Eco-friendly Indian Handicrafts (Go green with Nestasia's wide range of handmade sustainable products)

September 25, 2021

India is a diverse cultural amalgam of sorts. The rich culture and art is the soul and heart of this country - and the artisans are experts when it comes to handmade or handicraft items. The amount of talent, care, and accuracy that goes into creating these stunning sculptures from raw materials such as clay, rock, paper, stone and so on is admirable, and our team at Nestasia is all for supporting our very talented artisans who indulge in this craftwork.

Hence we bring to you our specially curated collection of handicraft products from all over the country, which will be sure to delight the art connoisseur in you- from handmade Longpi clay products to the carefully crafted Banjara collection, we have it all and more.
What’s more exciting is that all these products are 100% environment safe, making them eco-friendly and recyclable.

Intrigued? Read on further to know more.

1. LongPi Products

From the nooks and crannies of Manipur, we bring to you the timelessly elegant Longpi products, which derive their name from a quaint village in Manipur, fashioned by the Tangkhul Naga tribe.

Pottery, since time immemorial, is regarded as the most sensual of all art forms, and the simple ruggedness of clay items is what makes them unique. The Longpi products are unlike any other earthen items, with their exceptional black stone design and polished finish.

Instead of being shaped by a potter’s wheel, these products are restricted to only being molded by hand.

An ancient form of art which is to this day carried on mostly by aged women, the Longpi items gather their glazed exterior and texture by being rubbed against a local leaf named ‘machee’.

The Longpi products in our collection are one-of-a-kind - an exciting range of kitchenware to choose from.

The benefits? Not only are these eco-friendly and super safe for the environment, they’re also more durable and long-lasting than factory-manufactured products, with extra cane finishes on the handles or sides for support.

What’s more, the pots take longer than usual to heat up, but their heat-retaining quality is above and beyond commendable, which is a blessing when it comes to keeping your food (or the tea you forgot to drink at your bedside table) warmer for longer periods of time.

The unique minimalistic finish of these products makes them a great addition to your kitchenware, while bringing with it a certain elegant vibe that will be sure to impress all the guests coming to your house.

Nestip: These products are not just limited to the kitchen, they double up as decorative items as well!

2. Sabai Products

Making sabai ropes is an ancient craft that predates the current generation of women in Orissa and the eastern rural parts of West Bengal.

Previously devoid of basic essentials and deeply impoverished, the rural residents of these places were nomads with no steady source of income.

However, with the introduction and increasing popularity of Sabai goods on the market, women are no longer constrained to child raising and domestic labor; they are all actively participating in the process of sabai cultivation and production.

The Sabai goods are made by harvesting, chopping, and bunching the grass, then drying it in the sun until it is ready to be roped and braided.

Interesting fact, the grass is actually bent by hand, and its sharp edges are usually smoothened by being rubbed against a tree trunk. Of course in recent times, some artisans utilize twisting machines as well, because they are easier to use and less time consuming.

The artists dye the grass with totally organic vegetable dyes. Some even utilise Azo-free dyes to give colour to the threads and make their merchandise more vibrant and eye-catching. 

Vibrant planters, storage baskets, fruit baskets that also double as wall decor, colorful boxes, laundry bags as well as heat-resistant sabai mats and sustainable coasters are all part of the handcrafted Sabai goods. These beautifully hand woven items are eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable as they are made organically - this season, sustain in style with Sabai!

Nestip: The products make for good sustainable gifts.

3. Banjara Wooden Products

Delicately handcrafted to perfection, the one of a kind wooden products from our exclusive Banjara collection are a must-add to add some quirk to your home.

With their funky designs and bright colors, we guarantee that they’re going to be the most eye-catching items in your house.

What’s more, the Banjara merchandise is actually quite versatile. They might look like mere decorative pieces but they can double up as a part of your kitchen collection if and when needed.

Don’t believe us? Take this Thela above (for instance). The pop color and desi design makes it a great addition to your mantelpiece, but you can also use it to serve sweets and savouries to your guests at parties.

And the truck? Well, it’s not just a truck, it’s a moving bar! Really, we aren’t kidding, it can easily carry bottles of alcohol or shot glasses around, with the help of the fully functioning wheels, in case you feel like indulging in some alcoholic beverages.

The desi designs with the animal and bird prints and the folk-like human figurine prints on the items give them their eccentric traditional look and are perfect for utilizing at festive parties to leave your guests awestruck!

Nestip: If you’re looking for more ideas to decorate and utilise the Banjara products, check out our Holi At Home blog for some refreshing ideas.

4. Channapatna Wooden Products

Manufactured at a quaint town in Karnataka, the Channapatna wooden products and toys are one of a kind and one of the oldest traditional crafts recognized in India.

Did you know that as a result of this, the district is popularly known as the Gombegala Ooru (the toy-town) of Karnataka?

These striking products are made from soft ivory wood and then coated with lacquer for the glossy finish. Interesting fact, the lacquer is also completely organic and made from certain vegetable dyes.

Our team at Nestasia was instantly mesmerized with the abstract shapes and bright hues of the products and the fine handiwork that went into crafting them, and so we decided to source them exclusively for our prized customers.

For now, we have these geometric candle stands which are going to find a lovely spot on your mantle place, as decorative items. You can pair them with our candles from the collection, perfect for a candle lit dinner for two.

Don’t miss out on the quaint pen stand, its intricate polished finish makes it a must add to your study table, for safekeeping your precious stationary.

These products are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, making them hazard free and extremely safe to use, so go ahead, grab yours from our collection and make a statement at your home with these traditionally handcrafted items.

Nestip: Mix and match these items to create a wholesome traditional aesthetic at your place.

5. Moonj Products

Another women-dominated industry is the one established in and around the village of Naini in Prayagraj - one of the oldest cities in India.

The moonj grass grows in abundance in this part of the country, making it the primary means of livelihood of the people residing in this area for the past 60-70 years, at least.

The items are made by peeling and knotting the outer layer of the grass and then letting them sit in dew for sometime during winter to bring out the light colors. Several strands are dyed in vibrant hues and bound with plastic strips, tinsel, or cloth to make them look attractive and the basketry motifs are formed by interweaving the coloured grass with the naturally dried ones.

The intricately handwoven flower motifs are a statement of the special Moonj products which is what caught our eye in the first place.

We think that these eco-friendly, completely handmade products are just the right choice for you if you’re looking to introduce a more environmentally conscious lifestyle into your house.

We’ve these brightly colored coasters and trivets, for a pop of color to your usually monotonous dining set up.

The baskets are quite handy too, apart from being spectacularly eye-catching, given their bright multicolor shades and storage space that keeps your valuables safe, be it clothes or vegetables or ornamental knick knacks.

Nestip: Pair the coasters with our white dinner sets during a gathering to set a quirky vibe. You can also pair the multicolor wall plates with our Sabai planters if you’re planning for an ethically cleansing décor swap.

6. Dried Flowers 

A craft practiced in Bengal - a craft that sets the example for the truest elegance and the finest craftmanship - is Shola. The artisans who indulge in this art are known as 'Malakars' - meaning garland makers. 

These traditional solapith-artisans used to furnish wreaths (Daker-Saaj) and dried flowers for local deities and social gatherings, and they held a pretty respectable place in any village society during earlier times.

Over the years, the demand for Sola-Crafts items has altered as the social structure has changed.

Sola balls, available on our website in a variety of designs, are a décor tool so handy and easy to layer in any setup, that you are sure to fall back on it every time you’re confused about what would go well with the décor.

Organic by nature and rolled into patterns by hand, all processes of drying and dyeing the décor ornaments involved in the process, are as natural and environment-friendly as the manner in which they are sifted and picked.

Sola balls - extremely lightweight, stand out when placed in a glass bowl or wicker basket with colorful scented potpourri.

Nestip: Sola balls can work well to suit both flat surfaces or when placed as fillers in a vase - so get decorating this festive season in a safe, environment friendly way. 

So there, you have it. Our 6 exciting range of collections, completely handmade and eco-friendly, available with just a click on our website.

Oh and don’t forget to let us know how much you’re loving our new sustainable collection in the comments below, we’re excited to hear from you.
Sending lots of love this season, thank you for going green with Nestasia. :)
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