Out With The Old, In With The New: 2024 Edition

January 05, 2024

The year 2023 saw a mix and match and highs and lows of interior designs. From aesthetically pleasing minimalist designs to extreme Barbiecore, the year has seen it all. While some trends are born on social media and prove to be fleeting, some don't serve us from a practical standpoint. Interior design trends and fashion trends don’t always intersect. Sometimes, they even contradict each other. Yet, in 2024, the worlds of interior design and fashion are more intertwined than ever. How does quiet luxury manifest itself in our homes, exactly? Think dark woods, luxurious soft textures, and traditionally shaped furniture that can evolve through the decades with re-upholstery. Meanwhile, Instagram-ready rooms with their loud statement couches and neon signs are going out the door.

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5 Interior Design Trends That Will Leave In 2024

1. Fast Furniture

You sure must have heard of "fast fashion," which refers to clothing that is factory-made and is a much cheaper version of what's currently on the runway. The equivalent in home decor is "fast furniture," which is an inexpensive design that you essentially buy knowing that you'll toss it in a few seasons or the next time you move. Although fast furniture can be a great way to save money, there's a reason that antiquing and repurposing old furniture has been having a major moment. Recycling and reusing existing decor allows you to reduce waste and also collect pieces that are special and have their own story.

Fast furniture

2. Minimalism

Another trend on the decline is minimalism in its purest form. The year 2023 saw a gush of minimalist designs when it came to home decor. This trend featured an extremely understated and uncluttered home but at the same time created a cold and unwelcoming vibe. We can still expect modern designs to feel simple and sleek but showcase more personality, colour, and warmth. Bland uniformity and minimalism are out. Neutral minimalism has about run its course. Layered implementations of neutrals make a confident design statement and tell a much bigger story. 2024 is the year to banish sterile environments and embrace things that reflect you and your love. Ultra minimalist interiors—bring some soul in! Warm the space up, and create a happy medium between minimalism and maximalist spaces.

Minimalist decor

3. All-out maximalism

While minimalism might be waning, extreme maximalism with no concern for whether things match at all will be a thing of the past. 

Maximalism decor

4. All-White Kitchens

The all-white cabinetry kitchen is giving way to colour—every shade of green is very strong, along with pastel shades and bold blues. 2024 will see more colour, more adventurous choices, and bolder kitchens that feel more like living rooms than kitchens. White kitchens are on their way out in favour of bold, bright, colourful kitchens. The decline in white and grey reflects our ongoing desire to make our homes, in which we’ve all come to spend more time, feel special and layered. Patterns and colours, particularly those that evoke nature, are visually interesting and also feel emotionally reassuring, at once retro and of the moment.

White kitchen

5. Instagram Design

Instagram and Pinterest have been a great source of inspiration and mood boards when it comes to decorating our homes. This trend saw a sharp incline in the year 2023 - from gram-worthy decor to digging in for bold and on-your-face decor. With stepping into the year 2024, there is a movement away from flawless. The emphasis is now on creating interiors that withstand daily life and are also connected to those who live there. People have become more inclined towards interiors that resonate more with them and their personalities rather than being just a medium for showoffs.

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As you decorate your home for the upcoming year, try to stay away from the trends going away in 2024. These interior design tips are sure to enhance the overall aesthetic of your home. Make notes of these and try not to incorporate them into your home decor this year to keep up with the latest trends and make your home look appealing.

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