Romantic Table Setting Ideas at Home 2022

February 12, 2022

Love that’s true and raw red in hue resides in the deep alcoves of the heart,
While the child-like heart when in the company of another which completes it, doesn’t feel alone and heaves in joy resting at home!

We celebrate love every day, simply because it has the power to take away the pain and magically trade it with bits of hope and glee. Your partner bringing a hot cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning is a reflection of the love he or she has for you. Even the one-minute rush conversations that you have with your better-half, while in the middle of work, just to ensure that they have had lunch or that their day’s going well so far. It all adds to how much you care about them.

table setting

One can find the essence of love in the most common of occasions and moments so ordinary that one doesn’t feel aware of it. Maybe, that’s how love works! Also, when we talk about love, it’s imperative that we mention the familial dears with whom we share an oh-so pure and compassionate bond. Always worrying about the little things concerning you, your parents fall foremost on the list. Joining them are your “Dennis-the-menace” siblings, who tease you but more importantly, heart you with full love. Then, comes the cousins, friends, or your favorite aunt and uncle - each and all who give love a meaningful definition for you.

How about you make them feel special one day? It could be a way of showing how thankful you are for their presence and participation in your life. Knock, knock! Valentine’s day is standing at the door, only waiting for you to open up. Leave your work aside for a day, and first, go get the door, please!

Date nights, elegant table arrangements, tasty food, and a soothing playlist dedicated to ED Sheeran or Bollywood melodies by Arijit. Or, some quirky numbers with Taylor Swift, or maybe a little bouncy with the tune with Bruno Mars - choose what makes you and your beloved move.

We can help if you are stuck with the “how do I lay the table for the night?”

Combining sophistication with an adorable concept, and balancing the tones vibrant with soft, we have tried putting together two table decoration setups to provide you with some ideas for your valentine’s night. Even drawing out the table would enable you and your partner to spend quality time with each other and enjoy the process. Because as we said, love blossoms and plays out when no one’s taking watchful notice of it. Love has its own set of tricks and charms!

Celebrate your le coup de foudre in warm tingles of red & pink!

Don’t we see in romantic flicks, how two strangers meet for the first time and zing? “The love at first sight” is not a mere talk of the imagination. It happens markedly in real life, and if you search a little, you will find a bunch of examples around you. Moreover, yours could be a le coup de foudre too. And if that’s the case, we have a perfect table array to rekindle the emotions you felt on the very day you met your love. Here are eight easy steps that you can follow:

colour palette   

1) Set the table’s color palette right. Cherry or ruby red with pastel, fulfilling pink can put across an amorous vibe and also bring along some jocular delight. So align your ceramic tableware accordingly.


2) Layering aids in the contouring of the tablescape. We have gone ahead with a deep red, elongated conical table mat for the serving platters, and laid in coasters of the same kind. There’s no shying away from accepting how much in love you are with your bae.


3) Cutlery can go all glittery in golden, and add that little much needed bling to the table. 

plates stacked 

 4) A stacking of plates, sizewise, will make the table visually appealing. The pretty, heart-shaped dessert plates can lighten up the mood; certain to get the two of you chucklesome. Pair them with a dinner plate, having fine embossing along the edges, and a middle snack plate bearing winsome floral prints in blue. To complete the crockery, our team has used bowls of two types. One pastel pink with a gold-tinted rim and the other with thin stripes of blue.


5) Wine and tipsy drinks lend a divine pace to the dinner date. So for the beverages, we go with stemmed, thick-glass goblets and textured tumblers for plain water.

 heart glass

6) Love is innocent, it always smiles! To infuse this philosophy into our décor, we draw in two bosom-cut cocktail glasses, with fitting glass straws. You can see them bestowing the bubbly charm to the overall setting.

 table scape centre

7) Be a little careful with the table center! It needs the most amount of attention. Make it pop with an accent piece or confer drama to your night - just make sure it blends fine. We have picked up a trinket platter, with a sparkly eye-catching stand. To the platter, we have added strawberries wrapped in foil.  Playing it smart, we have included two planters of the exact design too and filled them with jelly candies encased in food-grade plastic and a red, cute bow.


8) Lastly, the on-drop point center! For that, we choose a kettle jar in pastel pink again, with soft inlays. Prop it with some faux hydrangea blooms. To show the subtle conveying of hugs and kisses, we let a table mat rest in the middle with hand-drawn symbols of XOXO. Yes, there’s no holding back on Valentine's night! 

Tu es ma joie de vivre...
Say it out loud with a décor, delicate white and cosmic blue!

“You are the joy of my life,” shouts our second table preparation plan. Swaddled in a cover of opulent finesse, comes out the bold declaration of love. If you are mapping out a list to present your spouse or live-in beau with a doting surprise, we can help sort out the dinner table layout. Or, maybe you are opting for a night of humble compassion, a.k.a, to spend the evening with your parents and siblings (just about anyone who you call a darling to the heart), this tableware setting would be pristine. Go through the next couple of steps to emulate the joyful vibes at home.


1) What we have here is a sublime orchestration of white and blue, with little flavors of pastel pink. Yes, we absolutely adore the placid shade of pink. It looks classic, neat and so graceful at the same time. 


2) One more thing, we are going with ceramic tableware again. And of course, layering is what rings the merry bells for us. Our line-up has always experimented with the tablemats. For this, we select a peach-tinged, oval leather mat and enhance it by adding a floral-embellish placemat. It comes with a practical utility and gives a better grip on the platters.

 bowl with spoon

3) We go along with a dinner plate, bearing a cosmic blue pattern. The snack plate is pastel-pink, with ropey raises around its mouth. And at the top of the tower platter, is the mini dessert plate with breezy leaf motifs. For a comprehensive nifty appearance, our team has picked small, elegant bowls and paired them with a broad tablespoon. To build on the crockery’s cosmic flair, two bowls in blue are also put in. 


4) Cutlery can go in silver, with intricate details on the spoon’s handle. Serviettes (or napkins) pioneer any table array. Rosy napkins twirled with a floral napkin ring ushers grace upon the entire table counter.


5) Glassware in rosy wine is what popped to our eyes the best! We sort out short-stemmed goblets and wide-mouth tumblers; both are efficient for serving fruit punches, wine or whiskey, and even water. 

bottle decor 

6) Red hearts are to perpetuate the notion of love for eternity, and we always aspire to incorporate this thought into our romantic table décor arrangements. Flint glass bottles that come with a broad rim - we collect one and many in different sizes. And we fill them with fragrant potpourri fillers, which comprise dried petals, leaves, and a few pine cones. Plus, red twinkling hearts on sticks of wood or plastic, whatever you find from the litter in your house would do. After all, it’s DIY! So, you are free to play with your fancy.


7) We repeat, the table's center has to be immaculate! What we have done is assembled the flint glass bottles and placed them all on a blue cosmic tray. A floral placemat is affixed underneath the tray, because, why not? As long as it heightens the setting, you are good to go. 

8) Dinner dates are incomplete without an element of aesthetics, and to deliver the work, we call for faux hydrangea stems in the same flint bottles. To effectuate romance into the ambiance, (if you are doing the setup for your significant other), we ask you to bring on some wax candles. Their igneous flames are bound to stir up old memories. And if you still think something’s missing, hanging lanterns will love to hear about it! We have placed our trust in the tear-drop glass planters to cosplay as pastoral lamps hanging from the roof. Packed in each, is a wax candle along with potpourri fillers and pine cones - one or two. Just let your thoughts run far and wide. This night is gonna be a memorable one!

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napkin ring

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