The Rise Of Maximalism In Home Decor

February 02, 2024

If you are an ardent lover of the ‘more is more’ concept, then maximalist interior design might just be your decor style. Maximalist design is a style and aesthetic that leans into the 'more is more' mentality. As opposed to minimalism, maximalist interiors embrace bold use of colour, pattern, and layering to create a space honouring and celebrating excess. However, maximalism isn’t just piling everything into a room and calling it a day—it’s as intentional and curated as any other interior design trend. To better understand maximalist interior design let us get into the depths of this design style.

Maximalist decor

What Is Maximalist Interior Design?

Maximalist interiors often emulate the richer parts of life. It’s a design style rooted in a more-is-more philosophy that will often blend an eclectic mix of patterns, colours, textures, and objects. Maximalism leans into big and bold decision-making when it comes to colours, patterns, textures, shapes, and forms.

History Of Maximalist Interior Design

As far as home decor goes, maximalism is just another word for a phenomenon that’s been around for centuries: the art of displaying the things we love. Talking about the history or origin of Maximalism design, then, Maximalism goes back to the Victorian era when people were trying to make a statement in their homes as opposed to a more pared-down, conservative interior design style. When you think of stately homes or Versailles interiors, you’re likely imagining an early form of maximalism, all decked out in ornate decor and embellishments just for the sake of embellishments.

Characteristics Of Maximalist Interior Design

Bold colours 

When it comes to choosing the colours for your home in a maximalist palette, the more vibrant the colour, the better. Maximalist decor works on the ethos “more is more” hence colours such as bright red, yellow, navy blues, rich maroon, purple, forest greens, etc. make for the perfect colour palette for maximalist interior decor.

Colour palette

Bright wallpaper 

Maximalist interior sways away from the simplicity of minimalist interior decor. It rather focuses on bright and in-your-face colour schemes and decor. Adding more drama to the walls through wallpapers is another characteristic of the maximalism decor. More patterns, more colour and more to look at, create a feast for the eyes.


Mixed patterns 

In a maximalist interior design, it is important to remember that it will never incorporate a simple grey couch. In a maximalist interior design, playing with patterns and designs is the key to achieving the desired ‘more-is-more’ aesthetics. The maximalist interior design incorporates contrasting motifs, like animal prints, geometric shapes, or florals that add to the overall vibrant look of the said design.


Ornate accents

Chandeliers, large artworks, and statement pieces are the focal points when creating a maximalist interior design. Each one is carefully chosen not just for impact but also for their story. A maximalist interior design is not just about putting together vibrant and over-the-top decor pieces, rather the decor pieces have a character of their own, each conveying a story.


Layered fabrics 

Rich-coloured fabrics layered one on top of another are what create a maximalist interior palette. A layered fabric detail creates a sumptuous upholstery, be it layered rugs, throws and blankets, these add depth and warmth to the maximalist design.

Throw blanket

How To Incorporate Maximalism Interior In Your Homes

1. Make a statement with flooring

Consider adding pattern and colour to your room through statement rugs or carpet, to create a maximalist look. Carpet and rugs are a fantastic way of introducing colour or pattern into the home. Not only will this elevate the room with design interest, but it's also a practical choice if you're trying to add warmth to a room.


2. Add patterns to the walls

Wallpaper trends are hugely popular in maximalist design, it allows the walls to make a statement whilst incorporating as many colours as you like. The allure of deeply immersive patterns caters well for cosy opulent interior design. Patterns can set the tone of a space so adding texture and design in the form of wallcovering and fabrics is key. Maximalist wallpapers with dark backgrounds will envelop you like a warm hug creating a cocooning feeling of cosiness.


3. Choose a bold colour scheme

The best way to channel a modern maximalist look is to aim for a bold, unapologetically garish colour scheme. In terms of colour choice, while minimalism favours decorating with neutrals, maximalism isn't linked to any singular palette, but overall its cosy look appears to favour warm colour schemes.

Bold colour 

4. Opt for mismatched decor objects

To channel a maximalist style in your home, the key is diversity. Maximalist homes often showcase this diversity by displaying a mismatch of decorative items, collected over the years rather than having matching items which is more common in minimalist decor. Not only does this create a visually compelling look, but it also means you don't need to be so selective about what's on show; it's about adding rather than taking away. The most effective maximalist rooms have a carefully refined blend of items that keeps the space visually cohesive.

Decor object

5. Decorate with art and vintage items

You can incorporate artwork or other collectable items such as decorating with vintage is key to creating the eclectic look strongly associated with maximalism, and can also be a great way of allowing your home to display sentimental pieces. The reason of doing so is, that, Maximalism design allows you to curate a space that showcases beloved possessions and tells a story.

Wall art


A maximalist interior design and decor is a bold statement in the world of interior design. Unlike minimalism, where the colour palette is neutral and the decor objects are subtle, maximalism aims for ‘more’. A maximalist design is a tapestry of the past, of stories that reflect different personalities of the one who inhibits them. So, whether it's an explosion of patterns or an array of eclectic treasures, maximalism encourages us to revel in the joy of abundance, turning our living spaces into vibrant, dynamic reflections of our unique selves.

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