7 Minimal DIY Wall Decor at Home

April 21, 2020

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At Nestasia, we absolutely love the minimal trend- especially DIY (DIY wall decor ideas, DIY home decor ideas, DIY decoration ideas, DIY decor ideas). So while you are at home, why not brighten up some of those bare walls with easy DIY home decor crafts using simple materials found at home?

The decor you choose to put together on your wall plays a vital role in bringing a unique vibe to every room, whether it is the photographs of your favourite memories, some minimal art or maybe paper craft ideas for wall decoration. When put together, they can reflect a person's unique personality, and create an upbeat, quirky or classic feel in every room.

Create framed

You can try your hand at some fun handmade wall-hanging ideas with basic supplies lying around the house. Here are some activities for which you need no prior art experience. All you require is the desire to explore your own creativity by relaxing your mind.


One stroke art is an interesting technique where you draw your doodles without lifting up your pen or pencil. The drawing has to be done without a break, without stopping. 

Single line doodles

With the onset of spring, we decided to get into the home garden and pick out some of our favourite flowers and leaves to create pretty one line botanicals.

Single line doodles of flower

Supplies required:

Art paper

Pencil/pens/colour pencils/markers

And no eraser! 

This activity can be challenging and so addictive. You've got to try it to know what we mean.

Single line botanicals

It's fun and engaging, requiring a little patience and your undivided attention. An activity like this helps you focus your mind and cut out the noise around you, destress and create some beautiful artwork too! 

Single line botanicals

View the full video below.

Nestip: Practice it a few times before making the final ones for your wall. That way you get the masterpieces on point.


Channeling your creativity on paper with paints is how we'd like to describe this activity. The best part about this DIY is that no matter what your artistic skill level is, this is sure to bring immense happiness to your mind.

water colour strokes

Supplies required:

Card paper/ Water colour paper (preferably)

Water colours

Paint brushes (of various thickness)

Stay Calm water colour

Let's focus on staying calm while we create. Creating strokes can significantly lower your stress hormones. This activity is extremely calming. Think of it like a mini getaway for your mind.

Strokes watercolour

All you have to do is pick up your brush, dip it in paint and start creating simple strokes of your choice repeatedly. Play around with hues and thicknesses.

watercolour strokes

View the full video below.

You can blend, smudge, mix and overlay your strokes. With every stroke, you feel a sense of serenity. Pour out your creativity on paper and transfer them to your empty walls.

framed watercolour prints

These art pieces will brighten up your walls, adding a serene vibe to your space.

Nestip: Choose the wall where you would like to put the artwork and accordingly select your colour palette.


It's time for you create your own fancy typography as per your favourite colour palette. Now is the time to get crafty and creative while you stay home.

Stay Home and Create letter art

Supplies required:

Coloured paper




Choose your favourite quotes and phrases. Cut out the respective letters and drop some shadow. Let your imagination run wild as you come up with quirky dialogues or positive phrases to get you going through the lockdown.

Letter art frames

View the full video below.

Happy thoughts and words framed up on your wall will bring about so much positivity in any space with a pop of colour and quirk.


Create a minimal wall hanging with the phases of the moon to add a boho chic touch to your wall. Neutral colours with a tinge of colour is the key, not forgetting the diverse elements.

Supplies required:

Gold or silver card paper


Thick thread


Stationery supplies

Simply cut out the various phases of the moon from the metallic card paper; crest, gibbous, half and full moon. Punch holes on both ends and run the string through the holes. You could add colourful beads to add a pop of colour to your hanging.

DIY moonstring wall hanging

View the full video below.

This simple piece of decor acts as a subtle accent to uplift a blank wall.

Nestip: You could make multiple of these and hang them side by side with little quotes attached to the bottom.


With the art of macrame making a come back, why not try your hand at this technique. It will not only keep your hands full but also be super satisfying once you have complete the project.

Macrame diy

Supplies required:

Macrame rope 

Wooden ring


Macrame round wall decor

With boho chic decor currently on trend, this knotted craft is a perfect way of dolling up your walls to stay aligned with decor trends. The knotted ropes layer the walls beautifully, adding so much drama to the walls.

Each step has been shown in the video. The repetitive process of tying and knotting can be meditative, therapeutic and great for boosting your mental health. 

Macrame wall decor

View the full video below.

It is definitely rewarding, for your mind and for your walls. 


We know what it feels like when you can't step out to meet your friends and loved ones. To keep them close and revisit old memories, dig into old photo albums and pull out your favourite photographs.

diy photo hanger

Create your own photo hangers and drive down memory lane each time you see them hung on the wall. It will indeed bring a smile on your face and a sparkle in your eyes.

Supplies required:


Husk rope

Coloured card paper



diy wall decor

View the full video below.

Nestip: Choose a colour palette for the picture mounting that is in contrast to your wall colour. It will help the photographs stand out better.


Taking inspiration from abstract expressionist artwork, abstract acrylic artwork is a trend that is free spirited and without rules. Artwork with abstract patterns not only enhance the energy of any space but also one's mood, lifting up your spirits.

Create the attractive minimal prints with the most basic supplies found easily at home. 

art supplies

Supplies required:

Acrylic paints (Alternative: Poster paints)

Paint brushes

Art paper

Black pen

abstract art and squiggles

Creating a combination of squiggles, whimsical patterns and arbitrary shapes have a therapeutic value attached to it. Let loose while you get rid of all those unending worries and thoughts playing on your mind. 

abstract acrylic wall art

View the full video below.

Be spontaneous with the paintbrush without worrying about the result. It is more important to enjoy the process of creating. The whole idea of this activity is to unwind and encourage self expression.

DIY Minimal wall art

It's your mind that reaps the benefits through all these minimal techniques and in the process you have trendy and minimal decor ready to deck up your walls.

So as you stays indoors, release your mind of the unnecessary worries and pour it all out through your creativity.

Watch the full step by step video of all the 7 DIY wall decor activities below

Try out these Minimal DIY wall decor activities for pretty walls and greater mindfulness. Share your version with us and let us know which one is your favourite! 

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