20+ Creative & Easy Aarti Thali Decor Ideas For Navratri

April 12, 2024

To new beginnings. 

That’s right beautiful reader, Chaitra Navratri is here! It’s that time of the year when joyful camaraderie, spiritual reflection, and the commencement of all our favourite cultural festivities begin to reign in the start of something beautiful. 

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Chaitra Navratri is an auspicious occasion among the Hindu community that takes place over nine days. The festival worships and honours the various avatars of the Goddess Durga, symbolising the triumph of good over evil. 

During these nine days, many clean their homes, meditate, and fast to welcome in the blessings of Navratri. But above all, Navratri is a time of year filled with many poojas, allowing Hindus to form deeper connections with the faith. And, as a result, pooja aarti thalis are a major part of the festivities. Therefore, we’ve created the ultimate list with some truly spectacular aarti thali decoration ideas.

20+ Ideas For Navratri Thali Decoration

1. Beads Galore

Beads are an integral part of all ethnic items. Whether it’s kurtis, thali covers, coasters, or cushion covers, beads look fantastic with anything. Therefore, it’s no surprise that it’d be on this list. 

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Using fabric glue and colourful beads that represent the nine colours of Chaitra Navratri to decorate your urlis - this simple yet easy aarti thali decoration idea will add a touch of whimsy to the festivities.

2. Painting The Thali Red…

Painting your aarti thalis with tribal or mandala patterns is another fun aarti thali decoration idea that resonates with traditional Indian artistry, as the deep red colour is reminiscent of tribal sandstone. 

Using either a red plate or painting a plate red, using vibrant colours to paint on geometric shapes, leaves, or stick figures helps create a captivating ensemble. 

3. A Touch Of Gaia 

Chaitra Navratri takes place during peak springtime as a symbol of new beginnings. And nothing says a fresh start like spring. Fresh blooms, perfect weather, and the promise of renewal. Ahh, how can you not love spring?

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Using flowers such as vibrant marigolds as part of your aarti thali decoration for Navratri helps capture this essence. 

4. Monochrome Effect

Single colour aarti thali decorations are a thing? If you’re someone who loves to keep things simple with a subtle x-factor, then you’re going to fall head over heels for this simple thali decoration idea. 

Whether you opt for the traditional red or green or decide to be bold and go in for the blue or yellow, creating an aarti thali decoration with different shades is a decor object that will speak for itself during the festive season. 

5. The Betels 

No, not the rock band we all know and love; we’re talking about betel leaves. 

The use of betel leaves has always been prominent in Hindu rituals, as they represent purity and freshness. Use betel leaves to create a refined and elegant base for your aarti thali decoration. 

6. Devi Ma

An extremely traditional aarti thali decoration idea, having a red base thali tray and using black or blue paint to draw a Devi Ma figure on your thali is a must during the nine days of Navratri. 

7. Gota Patti

Traditionally used as border decoration on ethnic wear, home decor items and juttis, gota patti has become an increasingly popular aarti thali decoration item. After all, who doesn’t love the delicate nature of the lace? 

8. Sea Shells Along The Thali 

Stones such as diamantes, shells, and rhinestones add some much-needed sparkle to your aarti thali decorations. However, it’s important to not overdo it as there is a fine line between classy and thrashy. 

9. Sliver 

Silver has always been a symbol of opulence, heritage, and sophistication. But more than the grandeur behind the metal, it’s also often associated with being holy and auspicious. Therefore, including silver incense holders, diyas, or even having a silver aarti plate as part of your aarthi thali decoration is a must. 

10. DIY Project

DIY aarti thali decorations are a great way for the entire family to bond together and express their creativity while preparing for religious ceremonies or festivals. After all, isn’t that what these special occasions are all about? Coming together as a family, cherishing traditions, and infusing each moment with love and devotion.

11. Pearl Addiction

Pearls bring that je ne sais quoi to your aarti thali decoration, making it the piece de resistance of your festive decor. Moreover, pearls are known to infuse the tranquility of the ocean and the captivating beauty of the sky amplifies the sacredness of Navratri rituals and makes every moment divine. 

12. That’s Lit

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Candles have always been an integral part of Hindu festive decor. They’re the quintessential symbols of good over evil, positivity over negativity, and knowledge over ignorance. Therefore, whether you opt for simple tea lights that can be placed in diyas or candle holders or add a contemporary touch with jar candles, these little sources of light are a non-negotiable must as part of your aarti thali decoration for Navratri. 

13. You have to Dough It

Flour, especially atta or whole wheat flour has always been considered lucky in Hinduism as it symbolizes sustenance. Therefore, making a dough and creating dough diyas or decorating the rims of your thali plates with atta is believed to invite blessings of prosperity and abundance into the household.

14. Garba 

Dandiyas and Garba are an age-old tradition of Navratri. Without it, the festival just wouldn’t be the same. Therefore, if you want to try something new this year, challenge yourself by creating a Garba aarti thali. 

15. Absolutely Bananas

A simple yet classic aarti thali decoration idea, banana leaves with a red swastika painted on them have to be a part of your thali decoration. Not including it, just feels incomplete. 

16. Peacocks 

The ultimate symbol of strength and power, peacocks have always been a main element in Hindu festivals. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a shock that we’ve included it on the list. Whether you use coloured powder or paint, creating a beautifully grand peacock motif on the base of your aarti thali decoration will always be a winner. 

17. Grains

Grains, specifically rice have played a significant role in aarti thalis for any Hindu festival as it is a symbol of growth and energy. Therefore, using rice to create intricate patterns can result in a unique and captivating aarti thali decoration. 

18. The Mandala Effect

Mandalas demand people's attention with their vibrant use of colours, delicate patterns, and intricate symmetry, captivating observers and inviting them into a mesmerizing world of harmony and beauty. 

This aarthi thali decoration idea allows you to utilize all nine colours of Navratri while creating a stunning visual representation of divine blessings and spiritual significance.

19. Going Back To The Classics

Sometimes, the best thing to do is go back to what we know. The sense of comfort and familiarity helps make the festive season all that more memorable.

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Prasad thalis are unquestionably a must-have during Navratri. The different colours and textures of the offerings, along with the divine blessings they represent, add an extra layer of joy and reverence to the celebrations.

20. Make It Personal

If you want to make this year's celebrations unique and personal, create an aarti base with polaroid images of you and your loved ones. This will add a special touch to your Navratri aarti thali and make the celebrations even more memorable. 

21. Rangolis 

Although traditionally a floor decoration, creating a mini rangoli on your aarti thali can be a delightful way to infuse traditional charm into your worship rituals. Furthermore, as you perform the aarti, the colourful rangoli on your thali will not only add visual appeal but also evoke a sense of festivity and tradition.

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