Transform Your Entryway with Stunning Wall Design Inspirations

August 23, 2023

The first impression that guests get of your home is through the entryway. It is the entryway or foyer of your home that tells the story of your unique style and the preferences you have for the aesthetics of your home. Thus, the entryway design of your home is the perfect area where you can truly show off your style and tastes and get creative.

Whether you have contemporary design aesthetics at home or love bold designs, you can customize your entryway according to your needs and preferences. In our blog, you can discover several entryway wall decor ideas and entryway wall designs that will bring together the look of your home.

Join us on this journey of entryway wall decor inspirations and let us help you transform your entryway into a focal point of style and design. But besides that, you can also experience functionality and let out your creative side. Let us now explore a world of creative possibilities to elevate your entrance wall design.

Statement Making Home Entrance Wall Design Ideas

  • Define a color theme

There are several colours that you can choose from. From romantic pinks to refreshing greens, here are four colour themes and enchanting entrance wall design ideas based on them.

  • Pink

Pink is a romantic colour with which you can really elevate your entryway wall designs. 

Tulips Framed Wall Art

1) Firstly, you could go for framed wall art like this depicting pink tulips to adorn your walls.

Flowers in Vase Framed Wall Art

2) Besides that, you could also go for another piece of wall art depicting flowers in a vase.

Peach Lotus Wall Hangings

3) Pair your wall art with beautiful lotus-shaped wall hangings like these.

Pink Wall Art

4) You could incorporate some handcrafted wall decor like this.

Rose Gold Wall Stickers

5) If you want to make your themed entry wall design fun and quirky, go for these cute rose gold butterfly stickers. 

Ceramic Hanging Pot Small

6) If you have a green thumb, we have a pink wall planter for you too!

  • Green

When we think green, we are reminded of plants. So why not make it au naturel with beautiful flowers, leaves, and stems?

Abstract Plant Pot in Green

7) For a green entrywall decor theme, pick out an abstract plant pot in green.

Green and White Plant Pot with Plate

8) You can also go for a plant pot with a plate like this.

Artificial Green Leaf Stems

9) Adorn the vase with artificial green leaf stems.

Eucalyptus Leaf Vine

10) You could also just go for a wall decor item like this eucalyptus leaf vine.

Wicker Trivet in Green

11) For a handcrafted piece, you could adorn your wall with a wicker trivet in green.

Sunrise DIY Painting

12 ) Lastly, you can never go wrong with a DIY painting with pops of colour.

  • Red 

Red is a colour that can give you an immense number of opportunities to experiment with your entryway designs.

Moonj Wall Decor Plate

13) You could incorporate handcrafted items like a Moonj wall decor plate.

Handwoven Red Basket

14) To complement your handcrafted decor items, you could pair them with a handwoven basket with red patterns.

Scented Potpourri

15) Displaying some scented potpourri would not only bring your red-themed entrance wall design together but also fill your home with a beautiful aroma.

Red Boho Planter

16) You could place a red boho planter on a shelf near your entrance.

Pomegranate Vase

17) Flower vases can be a great way to complement your red wall decor, such as this pomegranate vase.

Red Mini Clay Pot

18) If you don’t want flower vases near your entrance, you could choose red mini clay pots for your plants with green rims.

Girl with Balloons Showpiece

19) Last but not least, place quirky showpieces near the wall, like this girl with balloons showpiece.

  • Gold

Gold can look both opulent and minimalist, depending on what decor you choose and how you arrange it.

Decorative Wall Mirror in Gold

20) For your gold-themed entrance wall design, choose a decorative wall mirror with a gold rim.

Ceramic Hanging Pot Gold

21) Next, you can choose a wall hanging pot with a gold finish.

Hanging Glass Planter in Gold

22) You could also go for a hanging glass planter in gold.

Leaf Wall Decor In Gold

23) For some gold decor, choose this leaf wall decor in gold.

Double Decker Wall Rack

24) You can also choose a double decor wall rack with a gold finish.

Heart Shelf

25) Besides that, you can choose a quirky heart shelf that would look great for your gold-themed entrance wall design. 

  • Modern wall decor ideas

Notes to Self Framed Wall Poster

26) Complement your modern home design with this Notes to Self Framed Wall Poster that you can place on a shelf for your entrance wall design.

Paris Hanging Hooks

27) Bring modernity and utility to your entrance wall design with these hanging hooks.

Wall Mirror with a Black Rim

28) Incorporate a wall mirror with a black rim to go with the modern theme.

Modern Wall Art

29) You could also go for modern wall art that would add a pop of colour to your entrance wall.

Indoor Pottery Wall Planter

30) Choose this contemporary wall planter with an interesting shape to adorn with plants.

Metallic Memory Photo Frame

31) Last but not least, you could place a metallic photo frame near the wall to complement your other decor and showcase your fondest memories.

  • Luxurious Entryway Design Inspiration

Leaf Hooks in Gold

32) A luxurious entrance wall can combine practicality with these gorgeous leaf hooks in gold.

Wall Mirror with Gold Rim

33) You could incorporate a round metal wall mirror with a gold rim.

Metal Wall Rack

34) Install a metal wall rack that has a gold finish to give a luxurious feel

White Lotus Hanging

35) A white lotus wall hanging like this also looks gorgeous and luxurious

Wax Air Freshener

36) A wax air freshener like this would not only complement your luxurious entrance wall design but also keep the aroma in your home fresh and sweet.

Hanging Glass Planter Triangle

37) For a planter, you could get a hanging glass one with a gold finish.

Hexagonal Holder Tube Vase

38) You could opt for a hexagonal holder in gold with a tube vase.

  • Black and White Foyer Wall Decor Theme

If you love the minimalism of a black-and-white theme, you will love these wall decor ideas revolving around that.

Black Rim Wall Mirror

39) You could start with a round mirror with a black rim like this, which is minimalist and great for contemporary designs.

Four Doves Wall Hook

40) Wall hooks are not just for practical purposes; you can use them for decor too!

Invisible Wall Hooks

41) If you are looking for simple and minimalistic wall hooks, these white and simple wall hooks would be best.

Wall Mirror

42) If you want to add a touch of intrigue, use this wall mirror with straight lines and a contemporary design.

Triangular Ceramic Wall Planter

43) To add a touch of nature to your foyer, incorporate this triangular wall planter that is great for housing succulents and small plants.

Round Shelf

44) To bring the whole black and white themed entryway wall decor together, go for this round shelf where you can also place decor showpieces

Entrance Wall Decor Ideas For Stunning Home Entrance 

  • Decorate Wall With Photo Frames

Photo frames are the windows to your soul for guests who come visit your home. You can display a number of things in photo frames. Whether it’s a snapshot you are proud of or a family photo, photo frames can act as excellent wall decor.

Sunset Photo Frame

45) Going for contemporary home decor and looking for pops of colour? Beautiful photo frames like this depicting the colours of the sunset can really amp up your home decor.

Black Cosmo Photo Frame

46) This modern yet artistic photo frame depicting the cosmos is sure to impress!

Flora Sparkle Photo Frame

47) Choose opulent photo frames like this that have a shine and sparkle.

Oval Photo Frame

48) For a luxurious feel in your home, you could go for an oval photo frame in gold.

Square Photo Frame

49) To add a touch of quirkiness, you could also opt for a square photo frame in gold with glitz and glam.

  • Welcome Home Messages

Whether you are welcoming someone into your home or entertaining a loved one for a while, there are various ways that you can make them feel welcome at your home.

Home Wall Planter

50) Choose a ceramic wall planter depicting messages like “Home” as a Welcome Home Message.

Home Ceramic Planter

51) Opt for a sleek and contemporary metal wall planter like this, showcasing the word “Home”.

Home Sweet Home Enbroidered Wall Hanging

52) You cannot go wrong with embroidered wall hangings, especially those that include the words “Home Sweet Home”.

Home Angel Showpiece

53) You could pair the above wall decor with an angel showpiece to accompany your “Welcome Home message”.

Ceramic Planter

54) Lastly, adorn your entryway with a ceramic planter to showcase nature.

  • Decorate Entrywall With Art Work

You can never go wrong with artwork as wall decor. They can be great for expressing your own style and personality.

Boho Women Gallery Wall Art

55) Embrace femininity with some gorgeous abstract gallery wall art of women to adorn your entrance wall.

Try Something New Framed Wall Art

56) Motivate yourself every day before you step out of the house with a framed wall poster urging you to try something new.

Abstract Wall Art

57) Opt for a classic piece of abstract wall art with flowers to add pops of colour to your entrance wall.

Tropical Macaws Painting

58) Choose a DIY painting of Tropical Macaws if you love art.

Parisian Scene Painting

59) You could also add a DIY painting of the Paris scene if you are in love with the city of love!

Graphic Music Wall Art

60) Last but not least, graphic wall art always looks great wherever you display it, including your entrance wall.

  • Make a Section of Handicrafts

Handicrafts can be a great rustic touch to complement your home decor as well as your entrance wall decor.

Red Mushrooms Embroidered Hoop

61) Embroidered hoops can make beautiful wall hangings, for example, this one depicting red mushrooms.

Shola Mini Floral Cluster

62) Besides wall hangings, you could choose indigenous handicrafts like these Shola Mini Floral Clusters.

Handwoven Baskets

63) You can choose amazing handwoven baskets that would look great on your entrance wall.

Colourful Wall Decor

64) Colourful wall decor items, especially if they are handcrafted, can change the look and feel of your home.

Handwoven Placemats

65) You could also try something new and opt for handwoven placemats for your entrance wall.

  • Decorate it With Stylish Mirrors

Mirrors can add depth to your space, and with the strategic placement of mirrors, you can give the illusion of a bigger space in your home entrance.

Rectangle Wall Mirror

66) Choose a rectangular mirror to add interest to your entrance wall design and fit in with contemporary decor.

Vintage Oval Wall Mirror

67) If you are going for an intricate look, you could choose a wall mirror like this for your entrance wall.

Gilded Wall Mirror

68) For a more luxurious feel, choose a gilded wall mirror with intricate details.

  • Functional & organizational entrance wall decor

Wall shelves or racks are extremely important, not only for the interior design of your home but also for expanding the entrance space. There are various designs of wall shelves that you can choose from.

Metal and Wood Shelf

69) You could choose a round shelf made of wood and metal for a contemporary design.

Hexagonal Wall Shelf

70) If you are more into minimalism, you can choose a hexagonal wall shelf like this in black or white.

Floating Shelves

71) Floating shelves like this would also look great in minimalist homes.

Heart Shelf

72) If you are looking for quirky designs, you could choose a heart-shaped shelf like this.

Star Shelf

73) A star-shaped shelf would also look great if you want something eye-catching.

Hanging Shelves Small

74) If you are designing a small space, go for smaller hanging wall shelves.

Wall Shelf for Books

75) Display books as part of your entrance wall design with a wall shelf for books.

  • Entryway greenery

Add a slice of nature to your home decor, especially at the home entrance, to enhance the aesthetics. These tips would be especially great for you if you have a green thumb.

Metal Hanging Planter with Handle

76) Want to display your plants in the most interesting way? Choose planters like these that have handles so you can hang them from other shelves.

Hanging Planter White

77) A hanging planter displaying your favorite plant would change the aesthetics of your entrance wall design.

Hanging Planter Round

78) If you want a wall planter, you could choose one that has an interesting design, like this round hanging planter.

Chic Floor Planter with Stand

79) You can also adorn your entrance space with chic floor planters like this one with a gold stand.

Modern Metal Floor Planter Black

80) Besides that, you can also choose a black textured floor planter with a stand.

4 Entryway Design Tips For Small Spaces To Make Your First Impression Outstanding 

Creating an impressive entryway in a small space may seem challenging, but with thoughtful design strategies, you can make a remarkable first impression that welcomes you and your guests with style and functionality. Here are five expert tips to transform your compact entryway into a captivating focal point.

  1. Vertical Greenery Delight: Bring in a slice of nature with beautiful suspended gardens or vertical gardens. You could incorporate trailing plants like ferns or vines from the hanging planters to create a canopy-like effect in your entryway.
  1. Illusionary Mirrorscape: Create the illusion of a larger space by strategically incorporating a mirror in your small entryway. You can also make the most of natural light by creating an arrangement with mirrors.  
  1. Multi-Functional Magic: If you have a smaller entryway, you would want to opt for furniture that multitasks. Choose a slim console table with multiple hidden compartments or another piece of furniture with concealed compartments to maximize utility without compromising on style.
  1. Floating Illusion Shelves: Create an ethereal arrangement of floating shelves to hold precious books, adorable trinkets, and delicate plants. The suspended design keeps the floor clear and adds intrigue.


    Transforming your entryway wall design into an eye-catching masterpiece in the house is a journey of creativity through which you can transform any space, small or large. From pink wall art to modern black and white foyer decor, there are millions of possibilities when it comes to entryway wall designs. From beautiful handicrafts to functional elements like hooks and shelves, mirrors, and wall art, you can express your personal style and personality on your entryway wall canvas. Draw inspiration from the above-mentioned 79+ entry wall design ideas and create a first impression of your home that reflects your individuality and sets the tone for your home.


    1. How do you decorate your entrance wall?

    Add functional and attractive components to your entrance wall to enhance it. To open up the space and reflect light, consider hanging a chic mirror. To add personality, incorporate floating shelves or artwork. For useful storage options, install hooks or a wall-mounted organizer. Use wallpaper or a striking paint colour to enhance texture. Additionally, add eye-catching statement pieces like a unique wall sculpture or stylish wall clock.

    2. How do I decorate a small house entrance?

    By prioritizing minimalism and effective storage, you can make the most of a small entrance. To prevent clutter, use a small shoe rack or wall-mounted hooks. Mirrors can make a room appear larger. A small console table with a vase of fresh flowers or a decorative bowl for keys and other things should be placed near your entrance, along with a light colour palette to give the room an airy impression. Small plants or showpieces can be stored on wall-mounted shelves without taking up any floor space.

    3. How can I make my entryway look nice?

    Balance elegance and utility to create a welcoming entrance. To create a pleasant atmosphere, add a doormat and some potted plants. A decorative mirror or piece of art can be hung to enlarge the room. Use a console table to display a combination of functional and ornamental items, such as trays, bowls, or a small light. With family photos or a gallery wall, add a personal touch. For a neat appearance, keep clutter tucked away in baskets or beneath the table.

    4. How do you style an entryway wall?

    Decorate your entryway with a well-thought-out arrangement. A large piece of artwork or a grouping of smaller frames could work as the focal point. Install shelves on the wall to display décor, books, or plants. Include a focal point, such as a metal wall sculpture or a large clock. Use braided wall hangings or textured wallpaper to get creative with texture. Sconces and pendant lights, for example, can offer warmth and aesthetic interest.

    5. How can I decorate my front door entrance?

    Add a charming welcome to your front door entrance to enhance it. To make a statement, paint your front door in a bold colour. Put potted plants on either side of the entrance. Place a seasonal wreath on your front door. Consider purchasing a doormat that matches the aesthetic of your home. Think about getting outside sconces for lighting. Install coat and bag hooks on the entrance wall. 

    6. How can I make my home entrance positive?

    By incorporating natural and lighting components, you can make your home entrance more positive. Use a light, welcoming colour scheme for the walls and other furnishings. To filter the air and bring life to your space, incorporate indoor plants. Make sure there is enough natural light by using sheer drapes or a glass front door. Hang inspiring or joyful art. For a calming auditory experience, think about installing wind chimes or a serene water feature next to the entryway.

    7. How do you brighten an entrance?

    By making the most of natural light, you can illuminate the entrance of your home. To reflect light, choose a light or neutral colour palette for the walls and other decor items. Install a chic chandelier or pendant light to create a cozy atmosphere. Strategically utilize mirrors to reflect light and give the impression of spaciousness. Think about glass accents in furniture or home décor.

    8. How can I make my entryway look more expensive?

    Improve the look of your entryway by prioritising quality and attention to detail. Invest in a quality console table or other such furniture. To add an element of elegance, choose accents made of glass or metal. Include a statement mirror or piece of art of excellent quality. Use stone or marble textures in your entryway wall design. Set up opulent wall sconces or pendant lighting. For a classy and expensive-looking entryway, keep the area tidy and use a unified colour scheme.

    9. What is the most welcoming color for an entryway?

    A welcoming color for an entryway is warm and inviting. Think about soft neutrals like creamy white, warm beige, or light grey. These hues provide a calming backdrop and go well with many different types of design. For a light and welcoming atmosphere, use a mild pastel colour like light blue or pale green. Soft yellows or subdued oranges might be used as accent colours to bring a bit of cheer.

    10. How do you design a feature wall?

    Feature walls, also known as accent walls, are those walls in the home that are different from all other walls in the house in terms of color, texture, or decor. Making an interesting focal point is a key component of feature wall design. Pick a striking feature like a huge mural, textured paneling, or bright wallpaper. To highlight the main wall, place furniture or decorative accents in a strategic manner. Include illumination to draw attention to the design, such as wall sconces or spotlights. Maintain a minimal environment around the focal wall to make it stand out. To make the wall visually stunning and memorable, consider using contrasting colours or patterns.

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