9 Budget Friendly Foreign Travel Destinations For Summer Vacation

April 19, 2024

Imagine being swept off to a quaint beach in Thailand where you’re sitting pretty on a sun-drenched beach with sand in your toes and getting a gorgeous tan. Perhaps wading through the turquoise waters in Thai islands is more your thing. Maybe a walk through the hush-hush boroughs of Turkey with cobbled walkways and panoramic views of the Bosphorus strait is also something that needs to be checked off your bucket list. There’s no denying the fact that a trip to a faraway land is a magical experience. However, the first thing that comes to mind when you think about foreign tours is definitely the budget. Join us on this adventure as we uncover 9 picturesque foreign destinations that won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

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9 Affordable Foreign Travel Destinations From India

1. Thailand (27,000-55,000 INR)

Home to several island clusters, Thailand is a true summer paradise for all explorers. Explore the energetic and bustling streets of Bangkok - alleyways dotted with neon signs, lively bars, and eateries. We’d be remiss not to mention the packed wholesale markets with tons of goodies and cheap prices. 

James Bond Island

For Gram-worthy pictures, visit the Hollywood cult classic - James Bond Island. Tucked in the northeastern side of Phuket, this frequented landmark should be a part of your Thailand itinerary. If you want something lowkey and wish to ditch the crowd, the sandy white beaches and glistening waters of Koh Phayam are a must-visit. The best thing about these off-beat islands is the economic commute costs. There are ample bicycle, taxi, and tuk-tuk rental shops offering services for as low as 100 Baht or 228 INR. Wish to indulge in fun activities? Say no more! Snorkelling and other beach activities start from 600 Baht, which is roughly 1,300 INR. So, lay out your beach towels and get ready to soak in the sun without compromising on your budget. 

Having factored flight costs, accommodation, meals, local transportation, activities, and miscellaneous items, a solo Thailand trip for 5 days and 4 nights will cost you somewhere around 27,000 INR to 55,000 INR. 

2. Türkiye (50,000 - 80,000 INR)

From the rugged terrains and spectacular skies of Cappadocia to the wooded wonderlands of the Belgrad forest in Istanbul, Turkey has a lot to offer. The ancient ruins of Ephesus and the sprawling Ottoman architectural gems in Antalya and Bursa are also sights to behold. 


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However, Turkey is best visited in April and May when it’s pleasantly warm. The best part? Quintessential tourist activities are quite accessible, with zero entry fees to tourist attractions such as Anitkabir, Selimiye Mosque, and others. If you are trying to stick to your budget, you can avail public transportation. One-way metro, tram and bus rides are at an all-time low of 3-5 Turkish Lira or only 7-12 INR. The much-awaited ferry ride across the Bosphorus strait costs a maximum of 7 Lira or 17 INR. Daily meals will range from 1,500 to 2,000 INR with delicacies like Turkish coffee, flaky baklava and delightfully chewy Turkish delights being served.

An all-inclusive solo trip to Türkiye for 5 days and 4 nights ranges from 50,000 INR to 80,000 INR, making it yet another pocket-friendly foreign tourist destination.

So, pack your bags and head out!

3. Singapore (48,000 - 80,000 INR)

Get ready to be enchanted with the captivating cityscape of Singapore! Previously considered an expensive place to travel to, Singapore has seen an unprecedented influx of tourists in the post-pandemic era. Prepare to be bedazzled by Marina Sands Bay or take a walk through the S.E.A Aquarium on this adventurous trip. 

Marina Sands Bay

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But we haven’t come to the best part yet - the unbeatable prices, of course. The flexible hotel chains in Singapore range from 22 SGD or 1,300 INR to 55 SGD or 3,300 INR. For the commute, you can purchase a Singapore Tourist Pass that will grant you access to unlimited bus rides. For some delicious food, make sure to visit the hawker centres to try out delicacies prepared from fresh local produce. The entrance fees vary from one location to another with one of the most pocket-friendly ones being the National Museum of Singapore (600 INR), Singapore Science Centre (700 INR), and Asian Civilisations Museum (490 INR).

Depending on your preferences and budget management, a solo trip to Singapore will cost you an estimated 48,000 INR to 80,000 INR.

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4.  Vietnam (36,000 - 55,000 INR)

Welcome to Vietnam - a melting pot of cultures, geographic wonders, and heartwarmingly hospitable people. Cycle around rice fields, gently stream down the still waters of Halong Bay and explore the coolest limestone caves. Vietnam is best explored from May to June with light showers and pleasant weather.

Halong Bay

But perhaps the best aspect is the pocket-friendly deals, making this yet another frequented tourist hotspot for summers. Hotel accommodations in Hanoi are quite affordable with prices starting from 3,27,184 Vietnamese dong, which is around 1,076 INR. Most of these boutique hotels are strategically located to access tourist spots such as the Hanoi Opera House, Ngoc Son Temple, and more hidden gems. Hushed away in the southeastern bay is the coastal town of Nha Trang which is another peaceful and lowkey visit best suited for budgeteers. You will find plenty of budget hotels and guesthouses for 500 INR to 1,500 INR and mid-range hotels for 2,000 to 2,500 INR. You can gorge all you want on spring rolls, banh mi, and more with street food stalls being extremely cheap. Cabs and buses are also quite reasonable and within the 300 INR mark so that’s another relief.

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5. Laos (42,000 - 50,000 INR)

Get ready to step into the quaint and serene landscapes of Laos. Steeped in fascinating Buddhist monasteries and French colonial architecture, the simplicity of Laos is perfect for those craving something quiet and toned down. Visit the postcard-perfect sites of Kuang Si Falls with the lovely turquoise water cascading over limestone rocks and filling up shallow pools. The bizarrely beautiful Xieng Khouane Luang or Buddha Park also awaits your arrival with over 200 sculptures from Buddhist and Hindu lore. You can also rent a bike from Vientiane for just 30,000 kips or 118 INR to the beautiful outskirts of Van Vieng. Here you can explore the depths of the Phoukam Cave and Tham Jang Cave.

Kuang Si Falls

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Now let’s talk budget. Laos is one of the cheapest you can visit with daily meals starting from as low as 200 INR. With flight costs starting from 22,000 INR, accommodation ranging from 1,800 INR and other factors considered, an all-inclusive 5-day solo trip to Laos will range from 42,000 INR to about 50,000 INR.

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6. Indonesia (36,000 - 50,000 INR)

Let’s face it - we have all dreamed of swaying back and forth on the majestic Bali swing that pops up on our Instagram feed. The lush green and gently sloping Ceking Rice Terrace is also a treat for the eyes. Be it the coastal beauty of the Gili Islands or the towering buildings of Jakarta, there’s a lot to see. 

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

Let’s quickly get down to the costs. The best about a trip to Indonesia is the fact that you don’t need a visa for a 30-day trip. It’s also quite inexpensive to get around with scooters costing anywhere between 200 INR to 500 INR per day. For a more relaxed and laidback travelling experience, you can avail taxi services for 2,000 to 3,000 INR. Several booking websites in Bali offer hotels for 600 INR to 800 INR per night. We know, it sounds too good to be true! You can also try local Balinese cuisine with just under 500 INR if you eat local. Popular sites like Nusa Penida and Ubud can be covered for under 4000 INR, making these a must-have in your itinerary.

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7. Nepal (25,000 - 45,000 INR)

Here’s another great country that permits Indians without visas. Cruise through the flowy Phewa Lake, paraglide in Sarangkot, witness the majestic Annapurna Mountain Range, and get enchanted by the artisanal shops lining the streets of Pokhara on a shoestring budget. June is the ideal time to visit Nepal, given that it’s off-season and perfect for crowd-averse explorers.

Annapurna Mountain Range

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Hostels provide cheap accommodation for 500 INR to 1,500 INR and guesthouses are within the 1,500 to 3,000 INR range. Street food is quite affordable with an average spend of 200 to 300 INR, while tourist-centric restaurants are well within the 2,000 INR range. Buses are the most inexpensive commute option but they can get quite crowded. Metered taxis are the norm but bargaining with tourists will make you shell out more than you planned, which is why you might want to stick to pre-booked cabs for easy conveyance. 

Flight costs included a 5-day 4-night solo trip to Nepal for 25,000 INR - 45,000 INR makes it a great deal. 

8. Bangladesh (7,000 - 30,000 INR)

Explore the world’s largest unbroken stretch of beach at Cox’s Bazar, visit the scenic tea gardens of Jaflong, shop to your heart's content at Dhaka’s street markets, and dive into delectable street foods. This neighbouring gem is a must-visit destination if you’re on a budget.

Cox Bazar

Now let’s break down the budget, shall we? Guesthouses and mid-range hotels cost somewhere around 700 INR to 1,500 INR so that’s a relief. Meals can vary from 300 to 1,500 INR per day depending on your preference. Rickshaws, buses, and taxis are quite affordable as well so getting around won’t be much of a hassle.

All expenses included, you can easily pull off a 5-day trip in just 17,000 INR - 30,000 INR, making it the cheapest option on our list.

9. Burma (25,000 - 30,000 INR)

Welcome to Burma - find peace and serenity in the ancient shrine of Shwedagon Pagoda, feel the gentle breeze on Ngapali Beach, and witness the jaw-dropping sunset from a boat on Taungthaman Lake. This picturesque location has a lot to offer in terms of scenic locations, travel activities, time-tested shrines, and culture.

Temple Bagan

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This is a budget traveller’s dream, considering the costs incurred are remarkably low. Guesthouses and mid-range hotels are within a prominent 1,500 INR - 3,000 INR range. Popular sites like Mandalay Hill charge no entry fees so that’s something to keep in mind. Local transportation can range anywhere from 700 to 1,500 INR.

Let’s talk about the final figures. For a 5-day stay, a trip to Burma can be covered within the 35,000 INR range.


Buckle up as we dive into the glistening waters of Thai beaches, walk underneath majestic Ottoman domes, and sail across the wind in Sarangkot. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? In this quick read, we’ve unveiled some of the best budget-friendly foreign travel destinations for you to explore this summer. So, go ahead! Take that much-awaited solo trip to a land unknown and replenish your mind and soul with the restorative power of travel.

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