10 Asian Food Essentials You Need In Your Kitchen Right Now

September 22, 2022

Want to try your hand at Asian dishes? But do you have the right tools and crockery? Asian cuisine often includes small side dishes like soy sauce, kimchi, pickles, salads, and soups. Asian dishes have a dash of umami flavors that come from their sauces, which mostly include soy sauce, chili sauce, fish sauce, and vinegar. 

To hold these staple cooking ingredients, we have some incredible pots and dishes to satisfy your authentic Asian mood. Stocking up your kitchen with some authentic Asian crockery will have you on your way to cook a wide variety of Asian dishes.

Asian Crockeries Collection

Cutlery and utensils shape food cultures across the globe. Some servings are ideal for certain temperatures, portions, or enhancing flavors. In Asian culture, food is served best with the right tableware.

Nitori Bowls 


Let’s begin with stocking up some handy Asian crockery for a perfectly delicious meal with friends and family-


1. Rice Bowl

Rice is an Asian delicacy on its own. It is the most common and handy food item used in Asian delicacies.  A rice bowl for steamed rice is the “art of the table'' in Japan. It can be served in an open rice bowl for immediate consumption. The rice bowl makes an addition to your authentic tableware

Stoneware Rice Bowls

Rice bowls or Donburi in Japanese are used for steamed rice, veggies, meat, sauces, and soup for an all-in-one eating experience.

For Asian cuisine, you can stock up your pantry with jasmine or basmati rice. You can go for sushi rice or Japanese short-grain rice for most of the Japanese dishes.

Rice Bowl

2. Condiment Section Plate

Side dishes and sauces are the most important part of any Asian dish. We have a convenient sectional serveware to let you serve your favorite condiment whether it’s chili oil, fish sauce, or vinegar. 

Condiment Section Plate

The dish also has a lip around the edges to prevent spilling food. The section plate comes in white with brown edges for that modish decor

It becomes a great way to serve appetizers with style to the guests. The condiment server is also ideal for an outdoor barbeque to hold salsa, dips, and much more! 

Small Section Plate

3. Noodle Bowl

A contemporary design noodle bowl or a ramen bowl is the perfect piece of crockery if you want to relish authentic Japanese ramen or noodles. Noodle bowls are of profound significance across Asia, especially in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Burma. 

Large Ramen Bowl

We all enjoy noodles but having them in a noodle bowl adds extra taste to the food and gives you the feeling of eating in an Asian restaurant.

Noodles and soup bowls are traditional comfort food in Asian cuisine. It can also be used as a serving bowl or for soups, curries, gravies, rice bowls, salads, stews, and much more. 

Ramen Bowl with Chopstick Holder


4. Long Plate

Food served in charming crockeries makes the whole meal better. Likewise, each of our crockeries serves a unique purpose. The long plates are ideal for serving Yakitori, a type of Japanese skewered chicken. 

Long Serving Plates

These long plates are not only meant for Yakitori but can be used as a perfect serving plate on any table for finger foods, starters, grilled meat, or any appetizers. Yakitori can be served with salad, sauces, and veggies on our sectional condiment plate. 

The beautifully designed long plates raise expectations for the food, despite it having nothing to do with the flavors. 

Long Platter


5. Sushi Plate

Sushi is the most renowned dish across Asia. It is a staple rice dish of Japanese cuisine served with soy sauce, pickled ginger, or wasabi. So why not enjoy this authentic Asian dish in a better-served way on our small sushi plate?

Section Plate

Our sushi plate also comes with one condiment section and can be the most attractive piece of tableware, whether to fascinate guests or to relish your meal in style. These small sushi plates can also be used to serve side dishes, salad, or tempura. The sushi plates will let you have the feel of eating at a restaurant.  

Long Sushi Plate  

6. Flavor Bowl

Make your food extra flavorful with dips, sauces, flavored oils, pickled chilies, and more. The extra savory twist needs extra attention! The best of your condiment can be served in our small flavor bowls to add that tanginess you need. 

Dip Bowl

The bowl adds that unique flavor to the food you want. The right bowl of condiments can complement and enhance the flavors of any dish. These bowls make snack dipping easy. It also ensures that your yummy dip is easy to pass around. 

It can also change the aesthetic of the table setting, so you know which one to complement with the vibe and the food. 

Small Dip Bowls


Let’s check out some fancy tableware for your Asian cuisine-


7. Sake Pot and Cup

Sake, a fermented rice alcoholic beverage of Japanese origin, has a special serving pot which is the sake pot, also known as Tokkuri. Our stunning sake pot also comes with a small cup as sake is always served in small cups to prevent its change in flavor with temperature variations. 

Sake Pot and Cup

Planning to have a get-together at home? Why not give the drinks menu a twist and drink all the sake you want? Enjoy the Japanese ritual of drinking sake at your home from our beautiful sake pot and cup set and have a memorable drinking experience. 

It will become your party favorite and perfect for family dinners and friends' get-togethers. 

Mini Sake Pots 

8. Sharing Teppanyaki Platter

“Eating together brings people closer” - our impressive serving platter can be used to serve appetizers that are perfect for reunions, parties, and indoor and outdoor events. One of our favorite catering options is the sharing platter, which can be presented before the guests to share amongst themselves. It creates a more relaxed and casual atmosphere and encourages guests to exchange conversations and get along better, giving the party a more warm feeling.

Sharing Platter

The sharing platter can be used to serve a variety of dishes including Teppanyaki with meat, sushi, salads, and seafood. Besides Asian cuisines, it can also be used to serve fruits, veggies, fries, and chips for a happy sharing experience. 

Divided Plates 

9. Chopstick Holder

A chopstick holder is another impressive tableware similar to a knife rest or spoon rest. It is used to keep chopstick tips off the tables to prevent contamination. In Asian culture, chopstick holders are commonly used during formal dinners. 

Chopstick Rest with Dip Bowl 

It is placed on the front left of the dishes and chopsticks parallel to the table with tips towards the left side. The chopstick holder comes in different shapes and sizes and some also include a dip holder. The plate is attached to the handle which also makes it easier to carry without spilling the dip. 

Chopstick Holder 

10. Vinegar Pot

Does your food taste bland? Is it less spicy? So the best solution is to have a vinegar pot which can also be used for flavoring oils, soy sauce, vinegar, fish sauce, gochujang, olive oil, and so much more. Just drizzle on your food and get the desired taste. 

Vinegar and Oil Pot

The additional benefit of this pot is that it will also prevent sauces and oils from getting oxidized as it comes with a lid. The pots are resistant to acids and protect the contents from heat damage. Its shape is suitable for holding and pouring condiments.

Asians follow a unique table etiquette for their food. So, enrich your food experience with some of these unique crockeries!

Vinegar and Oil Pots 

In case you're still confused about choosing the right crockery for your Asian food, you must check out our Youtube video for a vivid picture of the crockeries and tablewares and get yourself the one (or more😉) you liked. 



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