Stay Home Party Ideas

May 02, 2020
Stay Home Party Ideas
Staying at home can be made into a delightful, fun and interactive experience through some creative party ideas. So we bring to you 5 stay home party ideas that you can try from the comfort of your home! And with technology, we can now enjoy these parties with friends and family too!
So wear your creative caps and try out these party ideas at home and put your own spin to it, because the celebrations must not stop.
scrabble tiles
Be it a Monday, Tuesday or the onset of the weekend, we have indoor party ideas for each day. Whether it's your spouse, your kiddos, siblings or the grannies and grandpas, here are some fun and interactive ways to prep up party tablescapes with them.
Sundays are all about late and lazy mornings, family outings and a well laid out brunch table. Are you missing those elaborate Sunday brunches? How about you create your idea of an ideal holiday brunch.
Indian Brunch Party
It's time to eat clean and eat home cooked food to stay healthy. So revamp the simple homemade dishes and beautifully lay them out on the table.
Dosa on Chiceramic Platter
Relish home cooked food in utmost style as you bring the brunch vibe indoors. Lay a lovely buffet spread in your balcony. With the weather so pleasant and the dishes so tempting, you're sure to have a wonderful afternoon.
Brunch Layout and Styling
Brunches aren't just about freshly baked gourmet breads, fancily prepared eggs or generously iced pastries and all that jazz. It's about quality time spent with your loved ones and having fun conversations over yummy food. 
Aamras in Bamboo Bowl
Lend a helping hand in the kitchen and prepare an elaborate spread all together with favourites of all the family members. May it be parathas from the north or dosas from the south, dhokla from the west or kachoris from the east, have a mix of delicacies from all over so you get the feel of a perfectly laid brunch.
Dhokla on Chiceramic Platter Small
While the idea of brunching in a fancy cafe or restaurant is always exciting, hosting a brunch party at home might be an equally fun alternative to spend time with your dear ones in the comfort of your own space.
Do you miss playing the host to friends over weekends for house parties? How about do the same with the fambam. 
Board Games and Snacks
Start by taking out all your favourite games, waiting to be unboxed. Get your stash of snack bowls, fill them up with yummy snacks like chips and fritters and get ready to game on! 
Bamboo Bowls with Chips
Playing board games is not just a source of entertainment but a great way to bond with your family, may it be grandparents or the little kids at home. Also a beautiful way to increase focus, improve complex thinking and build team spirit.
Word Games and Snacks in Bamboo Bowls and Bamboo Tray
Word games are such an interesting way of improving your vocabulary. With schools shut, and children spending more time at home, playing a variety of word games like Scrabble, Boggle, Banana Grams and many more help in learning new words and phrases.
Games Party at home in quarantine
It's a great way to spend time together, bring out the competitive spirit and munch on some homemade delicious snacks in colourful bowls that create a fun games night setup. 
And if board games are not your thing, or you have friends and family scattered across the globe, then organise Tambola nights, Code names or Pictionary game  sessions online! And don't forget to bring your snack bowls along!  
Chai Party at Home
Miss discussing the current affairs during your Chai Pe Charcha sessions post the morning walks or the lovely the tea time evenings with your gang in a quaint little tea place?
We'd like to help you create that feel at home itself.
Chai and indian Snacks
If you like the taste of the typical Indian chai and the crunchy munchies to go with it, try creating a contrast of antique and rustic.
Choose a pretty vintage tray and line them up with clay cups. There is nothing like enjoying a piping hot chai in earthen clay cups to make you enjoy your favourite kulhad wali chai! 
Chai Pe Charcha with snacks
Bring out the rusks and crackers, pour in your chai, dip-dip, take a bite and let the discussions begin.
Shell Shimmer Lacquer Tray
If you like it all elegant and dainty, bring out a pretty pastel tray with hues of white, pink or mauve. Along with it some delicate transparent glass cups and saucers for you to enjoy the colour of your brew. 
Tea and Cookies on Shell Shimmer Tray
Bring out a jar of your favourite cookies. Fetch those pretty hand-sewn napkins and line them onto the tray. Bond over some tea time tales with your granny or mummy while you enjoy the birds chirping and the blooming flowers by your window or in your balcony.
Tea Time Tales with Shell Shimmer Tray
Currently, life is just like a cup of tea, the taste is all about how you make it.
Hence, make this time your own and focus on things you like, rekindling hobbies, relationships and passions. Slow down, relax and appreciate all that's around you.
We sure can't step out and enjoy the lip smacking street food, be it Pani Puri, Sev Puri or the tangy Bhel Puri. Do you miss that burst of flavours in your mouth and are you craving for your share of tanginess? 
Chaat Station at home while quarantine
Round up your family and rev up a mini Chaat station. All you've got to do is get the ingredients on point and lay them out. Instead of having them prepared for you by someone, add a little DIY twist to it.
Bamboo Bowl Pani Puri Chiceramic Platter
Since you're home, we recommend using some vibrant serving bowls to further brighten up the chaat party table. Put on your aprons, pick up your plates, mix and match your own combinations and create epic chaats for each other.
Sev Puri on Chiceramic Platter
To dress up the tables further, mix and match your tableware by blending in materials. Along with the bamboo bowls, use pretty platters and contrast them with clay cups and hand made newspaper cones.
Moori and Bhel
Ask your distant relatives or friends to do the same and enjoy a virtual chaat party over video call to make this even more exciting.
Pani Puri, Sev Puri
Spice up your family time because relishing these flavourful treats is always a good idea and never a fail. Don't you agree, this is such a fun and delicious way of spending time with the family?
Post a whole week's hard work, we all love to unwind, catch up with friends over drinks and banter. For all those who miss their Saturday night outings, sipping onto aperitifs or fancy cocktails, we have that covered too! Become your own bartender and shake up some fancy drinks.
Rum and CokeLet the lockdown not be a party pooper. Now is the time to try your hands at mixology with ingredients available on hand. 
Olive Green Floral Lacquer Tray with Drink
Look up recipes of drinks you enjoy at your favourite taprooms and try to recreate them with items you have at home or within your reach. 
Martini on Lava Stone Platter
Be it the martinis, margaritas, mojitos or the non-spiked coolers and lemonades, spruce them up in style and serve them beautifully with the help of trays and serving platters. 
Martini and Margarita on Lava Stone Platter
Team up your drinks with some finger food, serve them on your favourite platters and plates, put on your favourite playlists and savour it sip after sip, because drinks aren't just reserved for special events. There's a drink for every occasion, including a hot summer's day or even a rainy one.
Watermelon Cooler with Round MOP Tray and drinks
Staying indoors is going to be the new normal for a while. Once this is all over we will want to spend time, get together and celebrate with our loved ones but until then it's all about how you entertain yourself by making the most of all that's within your reach. So let's keep our spirits high and enjoy each moment by indulging in simple yet entertaining ways of merrymaking. 
Tell us which one is your favourite idea that you would like to try at home? If you do try any of the stay home party ideas, then be sure to share with us on our social pages!
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