Festive Five - Fun Table Settings To Inspire The Artist In You

January 05, 2022

Come one, come all,

Christmas bells have everyone under its thrall!

All ye party lovers, do you know what makes the winter season the best time of the year? It’s the crazy amount of Christmas decorations lying all around the house, the mouth-watering candies and sweets, and the joy of meeting our loved ones that mess (in a good way!) with our endorphins and oxytocin levels!

But this excitement and joy come coupled with a lot of stress as far as the Christmas preparations are concerned, and we decided to take a little bit of the load off your shoulders by helping you out with your festive table layout.

Just get your hands on all those mats and crockery you thought you wouldn’t need for Christmas because we’ve got you five distinct table settings the finickiest of decor admirers would struggle not to love!


Sylvan Charm

Looking for a minimalist twist for your festive table décor for family events and get-togethers?

Bring in the Boho-vintage vibes and jazz up your boring table décor with rustic shades and textures. Swap your regular ceramic plates in solid hues for classic-but-alluring rustic platters and plates which lend a cohesive contemporary rustic elegance to the overall mood.

Here’s introducing our rustic collection- a perfect amalgamation of the traditional and modern styles.

Are you an avid lover of minimal textures and earthy tones?

Then the rustic set of platters is just for you!

Soak into the rugged, natural aesthetics with our eclectic rustic collection. Scatter the pretty pine cones all over the table set-up to make adorable and eye-catching elements.

Accessorize the rustic tablescape with aroma candles for a magical ambience. The nature-inspired textures on the platters exude earthy and organic warmth which will create a minimal and grounded look. For a more natural and organic look, add some faux botanicals or PU silk floras on a vase as the centerpiece.

Accentuate the rustic mood with a luxurious touch of tinted drinkware in amber and light blue shades and a set of extravagant and gorgeous golden cutlery.

The simple yet stylish rustic serve ware set is undoubtedly an essential addition to your ceramic collection. For that eccentric vibe, decorate the table with the log patterned round table mats


Scandinavian Saga

Though this would seem like an absurd detour to make, there’s something I would like to share with my readers before I launch into explaining my next décor setup.

Did you know? Denmark, Sweden, and Norway are among the top 10 happiest nations in the world, according to the 2019 World Happiness Report. Also, it seems to be no coincidence that everyone around the world is obsessed over the Scandinavian minimalist décor style - they’ve managed to get it almost right every time since the 1950s! A mind-boggling causal relationship to ponder over!

Visit: https://nestasia.in/collections/scandinavian-interior-decor

Here’s how we’ve conglomerated the two aspects of the Scandinavian culture-

A socially inclusive culture (with your dining table functioning as the heart of it, with the family gathering over an enchanting scent of a warm, home-cooked festive meal, exchanging stories and experiences) = Topping the World Happiness Report!

Now you know why we cannot get over the Scandi décor culture and how it became a mandatory inclusion in our list of Christmas table setups you just won’t be able to get over!

Inspired by and in an attempt to bring together the principles of warmth, simplicity, and inspiration from nature, we’ve put together our Scandi Willow setup!

The golden rule while setting up the table and allowing it to diffuse its magic is something that would take you by surprise – learn the rules like a pro and discard them like an artist (not my words! It’s Pablo Picasso.)

Since it’s s-n-o-w cold, we’ve layered up the table mats just like you would layer your warm clothes. Layering table mats are a great way of adding a pop of color, especially when placed under jewel-toned placemats and incorporating some sparkling silver cutlery into your setup.

Our Willow Collection of crockery in steel blue incorporates the element of water! Its mesmerizing icy palette and design somehow tend to remind us of the oceanic currents and winds! The design includes contour lines like the ones you would find on topographical maps! 

The element of water in this setup is countered by assimilating it with its darker hues, that of the pine cones – they speak of elegance while also adding warmth. To deviate from set rules and patterns of décor, use the silver and gold pinecones to add a chic and Christmassy touch!

Using tinted glassware for your drinkware and vase can help make a dramatic statement. Distinguished and bold, the glassware would add subtle flair and elegance to complete the classy look!

Have a quick look at the Willow setup below:

Holly Jolly

With the advent of the holiday season, one starts planning their festive family dinners and get-togethers.

If you are one of those confused souls who is facing a hard time deciding upon the tableware and decorations, then look no further! We are at your service to relieve you of your worries, with our Holly Jolly collection.


The opulent octagonal plates will certainly become the talk of the town as everyone unites for the festive house parties. Along with the Christmas-themed plates, the maroon and golden placemats and golden steel cutleries will set the right tone.

Top it with the luxe red napkins and style them with fancy napkin holders.

The faux plants and flickering candle lights will heighten the vibe and feel of the interiors.

Invest in our Jingle cushion cover to complement the Christmas décor set up.

Whether it’s the Christmas Eve dinner party or the New Year’s family gathering, the combination of red, white, and green décor will never go out of fashion. The Holly Jolly Christmas collection is not just a top-notch choice to add to your crockery collection, but also a spectacular gifting option too.

Check out the Holly Jolly setup in full bloom below:


Carnivalesque Craze

Love comes in many forms. The best one is when it comes melted, and it melts your heart too - any guesses, what am I hinting at?

Assuming you’ve guessed it right…


If you are hosting a Christmas party this year and wish your house party to exude and duplicate the same charm that Ralph Lauren does with his luxury clothing, don’t hesitate to include the tradition of serving fondue with boring meals to add to the “fun-do” element! This simple dish with a host of alternatives to choose from can magically turn the mundane into the exotic and festive!

Nestasia’s Fondue Set Collection, ranging from mesmerizing tiny pots for individual servings to its fondue sets and dishes, transforms your bubbling cheese/chocolate into the most ‘social’ dish ever to mingle upon while your mouth waters to its irresistible savor and relaxing scent.

And to make your chilly evenings, curling up in a blanket, and gulping down some cheesier than ever fruits and munchies more fun, all you have to do is consider the aesthetic aspects of this old-school tradition: the best fondue parties have a visually-appealing spread of food and…

There is nothing that our collection of fondue sets fails to do! Consisting of bowls for individual and large servings, a warming stand, a tea light candle, and skewers, it is all under control! From its very traditional utility of serving freshly cut fruits, marshmallows, hot melted cheese, and chocolate, to expressing your feelings - “I am fondue you!”, a fondue set would make one of the most amicable gifts to give to your loved ones. 

And we have options for you to choose from on every occasion! Be it a formal meeting, a house party, or dull winter evenings, there is no color we spare to suit your mood. From formal blacks and whites to everything jazzy, striking, and bright, we offer the perfect amalgamation of luxury and fun.

Planning a romantic date? Use our Fondue Cup and Fondue Dish to rekindle the chemistry. Designed to make individual or dual servings, use our fondue set as a lamp cover for a wonderful, colorful candle-light dinner by rolling out and placing a handmade paper cylinder over it to create the perfect romantic candlelight dinner ambience.

Who said fondue with family isn’t equal (or more) fun? There’s no greater pleasure than that of quickly swallowing down your desserts, nachos, bread, to steal some from your sibling? In case you live in a house full of mischievous children (like I do) ready to pick up fights over anything and everything, choose our Fondue Platter or Fondue Set to make individual servings of dishes to “dip n dunk” while you bond over the common bubbling cheese/chocolate pot.

And if you can’t shortlist a few dippers your guests would prefer over all others (it’s an obvious confusion given the inexhaustive list of dippers cheese and chocolate would go with), we have a solution for you to serve them all up in style! Use our Alphabet Plates Set, Oval Snack Plate, Number Plates, and quirky snack dishes to put an end to all the confusing choices (as if choosing between cheese and chocolate wasn’t already an impossible choice to make)!


Color Cocktail 

Looking for an opportunity to taste the culinary creativity waters (but with a twist)?

Who said all your passion for cooking delicious meals has to be contained within the dining room?

Inspired by how pop-up restaurants value a theme, we attached our love for the café culture to the 'color cocktail' setup.


A perfectly styled coffee table is a work of art requiring the right balance of just everything- colors, plants, vases, and prints. 


Make your guests feel super-comfy by throwing a blanket over the coffee table that features textured neutrals and snowy white motifs and make the patterns pop with joy and color as you place the printed mugs for you and your partner on the table. The cups feature a classic holiday color palette to set the perfect mood for the upcoming festive season.


Don’t forget to add an effortlessly charming vase and some flowers if you can’t do without some bloom magic!



Wrapping up, 

There is no limit to how creative you can go with our products, so don’t hesitate to experiment and mix and match according to your own taste and choice. 

In case you can’t fix your affections on a single layout, visit our Instagram page to view them all together and then place an order immediately to set your table sparkling this New Year! Create your fondest memories around these table settings, and let us know which one you liked the most!

We feel decorating should be as fun as celebrating, and hope to have inspired you!


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