Comeback of Cane in Home Interiors

July 05, 2020

comeback of cane

In the world of home decor and styling, trends come and go faster than you think but you sure can bet they eventually tend to make a comeback. One such major comeback is that of cane decor and furniture. It has been around since time immemorial and now ever since cane has set foot in the home decor scene it seems to be a permanent guest!

cane trending

Be it luxury homes, sprawling bungalows to residential apartments or even bachelor pads, the retro look of cane is surely having its moment! One can create chic home interiors with cane, rattan and wicker.

Let's find some inspiration in these set ups where cane works its magic effortlessly!

cosy corner at home

Besides being an eco-friendly material with a stunning texture, cane gives an airy feeling to a room.

cane wall mirror

Due to its earthy and organic texture, it blends in well with various kinds of decor styles too, be it minimal or maximal. 

cane flower mirror

Add in a variety of indoor plants like Bamboo, Pothos, Yucca Cane or even add a wee bit of colour with a variety of Coleus to match the decor. See what plant heights complement the placement of your furniture, wall accents like shelves, racks or mirrors and choose accordingly.

arch cane mirror

A balanced set up comprises of a combination of contrasting hues, textures and sizes in order to ace the overall aesthetic. Achieving an appealing cane-clad space greatly lies in how you choose to style the pieces. Check out this nook styled with Nestasia's latest products.

Isn't it a nonchalant and uncluttered space which oozes a light, minimal and happy feeling. A corner where you'd like to sit back with a book and a glass of wine, spending some quality me time?

bamboo furniture

The advantage of cane is that it goes well with a variety of hues. In this setting a cane coffee table and a mirror shelf have been matched with a handwoven patterned rug that adds extra texture along with classic ceramic planters.

This same table can come very handy during weekend parties to create a cosy bar set up. A compact and classic cane table which will help to create an indoor or outdoor casual bar table.

boho bluebell rug

A hand-knotted cotton rug creates a comfortable space that ties in a boho chic look when paired with cane.

butterfly beads cushion

A pop of colour does no harm and hence, those embroidered butterfly cushions and lush greens have found their way in the serene setting. 

butterfly cushion cover

Accessorizing adds texture and layers to the space. To break the monotony of the subtle neutral tones, a burst of contrasting colours enhance the drama of the overall setting.

cane mirror with shelf

A mirror-shelf can be considered in a study space where you wouldn't want something too jarring and bulky. You can stash journals and stationery and the big round mirror does a wonderful job in adding depth to your study room. 

mirror shelf

Nestip: The same mirror can be alternated as a decor accent in the balcony. Line up Bamboo plants just below the mirror. Align them neatly with the wall or the grill and adorn the shelf with flowers from your home garden itself. 

cane wall mirror

It simply hangs on the wall with a hook which means you can position it depending upon the wall space. To ensure it gets the attention it deserves, we suggest keeping the setting simple – we teamed ours with home grown frangipani flowers and hanging artificial plants

cane coffee table

A medium sized cane table would be an ideal choice if you are looking for a multi-functional piece of furniture. A versatile piece of furniture that would find a place in any room of your home. Fanning, ornamental plants like Areca Palm or Bamboo would look stunning and help epitomize a tropical style decor at home.

cane weaves

Textured, light weight and sturdy, cane gives off a vintage yet casual vibe. A versatile material that can be used to create a variety of weaves and braids with regard to the shape and form of the products, enhancing its visual appeal.

A single piece of any cane furniture has the capability of blending well with multiple home styles including retro, modern or ethnic and traditional.

cane table

All one has got to do is simply play around with other inmates of the room. Rattan is definitely the go-to material if one wants to add lightness in their modern home.

embroidered cushions

Keep switching your decor accents like lamps and planters or soft furnishings like sheers, curtains and cushions depending on the mood you plan on setting whether it is indoors or outdoor spaces like your balcony or garden.

Nestip: Pile up embroidered cushions with interesting patterns for a quirky appearance.

balcony setting

Create an inviting, zen like balcony setting or a chic patio with cane furniture and planters that provide your outdoor space a subtle rustic pop. Check out the video below to see how cane inhabits a traditional apartment balcony.

Whether you sip your morning cuppa, sit back and read or simply make it your work from home space. It certainly is an inviting niche to disappear into, every now and then!

Nestip: When cushioned, the same cane table can double up as a stool. A space saving and multi-purpose piece of furniture is super handy and practical especially for those who have a space crunch.

boho rug VincentThe neutral-monochrome rug is an apt companion, which lets the cane beauties get its due.

cane balcony decor

The earthiness of terracotta planters complements the amber textured rattan. The contrasting lush greens infuse the nook with utmost exuberance.

Cane, undoubtedly has the power to retain its importance as it synergizes with a range of decor themes. Moreover, one can easily blend these pieces into their existing decor too, without having to make innumerable changes in around their home.

Hope you got a fair idea as to how you could use hints of cane along with other accessories, soft furnishings and plants in your home interiors. 

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