designs and colours, our new tote bag launches might be of interest.

28. Customized Mousepad

Create some visual interest by gifting your employees customized mousepads. You can choose from a myriad of designs and vivid colours, making it a cherished gift for them.

29. Snack Baskets

Give your employees something to munch on throughout the day with some curated snack baskets. You can add a mix of things from popcorn, nuts, chips, chocolates, and of course, some healthy nibbles such as makhana, granola bars and ragi chips.

30. Coasters

Be it coffee, tea or fruit juice, many drinks frequent your employees’ desks, which is why a set of coasters can be a blessing for them. Not only will they be able to keep their desks free from condensation rings and drips, but colourful coasters will also add a ton of personality to their desks.


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31. Fitness Tracker

A sporty fitness tracker can be a great gift for health and fitness-oriented employees who are trying to stick to their daily goals. Practical features such as voice recognition, calorie counting, activity logs and more can be quite convenient to monitor one’s daily activities and movement.

32. Phone Stand

A sturdy phone stand can be a great present for your employees so that they can enjoy their favourite shows or catch up on their reading hands-free.

33. Wine Glasses

Let your employees toast to their hard work with a set of classy and elegant wine glasses.

34. Portable Chargers

Give your employees the chance to stay connected on the go with compact portable chargers.

35.  Desk Calendars

A desk calendar makes for a decorative and practical present for your employees. They are nice to have on the desk and help in scheduling things with ease. You can get them personalized with the company logo and tagline if you wish.

36. Terracotta Tumblers

Here’s something to celebrate the love for chai! Surprise your employees with our reusable terracotta tumblers that lend a natural aroma to the contents and replenish minerals in the body.

37. Customized Diaries

Diaries are incredibly helpful and a timeless gift choice. Customized diaries with your employee’s name and a short message can have quite a personal touch, making it a memorable present for him or her.

38. Moon Lamp

Moon lamps are all the rage at the moment, and rightfully so! With lifelike crevices and warm illuminating light, these lamps make a good present for your employees.

Moon Lamp

39. Noise-cancelling Headphones

Let your employees switch into a deep work mode with zero distractions, courtesy of the noise-cancelling headphones you’ll soon be gifting them.

40. Funny Desk Signs

Add some fun and style to their workspace with funny and whimsical desk signs that read, “Fixer of Everything” or “Cat Mom Alert.”

41. Backpack

A cute backpack is another great present that’s bound to be a hit with your employees.

42. Tech Wipes

Be it cookie crumbs stuck between keys or plain dust sitting on laptop screens, tech wipes are a useful and practical present that will keep their surfaces sparkling clean.

43. Weighted Blankets

Restful sleep is conducive to increased productivity and general health, making cosy weighted blankets another top gift choice.

44. Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are timeless treasures that we all love having on our fridges. Revisiting them every day will make your employees happy and remind them of this small yet effective gesture of appreciation.

45. Sunglasses

Some cool shades have always been a classic present so do not overdo them while considering presents for your employees.

46. Phone Case

Gifting phone cases opens up a world of possibilities in terms of customization and versatility. You can also go for covers with cute phone grips.

Phone Case

47. Smart Water Bottle

While working long hours and being fully immersed in work, your employees must often forget to drink water. This is where you usher in a new practice of proper hydration by gifting them smart water bottles with capacity trackers.

48. Travel Mug

A compact travel mug is another great find for your employees, allowing them to enjoy their favourite beverages on the go.

49. Neck Pillow

A comfy neck pillow will promote better posture by preventing slouching and strain on one’s neck and shoulders, making it a functional gift for your employees.

50. Cookbooks & Kitchenware

For cooking enthusiasts, go for a reliable cookbook and Nestasia’s amazing kitchenware - generous cooking pots, colourful baking trays, state-of-the-art cast iron cookware, and more.

51. Party Games

Fun party games like Jenga and Pictionary also make for unique presents for employees.

52. Yoga Mat

An anti-skid yoga mat is a thoughtful and practical present, encouraging your employees to stick to their fitness regime.

53. Subscription Services

Subscription services for online streaming platforms, bookstores, florists, and more are also something you can consider.

54. Cushion Covers

Embroidered cushion covers work wonders in terms of uplifting the decor of any setting, making them a suitable gift for your dedicated workers.

Cushion Covers

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55. Dinner Set

Bring fine dining straight to your employee’s home with a premium quality luxury ceramic dinner set.

56. Books

Self-help or fantasy, good books contribute to personal growth and reflection, making them a much-needed inclusion in this list.


From personalized offerings to versatile gifts that will last a lifetime, we’ve covered everything there is to gift to your hardworking employees. Brighten up their day by gifting them these tokens of appreciation. You can also explore our corporate gifting section for more inspiration.

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