Predicting 2024 Food Trends - The Next Big Thing In The Culinary World

April 10, 2024

It’s officially trending… 

With the new year ringing in, we can finally wave goodbye to the influx of truffle oil being poured onto… well, just about anything on the menu. From fries and pasta to burgers and even popcorn, there’s no doubt that truffle oil was the biggest food trend of 2023. However, with new beginnings comes new experiences and, as a result, new trends. 

In 2024, food trends are to be expected to be centered around sustainability, innovation, and health as the front-running themes of the culinary landscape. Unlike previous years, where food trends centered around the next hot dish that needed to be on the menu or the “it” ingredient that had to be incorporated into dishes, 2024 food trends are all about revolutionising the way we eat while moving towards a more sustainable and nutritious approach to food. 

While it may be difficult to predict what people are going to look forward to eating for the next year, many still try.

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Keeping It In House

One of the biggest 2024 food trends is all about supporting the community and keeping things in-house. In other words, buying fresh, locally sourced, organic produce.  

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Frequent restaurant goers are increasingly demanding fresh, seasonal produce that highlights the flavours of each ingredient while in peak season. But more than just the freshness of the produce that consumers are after, chefs and restaurant owners are really embracing the concept of farm-to-table dining and supporting local farmers. Therefore, expect to see more restaurants curating menus around hyperlocal ingredients that highlight the flavour profiles unique to the particular region.

Going Green

Heads or tails? More like head to tail! 

Culinary upcycling is all the rage and hitting the scene like never before. Chefs have begun challenging themselves to find new ways to use the entire ingredient, whether a vegetable or an animal. While the ultimate goal is to reduce waste, it also helps chefs create interesting dishes filled with unique textures and flavours that haven’t been explored yet.

Beyond The Meat

Veganism has always been a part of the culinary world. From once being a hipster trend that not many people understood to a lifestyle and now a necessity, plant-based alternatives are pushing chefs to step outside their comfort zone. 

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Therefore, as you begin to venture out to new restaurants, don’t be surprised when you see a predominantly plant-based menu that blurs the lines between meat and vegetables.

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Chefs Without Borders

Fusion infusion is gaining momentum. From incorporating traditional French culinary techniques into some of our favourite Indian dishes to perhaps bringing the flavours of the East to the birthplace of pasta, fusion is definitely a 2024 food trend. 

The experimentation allows food curators to push the boundaries and create complex flavour profiles that we never would’ve thought to pair together before. From Korean BBQ tacos to red curry risotto, expect to see some pretty wild yet intriguing dishes pop up on menus.



Artificial intelligence is everywhere. From the rave of ChatGPT to robot machines that can perform surgeries, AI is a major part of our lives, whether we like it or not. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that it has entered the culinary world. 

Restaurants have started to incorporate AI as a method of creating an immersive experience. One where guests can stimulate all their senses. From AR menus to utilizing real data to curate menus around a customer base, restaurants are embracing technology in a unique way that benefits the customer.


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A culinary revival of superfoods that have been around for centuries, fermentation is most likely going to start popping up on menus. Aside from being delicious and adding an intensely complex umami flavour profile to dishes, fermented foods like sauerkraut, tempeh, and kombucha are extremely beneficial to our gut health and overall well-being. 



One thing that should never be compromised is our planet.

Luxury is rare, and nothing is more rare than the beauty of our planet. It’s the sole entity that gives us what we need to survive. As a result, chefs have begun to incorporate sustainable practices into their cooking methods like never before. This 2024 food trend aims to preserve the environment and reduce food waste. Therefore, expect to see more sustainably curated menus on your night out on the ton. 


Zero-Proof Cocktails

Mixologists and bar tenders have always spent the majority of their time whipping up signature cocktails that make their bar stand out from the crowd. However, this year is all about exploring the sister of cocktails- mocktails. 

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No more mainstream virgin mojitos, fizzy drinks, or fresh juices as the only non-alcoholic beverage option on menus. Restaurants are really looking at mixing their drinks menu up. Therefore, if you’re just abstaining or looking for something refreshing to drink, 2024 is the year to look forward to all those NABs.


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