Thoughtful Farewell Presents for Colleagues: 41 Gifts to Bid Adieu in Style

January 04, 2024

Saying goodbye to anyone has never been easy. Whether it’s your friend who is leaving the city for a job or your colleague who you have been working with for a year. Saying adieu to a beloved colleague is quite a bittersweet experience. You would be feeling nostalgic for all the shared moments in your life as well as excited for a new chapter in their life. To show your colleague how great it has been working with them, choose a farewell gift that can turn the farewell into a happier and more cherished memory. Whether your colleague has been a creative genius, an office jokester, or a trustworthy team player, your gift should resonate with their uniqueness.

However, picking a farewell gift can be challenging, especially since you want to put so many emotions into a single gift. This is why we bring to you this list of the 41 best farewell gifts for colleagues that include thoughtful presents that cater to their passions and a spectrum of tastes and preferences. 

41 best farewell gift ideas for colleagues

1) May your colleague continue to enjoy their morning cup of coffee wherever they venture! Gift them a set of exquisite coffee mugs, especially one like this that comes with a stand so they can stack them up!

Stackable cups

2) If your colleague is more of a tea person, the best gift for them would be a teacup and saucer set.


3) If your colleague is the type of person who journals every morning, gift them a hardbound diary to jot down their thoughts, dreams, and aspirations.


4) Following up on the previous point, for your colleague who loves journaling, you cannot go wrong with this set of 3 notebooks.


5) Motivate your colleague for the new chapter in their life with this set of affirmation cards.

Affirmation cards

6) If they are into pretty and cute stationery, this kind of everyday-use planner would be an excellent farewell gift.


7) Help your colleague relax every day after work with a set of scented candles with scents that they love.

Candle jars

8) You could also gift them scented candles in jars that are unique for a farewell gift.


9) A farewell gift can also be a bath set like this, something that is not only visually appealing but also functional for everyday use.

Bath accessories

10) You could opt for a more luxurious set of bath accessories as a farewell gift for your colleague.

Bath set

11) Get your colleague excited about their new venture with a laptop sleeve as a farewell gift.

Laptop sleeve

12) Your tech-savvy colleague is sure to appreciate an iPad sleeve as a farewell gift!

ipad sleeve

13) A farewell gift that not only shows your care but also your best wishes for your colleague’s future opportunities and ventures would be an attractive laptop bag like this.

Laptop bag

14) Help your colleague with their everyday life, whether they go out for work, errands, or lunch, with a beautiful tote bag that is spacious, functional, and looks beautiful.

Tote bag

15) If you are looking for a tote bag that has a minimalistic, contemporary design yet looks beautiful and has spacious compartments, a tote bag like this would be the perfect choice.

Tote bag

16) Give your colleague a chance to cherish all the memories they made with you by gifting them a gorgeous metallic photo frame. You can personalize the gift by putting in a picture of you and them.

Photo frame

17) You can gift them a photo frame that is more intricate and has gorgeous details that are sure to impress your colleague.

Photo frame

18) For a colleague who loves decorative showpieces, you can choose a modern showpiece like this with an abstract design.

Abstract showpiece

19) You could also opt for a showpiece that depicts an animal or wildlife for a colleague who is passionate about these.

Black reindeer showpiece

20) Looking for interesting tableware for a farewell gift to surprise your colleague? Choose a leaf platter that includes a tray and small plates, each of the designs being so unique.

Leaf platter

21) If you have always been fascinated with your colleague’s cooking skills and their passion for cooking, there can be nothing better for a farewell gift to them than a cooking pot.

Cooking pot

22) For a colleague who loves hosting house parties, an appropriate parting gift for them would be a set of crystal glassware like this.

Crystal glassware

23) Whether your colleague enjoys tea, coffee, or smoothies, they can relish all of these in glass mugs like these that come with spoons and in different colours.

Mug with lid and spoon

24) If your colleague has been the most organised of the entire team, help them keep up their good habit with a desk organiser like this.

Desk Organiser

25) We have already talked about scented candles that can help your colleague relax. However, if your colleague is into wellness, a lavender reed diffuser gift set can be a great farewell gift.

Lavender reed diffuser set

26) You could also go for a ceramic diffuser that your colleague can put in their yoga room.

Ceramic Diffuser

27) Though a coffee mug might be a generic gift choice, a coffee cup that comes with a coaster is sure to be a great gift choice for that coffee lover colleague!

Coffee cup with coaster

28) Speaking of coffee, you can also choose a glass carafe with a drip filter that all coffee aficionados will love and cherish, including your colleagues!

 Glass Carafe

29) For that colleague who only prefers a mess-free environment and keeps their desk squeaky clean, choose a set of floral coasters that would make a cherished parting gift.

Floral coaster

30) We all have that one colleague who is a travel geek and a workaholic as well. A great farewell gift for them would be a chic convertible backpack like this.

Convertible backpack

31) Speaking of gifts for travel geeks, you could also go for a set of travel kits or bags.

Travel kits

32) A good farewell gift can also be a graphic wall art, especially one like this showcasing flowers in a vase.

Flower wall art

33) You can also choose a set of two framed wall art pieces showcasing different kinds of designs or art.

Line Wall Art

34) Following up on the previous point, you can also pick out wall decor as a farewell gift. Rather than go the traditional route with a decorative showpiece, go for a handcrafted and sustainable wall decor piece.

Moonj Wall Decor

35) Some people in the world just love cheese more than anything else. If your colleague was also such a person, the best gift for them would be a fondue set.

Fondue Set

36) If you are looking for a unique farewell gift, this diamond-textured decanter can be an excellent choice. Not only is it functional, but it can also be used as an eccentric decorative piece.


37) An excellent part of everyday life is drinking water. Help your colleague stay hydrated with a stainless steel sipper bottle.

Stainless steel sipper bottle

38) An essential item that one must have in their dinnerware sets are salad plates. Gift your colleague this essential item for a farewell gift.

Salad plate

39) Functional items that can also act as decorative pieces are great gifting options. Thus, you can choose a key holder like this that is functional as well as looks great on the wall for your colleague.

Key Holder

40) Last but not least, for a colleague who loves plants, you can gift them a set of small planters for succulents and herbs.

Planter Set

41) You could also go for a floor planter they can add to their home decor.

Floor Planter


As your colleague takes on new opportunities and ventures into new arenas in their life, your gift can showcase the emotions that you could not put into words. Let your gift be the harbinger of feelings of friendship, gratitude, and appreciation towards your colleague. Let it be a testament to the bond you forged and shared over the years in your workplace. Remember that a meaningful farewell gift does not need to have a huge price tag but what matters more is the thought you put into the gift. Say cheers to new beginnings and cherished memories!

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