Dining Table Mat Ideas

June 07, 2020
Dining Table mats and coasters
Tables have the most prominent place in any home. From a dining table to a coffee table or even a sideboard or console; each of these are eminent furniture pieces in a living space. 
Leaf runner
One of the most vital elements for laying down a mesmerizing tablescape are placemats. They add the much needed color to the tables (be it a glass table top, wooden or marble top), and also help in setting the mood for the meal that is being served.
We have put together some spring-summer table mat ideas using Nestasia's newest range of beaded runners and placemats across themes that could inspire table settings:
1. Gorgeous Greens
There's something inescapably appealing about any setting that dabbles in natural greens or botanicals. Greens very graciously add life to any setting, irrespective of the time of the year. 
monstera mats
Leaves have irregular organic shapes that bring in an element of asymmetry. Asymmetry creates impactful visuals, making the setting interesting and attention grabbing.
monstera mat
The best way to start is by mixing and matching symmetrical and asymmetrical elements to create a well balanced table set up. For example, if you are using a symmetrical runner, you could lay out the round plates in a uniform manner to maintain balance.
Another important factor is maintaining a balance between hues. Create a simple table setting with fruits and flowers that contrast the greens. Red and green are directly opposite each other on the color wheel.
palm runner green
As per color theory, these two colors are contrasting hues and highly complement each other. Hence, go for colors that reinforce each others presence, without overpowering each other.
green bead palm table runner
Too much of anything can hurt the eye. If you have a runner that is already busy in terms of design and texture, break the monotony by placing decor accents that complement its hues. 
Nestip: Neatly tie ferns or sleek greens around white candles to go with the green-centric arrangement.
2. Trendy Tropical
If you can't make it to your tropical destination this year, we have got you covered with trendy placemats and some tips and tricks to bring that holiday vibe indoors.
tropical table setting
Take the tropical vibe a notch higher by throwing in some palms and flowers like frangipani, jasmine or hibiscus, that go well with the mats. Ditch the traditional placemats and go for leaf shaped individual mats.
flamingo runner
Go for lush greens hues and pair them up with blush tones like peaches and pinks to get the tone on point. Create some dainty looking tissue paper flowers or go for simple floral napkin folds which are super easy to make and punch up the tropical factor.
Monstera mat
Host your guests or family and make them feel special by customizing name tags for each plate.
Tropical brunch setting
Nestip: Use water colored textured cards that you could hand paint and hand write a personal message for each guest or family member. This little gesture is sure to make this meal a memorable one for them.
flamingo runner and monstera place mat
You could even match lip smacking drink infusions with the setting and keep all the snacks bright and fresh to feel like you’re relishing your meal on the islands itself.
Nestip: Such a setting is absolutely perfect for Sunday brunches or sundowner parties with small gatherings. 
3. Floral Feast
Any table set up with flowers already speaks happy language. One cannot just go wrong with fresh florals. A simple layout with blooms makes any setting both, fun and fancy.
flower runner
For all those who simply love all things floral and vibrant, you could revamp your tablescape and create one, similar to this.
flower runner
If you like it minimal then team up a beautiful, handcrafted floral patterned runner with solid paper mats and napkins that compliment the colors of the runner.
beaded flower mat
But if you like playing maximalist then pair the runner with floral mats for individual plating. That way, the table will be blossoming with utmost pomp and show.
butterfly coaster  and flower runner
Or if you don't like it too cluttered, and want to find a middle ground between minimalism and maximalism, play around with flower shaped coasters or matching butterfly coasters which are sure to add a fun factor to the arrangement.
Nestip: Bring out small accents or mementos for the bigger ones to really stand out.
4. Cheerful Chatter
Celebrate summer with the beauty of natural elements and classic textures to uplift the decor of your dining experience. Yellow inevitably comes across as the most happy and cheerful color, mostly loved by all. 
If you plan on hosting an array of brunches or tea parties all through the season, this decor inspiration might turn out to be super handy.
beaded bloom runner
A hint of freshness, with an array of warm tones - Choose a runner that tinkers in an enlivening tone, elevating the summery atmosphere.Floral Bloom Runner
If the runner itself has an interplay of colour, pattern and texture, it makes a statement on its own. So to balance the display, use solid colored table mats that could be fabric or even handmade textured paper. 
cone napkin fold
To set the scene for a meal, you could fold napkins artfully. A creative presentation makes the guests feel special and they know they're in for a treat.
bloom runner beads
Use hand knitted napkins, create a lovely cone shaped fold and fill in the pockets with flowers. Choose small flowers that match the place mats or the runner and make sure they don't over power them.
Sunflower runner
Minute additions in and around any setting often play a big role in bringing out the larger elements.
bloom runner set up
5. Rustic Refined
Let's move past vibrant colors and bright florals and delve into something more classic and contemporary. One doesn't need to use greens all the time to create a timeless setting, but surely could use evergreen tones to do the same.
Gold and white leaf design runner
A combination of white, silver and gold have withstood the test of time and have always been in trend. This refined fusion has retained its relevance in the present times and will surely continue to do so in the future.
white gold leaf runner
Indulge in a rustic and stylish setting by teaming up materials. Blending a bit of glam with wooden textures creates an elegant story that narrates beautiful earthy aesthetics.
white and gold table setting
Lay out a lovely buffet and host your guests tastefully by letting the runner be the hero element and the snacks or dishes laid out all around.
If you want to give your guests a modish fine-dine experience then you could create a complete setting with white and gold placemats for each guest. 
Round gold beaded mats
Watch the full step by step video of this luxe dining table setup in classic tones to help you entertain in style.  
All these mats and runners are timeless, useful in purpose and surely a treat to the eyes. Nature inspired motifs and patterns never go out of style.
Styling table tops could be delightful indeed, for you and your guests. One can get very creative with mats and runners by playing with hues and textures to create a casual aesthetic for the most upscale, classic settings.
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