Essential Checklist for your Office Interior Design

January 10, 2024

A positive work environment will keep you glued to your desk and ensure you meet all your deadlines without breaking a sweat. Stretching beyond certain working hours can surely be tiring and affect productivity. We understand the importance of having a cosy workspace that yields the best outcome. Factoring in things like posture, comfort, and a setting that is easy on the eye and placid, we’ve put together a checklist to create an office environment that brings out the best in you.  

Table lamp for work desk

Checklist for Office Interior Design

1. Choose the right colour

To pick out the right colours for your office, you have to be acquainted with the concept of colour psychology, which claims that different colours invoke different emotions. For a calm ambience, go for a light blue shade or perhaps even a green matcha wash. If you feel like your work is turning into more of a snooze fest, spunky and energetic orange, and peachy tones are here to save the day. For a poised and neutral backdrop that reflects balance and professionalism, an ashy grey colour paired with classy beige is yet another great colour option.  

Grey backdrop for office

2. Greenery

Not only do plants improve the air quality but they resonate with the biophile in us. Humans inherently want to connect with nature and while resting in the lap of nature surrounded by all its untamed beauty may not be an option in an urban lifestyle, we can at least try to be a bit grounded to the earth despite our fast-paced lives. A splash of green is a great way to create a tranquil environment that will provide a much-needed respite from the otherwise concrete jungle we live in.  

Swing planter with metal frame for indoor plants

3. Natural Light

Get your circadian rhythm on track and let in lots of natural light into your workspace. Positioning your desk near a long French window that lets in gentle rays of light and gusts of air can be refreshing. The presence of natural light also bodes well for your room, making it appear larger and spacious, which can be a great advantage if you are working with limited floor space.    

Beige full-length curtains for office conference room

4. Keep Your Desk Clutter-free

If you are someone whose desk always looks suffocated with pens and notepads strewed about here and there and a stained coffee mug that never leaves the table, you need to invest in desk organizers. We are sure stationery items aren’t the only thing creeping upon other items on your desk. To prevent cable chaos, invest in cable organizers and keep your chargers, earphones, and other cables from getting tangled, and ending up in a bunch.   

Brown desk mat for home and office use

5. Comfortable Furniture

Working long hours and meeting deadlines can take a serious toll on your posture. An ergonomic chair with adjustable seat height, armrest, and lumbar support can be a godsend. It is also important to invest in a desk that boasts ample space so that you have enough room for your office essentials. Built-in drawers or cabinets are a bonus - think of all the things you can store that otherwise lie on your desk in a haphazard and untidy manner. To prevent cable chaos, it is important to look for holes or clips to keep the chords organized. The average desk height is 28 inches or 2.3 feet but depending on where you are on the height spectrum, picking the right desk height may vary.    

Comfortable and ergonomic office furniture

6. Decor Elements

Inspiring creativity and motivation in the office environment goes a long way. Switch out drab white walls with a rich grey wash adorned with abstract paintings, murals, and motivational posters. Not only will this serve as a mood booster but also take away from the dullness. Create a fun and dynamic atmosphere where you’ll enjoy working.     

Abstract wall art for modern offices

7. Build Uber Cool Conference Rooms

Most of us thrive on social interaction and a comfortable conference room can be a great way to encourage a collaborative environment, where important discussions and deals go down. While projectors, whiteboards, and television screens are a must-have in every conference room, depending on how much space you have available, a little corner greenery will bode well for your conference room. Fiddle leaf fig is a great corner plant while a compact Jade plant is perfect if you are working with limited space.  

Luxury conference room


Creating or refurbishing the perfect office can have a tremendous impact on your productivity, no matter your line of work. There can be nothing better than a homely environment that feels inviting to spend hours grinding away without feeling restless and drained out. Poor lighting conditions can be a major factor behind the onset of Seasonal Affective Disorder, making your work hours tiresome. Dull and dreary walls can be uninspiring, and make-do furniture without adjustable features can negatively affect your posture and spinal health. With our rundown on office interior design, we hope you’ve gathered some points to put yourself first from the moment you’re clocked in till the hour you’re clocked out.

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