Get Lost In The Nomadic Beauty Of Our Banjara Collection

April 17, 2024

Welcome to Nestasia, where we weave stories through decor. Step into a realm where every piece tells a tale of wanderlust and cultural richness. Introducing our latest marvel - the Banjara collection. Inspired by the nomadic spirit of the Banjara tribe, renowned for their vibrant culture and intricate craftsmanship, each item in this collection is a testament to their heritage. 

Banjara decor theme
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From intricately handcrafted wall decorations to hand-painted ceramics, every piece captures the essence of wanderlust and adds a touch of exotic charm to your home. Immerse yourself in the journey of tradition and beauty with Nestasia’s Banjara collection.

Concept Behind Our Banjara Collection

Nestasia's Banjara collection is a homage to the rich cultural tapestry of the Banjara tribe, a nomadic community of India renowned for their vibrant heritage and skilled craftsmanship. Inspired by their wandering spirit and intricate artistry, this collection encapsulates the essence of Banjara culture through its diverse range of home decor items.

Each piece in the collection is meticulously crafted, drawing from traditional Banjara motifs, vibrant colours, and intricate embroidery techniques. From handwoven rugs adorned with geometric patterns to intricately embellished cushions reflecting the tribe's love for detail, every item tells a story of cultural heritage and artistic expression.

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Furthermore, our commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable production ensures that each product not only celebrates Banjara craftsmanship but also supports the livelihoods of artisans from these indigenous communities. Through the Banjara collection, we invite you to embark on a journey of cultural exploration and adorn your home with the timeless beauty of the Banjara tradition.

Products Included In The Banjara Collection

1. Devotional Items

The Banjara collection features a captivating array of devotional items, including intricately crafted idols of revered gods and goddesses, elegant candle stands, artisanal incense diffusers, and fragrant incense sticks. Each item is infused with the spiritual essence of the Banjara culture, offering a sacred touch to your home. These devotional pieces serve as a testament to India's deep-rooted spiritual beliefs and traditional artistry.

Devotional item

2. Wall Decor Pieces

Elevate your walls with the exquisitely handcrafted wall decorations from our Banjara collection. These intricate pieces showcase the Banjara tribe's artistic mastery, featuring a blend of traditional motifs and modern design elements. From vibrant tapestries adorned with intricate embroidery to intricately carved wooden wall hangings, each decoration adds a touch of cultural charm to your space. Immerse your home in the rich heritage of the Banjara community.

wall decorations
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3. Candle Holders

Indulge in the warmth of ambient light with the Banjara collection's intricately carved wooden block tealight holders. Crafted with precision and adorned with exquisite detailing, these holders offer a fusion of rustic charm and intricate craftsmanship. Each piece captures the traditional artistry of the Banjara tribe. Whether placed on a dining table or adorning a mantlepiece, these tealight candle holders infuse your home with the timeless allure of Banjara craftsmanship.

4. Terracotta Kulhad

The Banjara collection captures the authentic charm of traditional Indian dining with real terracotta kulhads. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, these kulhad teacups offer a rustic yet elegant way to savour your favourite beverages. Originating from the Banjara tribe's cultural heritage, each kulhad reflects the earthy essence of its terracotta material. Perfect for serving chai, lassi, aam panna, or even desserts, these kulhads bring an authentic touch of Indian tradition to your dining experience.

kulhad teacups

5. Decor Objects

Transform your space with the vibrant decor objects in our Banjara collection. From decorative kettles to wooden auto rickshaws and rickshaw figurines, and charming wooden carts, each piece radiates the lively spirit of Banjara culture. Adorned with intricate designs and bold colours, these objects serve as captivating focal points, infusing your home with a burst of energy and cultural richness. Whether displayed on shelves or coffee tables, these vibrant decor pieces evoke a sense of wanderlust and add an exotic charm to any room.

decor objects

6. Decorative Trivets

Add a touch of sophistication to your dining experience with decorative trivet mats from our Banjara collection. Crafted with intricate designs and vibrant colours, these trivets not only protect your tabletops but also serve as stunning table accents. Inspired by the rich cultural heritage of the Banjara tribe, each trivet mat tells a story of tradition and craftsmanship. Elevate your dining decor with these unique pieces, celebrating the timeless beauty and artistic finesse of Banjara culture.

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7. Platters & Snack Baskets

Experience the rustic charm of traditional serving with our Banjara collection's wooden platters and colourful metal snack baskets. Crafted with precision and adorned with vibrant hues, these pieces add a touch of cultural authenticity to your dining table. Whether serving snacks or displaying appetisers, each wooden platter and snack basket showcases the Banjara tribe's dedication to craftsmanship. Be the perfect host with these unique and eye-catching pieces, sure to impress guests and enrich every gathering with the spirit of Banjara tradition.

platters and snack baskets

8. Serving Trays

Embrace the vibrant spirit of Indian street culture with the cutting chai tray and other colourful wooden trays. Inspired by the bustling streets and lively markets of India, these trays add a playful yet practical touch to your serving experience. Crafted with care and adorned with traditional motifs, each decorative tray captures the essence of the Banjara heritage and artistry. Perfect for serving chai or snacks, these trays infuse your gatherings with the vibrant energy of Indian culture, creating memorable moments for you and your guests.

decorative trays

9. Quirky Bar Tools

Introduce a dash of whimsical charm to your bar tools with our vibrant and quirky bottle openers from the Banjara collection. Shaped like iconic auto-rickshaws and trucks, these delightful accessories blend functionality with cultural flair. Crafted with meticulous detail and adorned in lively colours, each opener is a playful homage to India's bustling streets and vibrant spirit. Elevate your drinking experience with these conversation-starting pieces, perfect for adding a touch of fun and personality to your next gathering or soirée.

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In our Banjara collection, every item tells a story of tradition, craftsmanship, and cultural richness. From intricately carved wooden tealight holders to vibrant bottle openers shaped like auto-rickshaws, each piece captures the essence of the Banjara heritage. Embrace the spirit of wanderlust and adorn your home with these treasures, celebrating the timeless beauty and artistry of the Banjara tribe.

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