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July 19, 2020

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No matter what season it is, the one element of nature that remains constant are flowers. Every season boasts its own special range of floral beauties that are a treat to one's eyes and of course any surrounding they're arranged in.

faux flowers

Inspired by the Japanese concept of Ikebana; the art of arranging flowers. The concept of viewing and appreciating flowers was started by the Japanese aristocrats. Ever since then, patterns and styles have evolved overtime with the concept inspiring all who appreciate floral aesthetics.

faux flowers

Whether it is styling nooks and corners of your home, an elegant table setting or even gift decor, with Nestasia's newest range of artificial flower collection, we're here to inspire you and help you break the monotonous look of your home decor style. Follow On!


Placing flowers in containers of different sizes and varying heights and styles can help add layers to any corner. One could use old shelves and racks and revamp the structures by simply placing flowers of those colours that complement the wall tone or the wooden textures in that region.

flower arrangement in a corner

Here's a small stop motion video to show you an arrangement that is crafted to lend elegance and style to a neutral toned space.

This floral arrangement adds a soft and graceful touch to the space. Recreate this in your entry way or foyer and welcome guests to your home. Let them feel the warmth of your home the moment they step in!

console flower arrangement

This gorgeous floral arrangement is all a console would need. It is simple and minimal, yet would work within any existing neutral hued surrounding, making the niche feel so much more alive. 

Nestip: Adding a bird decor accent or any other motif that would complement florals would just help to heighten and enliven the aesthetics.

white planter with flowers

A mix of roses and hydrangeas are such a treat to the eyes. If you love all things white and want to bring in a Santorini vibe into your home interiors then try to recreate one; either against an old-fashioned window or a console which is placed against a white washed wall.

artificial flowers in planters

Use sleek metal planters of an appropriate height which can be used to throw in a bunch of flowers. Some complementary greens along with them introduce just a tinge of colour but create a soothing vibe.

white and pink flower bunch

Nestip: Pair it up with white candles and other decor objects like photo frames or even a coffee table book that add some drama and personalize the entire set up.


For a unique look, you could play around with scale and proportion. We adore how these tall orchids introduce grandiosity and heighten the space even though its perched on a low corner table. The rich pigments will transform the entire feel of the living room.

yellow flower bunch

Place a jar filled with a bunch of white and yellow flowers on a window sill or a ledge that receives ample sunlight.

yellow flowers in vase

The sun-kissed blooms will look absolutely gorgeous.  

pink dahlia

Line up single stems in vases on a ledge or a mantle to infuse a chic and modish vibe.


With limited availability of big sized, fresh roses and peonies in our country, you wouldn't want to miss out on enjoying its beauty or more so, using them to amplify your home decor or table settings. In such cases its better to reach out for good quality faux flowers that look nothing short of real.

peony flower bunch

Roses paired with feathery branches make for a dramatic centrepiece. We have a range of them and you're sure to be spoilt for choice. 

When you have parties or get togethers, are you always looking out for quick and simple centre piece ideas for your table tops? 

coffee table decorThese gorgeous mason jar centrepieces will elevate the surface by just adding the right amount of colour without consuming too much space. We fancy the way flowers contrast the white sheers and the inky black table, bringing in so much more texture.

 flowers in vase

Nestip: Opt for pastel hued flowers instead of jarring colours. Extremely bright colours tend to hurt the eye and over power the scrumptious food that is laid out.

flower table decor

Also, pastel coloured flowers are versatile and fit effortlessly in all kinds of table settings, be it a causal brunch, a formal dinner or a tea time spread.

tulips on plate

Pair the flowers with beaded runners to add texture and layers to your setting. A single stem tends to look delicate and dainty.

flower table decor

Don't go for something overly contrasting, instead pick out colours from the runner, table mats or serviettes that you use and select flowers of similar tones.

basket with flowers

One could also opt for small baskets that have a rustic finish with a voluminous bunch of flowers. The rusticity blended with the floral hues will help you nail the vintage vibe.


If you want an arrangement which is not too overpowering, yet leaves an impact; go for a bountiful bunch of gypsies in two tones and place them in a clear vase so flowers get the spotlight. There's something so alluring about a simple vase filled with a generous amount of flowers.


Given the current situation and limited visits to the market place, picking out fresh blooms to gift your dear ones is surely a no-no. But that doesn't mean you cannot spruce up all those birthday and anniversary gift hampers. You sure can!

basket decor

If you have old baskets lying around at home; a bunch of flowers corralled with treats and goodies will make a vintage gift hamper.

gypsy flowers

From gifting a wine bottle to decorating an attractive basket or tray; it's faux flowers all the way!

wine bottle decor

All you need is some brown paper, a pretty lace or ribbon along with a stem or two of a flower that is aligned with the height of the bottle. Wrap the bottle neatly and tie the stem, neatly with lace, making a bow.

wine bottle decor

Tulips are slender and long and would be well suited for wine bottles.


Spending more and more time in the bedroom? Be it working from home or spending long hours reading, a pop of colour to add some cheer to your most loved space is always a good idea. 

flower bunch in vase

The colourful flowers do a wonderful nice job in dressing up the other elements of the room, whether it's the cushions, the blinds and drapes or even the rug.

flower arrangement

Nestip: Choose flowers that match the theme of your bedroom remember to keep in mind the mood you are trying to set. Would you like it to be overwhelming and maximal or something that is minimal? 

bedside decor

If you're an avid reader and always have books on your bedside, placing a vase with flowers on top of the stack would make your books pop even more.

table decor

A happy arrangement of a bunch of flowers when placed on the bed side can make your dreams sweet and the surroundings sweeter.

flower table decor

Make your work desk a space you would voluntarily want to spend long hours in with just a small display of your favourite florals. Make your favourite flower last all year round and admire its beauty while you slog it off. 

berry stick

With faux flowers, you will never have to worry about how much water and sun your flowers need to stay happy and alive. They’ll always look fresh wherever they are placed. Always ready for a side table, mantel or even a bathroom counter. Literally anywhere!

Wherever you create the arrangement, these ideas and tricks will have your homes, spaces and surfaces looking better and prettier, without you having to constantly care for the flowers and keep replacing them again and again.

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