Christmas Gift Ideas

December 03, 2020

Christmas Gift Guide

Santa Claus is coming to town! Christmas is just around the corner and we cannot wait to see the Christmas lights, decorate the Christmas tree, sing Christmas carols, bake Christmas cookies and cakes, eat Christmas lunch with family and finally get our hands on the wrapped Christmas gifts hidden under the Christmas Tree.

Christmas Gift items

Christmas calls for the holiday season and getting busy with decorating our homes with Christmas ornaments, tucking into warm clothes and fuzzy blankets and mainly choosing the best Christmas gifts for friends and family. Whether you are friends with someone since childhood or not, whether they are your family or not, Christmas gifts should be functional and add to Christmas memories for the years to come. One can always become their loved ones’ secret Santa and fill their day with a heartfelt Christmas Gift. 

Christmas Blankets

It is the most thrilling time of the year when we wait for our secret Santa to surprise us with some amazing gifts but Christmas gifting can be very tricky. Nestasia loves to help you, especially during the favourite time of the year. We have curated a Christmas gift guide with the best gifts that can be filled in the stocking stuffing of your loved ones or that can be filled in your own stocking! Choose from the list of 21 Christmas gifts for friends and family that have been penned down for the winter season. Nestasia also makes it easy for you to directly deliver your Christmas gifts at the doorsteps so that everyone can receive their Christmas presents in time.

Christmas Gift

Christmas Baking

Christmas baking is a tradition that no one breaks. Why not add a pop of colours to the baked dishes this Christmas with our bakeware collection that fits perfectly with the Christmas vibe? Bake your cookies, tarts, muffins, cupcakes, pies and other desserts with these adorable dishes and send it across as a Christmas gift to the loved ones. Whether a baker or not, these bakeware are the most ideal Christmas gifts for friends and family. These dishes will be loved and baked in by all. 

1. Pie DishPie Dish

Bake your favourite Shepherd’s pie, mince pie, cottage pie and all the other Christmas pies and gift them in these Pie dishes. The gift is ideal for all the bakers that can also make for a secret Santa gift.

2. Tart DishTart Dish

Gift your friends and family some delicious gingerbread amaretto tart, chocolate tart, Christmas fruit tart or berry tart made in these bright and colourful tart dishes. 

3. Dots Mini CupRamekin

These polka dot ramekins are tailor made for cranberry muffins, Christmas muffins and Christmas cupcakes with a colourful Christmas frosting. There is no better gift than a sweet with a sweeter ramekin for Christmas.

4.Merry Ramekin With LidMerry Ramekin

Make this Christmas merrier for your loved ones by gifting them these merry ramekins with a lid that can be used to make lava cakes, souffles, Christmas cupcakes, mud pies or vanilla cupcakes. The 5 pastel shades of the ramekin can be gifted that can be paired for a vibrant Christmas table setup. The ramekins definitely make for a merry secret Santa gift.

Christmas Ramekins

5. Oven Safe BowlGrill Plate

Follow the Christmas dinner tradition by serving Christmas Turkeys with mashed potatoes and gravy in these grilling plates. These matte finish plates when served, will uplift the greasy turkey and the mood of friends and family. 

6. Sunshine BowlSunshine baking bowl

What is a Christmas meal without sumptuous baked dishes like au gratin, baked asparagus and bacon casserole? These dishes need the perfect bakeware to brighten up the table setting like these baking bowls that only convey love. These love bowls are the perfect gift to shower love at the Christmas lunch. 

7. Baking PlatesBaking Plate

Mashed potatoes, grilled potatoes and roasted potatoes now have their own colourful plating that can be used to grill as well as serve. These grill plates can be used in the oven for grilling the traditional Christmas bacons, sausages, hot dogs and kebabs that are ideal for a barbeque Christmas party.

Christmas Meal

Any festival is incomplete without a sumptuous meal and Christmas is incomplete without the Christmas dinner and Christmas bakes. Don’t just decorate your house with Christmas decorations, this year decorate your dinner table with some colourful bakeware from our tableware collection. 

9. Christmas PlatesChristmas Plates

These plates speak aloud Christmas cheers and there is nothing more perfect than these Christmas crockery for a Christmas meal. The Christmas plates and Christmas tea cups can be gifted individually. Available in 3 bright colours, the plates definitely make it a season to be jolly. This gift is ideal for friends and family as well as people of all ages.

10. Dots Ceramic Pot Colorful, Dots Soup PlateSoup bowl and plate

Pumpkin soup, tortellini soup and mushroom soup need their special bowls for Christmas. Available in multiple colour options, the soup bowls with handle can also be paired with matching soup plates that will make the soup serving merrier. One can also choose from a range of pastel soup bowls for Christmas dinner. 

11. Ceramic Bowl with HandleSoup bowl

12. Merry Christmas Tree PlateChristmas Tree Plate

A Christmas tree shaped plate filled with candies and marshmallows is just what a merry Christmas gift should look like. Gift this wooden platter with bowls to uplift the table with a festive vibe.

Merry Tree Plate

Christmas Tea Party

Christmas Bundt cake, chocolate chip scones, tea cookies, cupcakes and muffins, warm tea, winter sun and open air - sounds like a fulfilling winter afternoon. Whether it is breakfast tea, afternoon tea party or an evening tea party, Christmas and winters are incomplete without a tea party. We’ve got you covered with some Christmas gifting for a tea party.

13. Christmas CupChristmas Cup

The perfect Christmas cups do exist. These red and green Christmas tea cups are just right to set in the Christmas mood that can also be kept at the work desk. Gift them to your friends and share some Christmas warmth. One needs to get their hands on these Christmas cups for the perfect tea time.

Christmas Tea cup

14. Modern Tea SetChristmas tea set

Add cozies to the tea table with the soft colours of the modern tea set. Available in 4 pastel shades, this tea set is sure to be loved by all when gifted. One can hand pick from the range of sugar server, milk pot, teapot and tea cups to make a custom tea set for Christmas gifting.

Modern Tea Set

15. Display standCupcake Stand

The gingerbread cookies, tea cakes, muffins and cupcakes need their own display and this stand is just right for the tea table. The dessert stand in a festive colour is a unique gift for Christmas that can add elegance to the table setting. One can choose to gift this cupcake stand to their loved ones or keep it for their Christmas dinner.

16. White MugWhite Mugs for Christmas

If you're looking to express your love to your loved ones then these white mugs will help you do it. The warm mug can be used to serve warm drinks like hot chocolate and smoothies or smoothies and shakes. The soft colours and the message on the cups will make your loved ones’ day!

Christmas Decor

Christmas is that time of year when every room looks magical. Let the temperatures drop and your Christmas decor lift the spirits!

17. Christmas Candle DecorationChristmas Star

A Christmas tree and a Christmas star to brighten up Christmas. The Christmas candle holders are ideal for Christmas gifting that can be placed anywhere in the house and will suit all types of Christmas decor.

Christmas Tree decor

18. Wooden Lid BoxChristmas Gift Box

These Christmas gift boxes can be gifted individually or can be filled with Christmas candies, cupcakes or Christmas figurines. The transparent lid and the wooden finish can enliven a festive decor. The box will compliment all Christmas Decors adding a touch of natural woods.   

19. Hanging HooksChristmas Wall Hooks

Why just eat cake when you can place it on your wall all the time? These Wall hooks available in two variants are the perfect Christmas decor for a boring wall. This wall hook can also make for a great Secret Santa gift.

20. Fuzzy BlanketChristmas Throw

A throw that looks good, is Christmassy and that can be used throughout the year? Yes please! Gift this red and white throw to your friends and family and share some winter warmth during Christmas. This throw fits for all age groups that will compliment the Christmas decor and fireside place with its colours.

21. Tea Light HoldersChristmas Candle holder

Snowflakes, reindeer, pixies and Santa's sleigh to illuminate the Christmas decor. The swirling tea light holders will surely become the most exciting Christmas gift this season. The carousel candle holder rotates when placed with a tea light making the Christmas decor look charming as ever.

Christmas lights

Choose from a range of Christmas products for gifting or pair them with each other but, don't forget that you have to fill the stocking stuffer. 

Whether the Christmas gifts are opened at Christmas eve, around the fireplace, around the Christmas tree or on Christmas morning, the excitement for Christmas presents remains the same. Tell us what you would like to give your loved ones for Christmas!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas !!

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