Get Christmas Party Ready With Nestasia

November 16, 2022

Get ready to throw the merriest holiday party with Nestasia at the most wonderful time of the year. The time when friends and family come together to celebrate a joyful Christmas as there’s a nip in the air but the love, kindness, and joy of the festival warm the hearts. Watching your loved ones beam with child-like excitement and twinkling eyes while you set up the table spread with delicious Christmas dinner and Christmas desserts is all that the festival is about.

“Deck the halls with boughs of holly, Fa la la la la, la la la la!”

Not just the halls, but with Nestasia’s Christmas decorations and ideas for a complete Christmas party setup, you can easily deck up every aspect and corner of your home for a Merry Christmas. From creating an Instagram-worthy photo booth to setting up a stunning table spread with all your loved ones’ favourite food, we have it all covered. Clinking your glasses to a wonderful year as it draws to an end, surrounded by smiling and joyful faces makes for a wholesome festive gathering.

Here are a few ideas to help make the most of Christmas with activities, and decorations and get the party started with us.

1. Wreaths & Vines For The Entrance & Shelves

The quintessential decoration for the entrance is a Christmas wreath which is told to invite luck into the home. We present to you a decorative wreath adorned with faux leaves, tinsels, artificial flowers, and berries. The gorgeous wreath can easily be hung on the door to welcome guests with Christmas cheer. The wreath can also be hung on walls, shelves, or above the fireplace. 


To pair with the wreath, our faux leaf vines are the perfect option. Frame a door with our artificial Eucalyptus leaves vines or Willow leaves vines. Green elements are a vital addition to the Christmas decor, and apart from the Christmas tree, reusable options such as artificial leaves are a great addition to the festive decor. 

You can adorn the shelves with our handmade dried flower wreaths that make for a one-of-a-kind addition to the decor and add a rustic as well as a personal touch to your home. A bit of artisanal beauty can go a long way in enhancing the festive decor. The neutral tones of the dried flower wreaths will balance the vibrant green colours of the leaf vines.

2. Cheers With A Hot Chocolate + Wine Corner

A hot cocoa station or a hot chocolate bar is the perfect way to celebrate a chilly Christmas evening. Hot chocolate is definitely a comfort food during winter and what’s more fun than delving into the delicious creamy goodness with your loved ones?


Topped off with marshmallows and delicious chocolate sauce, serve the hot chocolate in our glass jugs and pour them into our range of glass tumblers that feature crystal cut glass textures and feature translucent tones of rose pink, blue, grey, or serve them in our wider stemmed glasses. Hot chocolate is also going to be a hit among children and adults for sure.

Celebrations without clinking glasses of wine are incomplete, so beside or with the hot chocolate bar, set up a wine corner to keep the refreshments flowing. Go for a sparkling white wine and a smooth red wine and set up a cheese and fruit spread on our wooden platters. Let your guests easily pour in their refreshments of choice for a holly-jolly Christmas.

3. Christmas Ornaments For The Tree And Wall

The showstopper of a Christmas party is undoubtedly the Christmas tree. A stunning way to deck up the Christmas tree is with the decorative hangings by Nestasia. Glittery stars and balls have become a thing of the past. Opt for some stylish decorative Christmas tree ornaments at Nestasia. The Christmas tree hangings are equipped with LED lights and feature adorable Santas and the very favourite Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

The LED lights will brighten up the Christmas tree decor and make your home a Christmas wonderland. Nestasia’s one-of-a-kind Christmas tree detailings also feature fine wood additions that add a creative element to the festive vibe. Add your own personal touches by hanging photographs with your loved ones on the tree or hang special memoirs and create a tree of memories.

Decorate the walls beside the Christmas tree with Christmas-themed wall hangings that’ll light up the ambience with the soft glow of LED lights in them. The quirky-designed wall hangings look adorable on the wall and enhance the festive element. The cute Santa and Reindeer wall hangings look extremely vibrant, and festive and will also go along with the colour scheme of your Christmas tree decoration.

4. Christmas Special Table Setup

A fun way to get into the holiday mood is to dress up your table for a Christmas feast. One occasion when you may really have fun with your table decorations is Christmas. While the cuisine on your table is undoubtedly the main attraction, a great setting can elevate your lunch or dinner to a whole new level. There is a setup for every personal aesthetic, whether you want to opt for a more rustic feel, a winter wonderland Christmas table, or even a modern glam appearance.

The colour theme for a Christmas table setup is the primary and easiest decision to make. The classic combination of red and white is the main theme for the festival, so opt for red placemats and coasters and place white and gold detailed starter plates and dinner plates on them. Go for lustrous gold cutlery from Nestasia’s collection to add opulence to the table set up and serve beverages in our range of glass tumblers and stemmed wine glasses and champagne flutes.

Light the table centre with tapered candles placed on gorgeous golden candle stands and as a centrepiece, decorate the table with the green tinsel wreath that can also be paired with leaf vines. Our range of Christmas special decor objects or Christmas showpieces will add to the beautiful ambience of the festive table setup. A cherry to the icing will be the small Christmas trees that look sprinkled with the beauty of winter snow. And voila! Your Christmas dinner table spread is set. Be ready to dig into Christmas cakes, desserts, and cookies, or bake some lasagna and chicken for a mouthwatering festival feast.

5. Make Christmas Fun With Games

Take your Christmas party up a notch and save the “I’m bored!” complaints with some exciting games. Engaging your loved ones in a friendly competition will keep their spirits up and will also contribute to the perfect bonding time. Out Christmas activities require no excess materials at all, so they can be easily put together. The DIY activities will be fun for all age groups and the complete result will surely woo anyone.

Our DIY decor showpieces of snowmen housing wooden huts and wooden sleighs being carried by the lovable Santa’s reindeer are easy and extremely fun to assemble. The game can be whoever assembles the showpiece wins the match or whoever assembles it correctly wins an extra cookie!

6. Click Click With A Selfie Booth

Join in the trend for some Instagram-worthy clicks by setting up a selfie corner in your home to add a fun and interactive element to the party. With our Christmas props, get ready for a quirky photoshoot with your family and friends, and flaunt your festive decorations on Instagram or Facebook.

Some adorable reindeer hairclips, an Elf hat hairband, or quirky Christmas party glasses- let your guests have a pick of their favourite festive props. Now set the camera timer, pose, smile and get ready for a quirky and fun Christmas photo.

Decorate the background of the photo booth with shiny tinsels, paired with our Christmas stockings or fine wood wall hangings with colorful lights. You can also set up fairy lights in the background for some bright clicks. Feel free to make your own DIY Christmas-themed frame for an exciting group photo.

Christmas is all about making memories, so amid all the preparations, don’t forget to have fun with your friends and family. Let your hair down, get a glass of fizz and join them on the dance floor. Our Christmas collection has been especially assorted to help organising the festive party easily while also making it a memorable way to end the year.



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