Brunch ideas for winters [Snowberry Collection]

December 29, 2020

snowberry collection

Planning a brunch with your friends and family this winter? Start with a tea party, include some sweet and savory elements, and amp up your presentation game with our Snowberry Collection. The pink, white and grey themed collection is perfect for a warm, snuggly winter day with your friends and family. In fact, if the dress code for your party is pink or white, the Snowberry Collection would feel no less than a family member on your dining table.


Remember the times when your granny would knit sweaters for you during winters? That’s exactly what the Snowberry Collection will remind you of. The collection is capable enough of making you nostalgic with its color combinations and the Ceramic, knitted texture, intricately made for a luxurious dining experience. The little detailing like the bow makes it look super cute.

teapot cup

Start with a tea party using the Teapot Cup which comes as a set of a tea pot and a cup. Serve any of your favorite tea- Oolong tea, Black tea, White tea, Green tea, or any other variant.

grid plate

Club this with the Grid Plate to serve snacks along. Some your favorite snacks like cakes, crackers, cookies, nuts, or muffins would be perfect to be served. The Grid Plate is a stunner at multitasking since you don’t need different plates for snacks. Four different types of snacks can be served in the same plate.


The Airtight jars could be used to keep sugar, in case someone needs it. The jars could also be used to serve cookies, crackers, nuts, and a lot more. The jars prevent moisture from seeping in- hence, even the last piece of your cookies or nuts would remain crunchy.


We also have something for those of you who prefer coffee over tea-The Cappuccino Mug. The mug comes with an identical saucer.


The saucer is perfect to serve little munchies like cookies or muffins along. The cute little heart and the knitted texture on the mug and the saucer, are to die for.

Nestip: Check out our Cup, Mugs & Drinkware collection for many more dispensers and tea sets for a fun and interactive session where you can serve your drinks in dispensers and everyone can help themselves with the drinks. Our Glass Dispenser is apt for serving hot or cold drinks, and is available in two different sizes.

basket with handle

Some fun and different products like the Basket with Handle are also amazing when it comes to multitasking. Available in four different variants, the basket has a bow on the top with a heart and knitted texture all around it. It can be used decoration as well serving snacks, breads, or candies.  

basket with handle-

Do not hesitate to fill it with flowers, potpourri, or any other decorating materials that you would want to add on to your dining table.

angel basket

The Angel Basket is another similar product, however, has different yet equally super cute elements on it. The pink and white basket comes with a bow shaped handles which has small polka dots all over it. It has two little angels and a lacey texture on the edges. The Angel Basket will definitely catch the attention of kids. It can also be used to serve breads, snacks, candies, waffles, or for decoration purposes.

kid stroller

Nestip:  Check out our Baby Basket from the same collection in case you’re thinking of adding more elements to your brunch table décor.


For the brunch, pick up some Gift Plates form the Snowberry Collection. The plates are square shaped, with a ribbon and bow impression on them. They look like wrapped gifts and are literally the best ones for gifting. What better than gifting a gift shaped plate, right?

gift plates

Available in three sizes- small, medium, and large, these plates are ideal for serving snacks, meals, or desserts. Pamper your taste buds with some salads, French toasts, banana breads, grilled sandwiches, or Cinnamon rolls.

heart plate

Pair these Gift Plates with our Heart Plates- apt for a fun dining experience. The plate has wavy rim, with an intricate knitted texture and a grey colored heart at the center. The Ceramic plate can be used for serving a variety of snacks like fritters, pizza slices, or sandwiches.

cake stand

In case you’re planning to bake a cake on your brunch day, we have a Ceramic Cake Stand from the collection which would marry the setting of an interactive cake frosting session. Excite the guests by decorating your cake at the dining table itself.

serving tray

Carry your piping bags along, and put the extra toppings like sprinklers, chocolate chips, fruits, and other toppings of your choice in our Serving tray. The tray is rectangular in shape with a knitted texture and has pink handles on each side.

cake stand

It can be a fun activity for everyone to pick up their own frosted slices and decorate them with the toppings of their choices. The slices can be served in small Gift Plates or you can go ahead and browse more plates in our Plates and Platters section.

spoon holder

We also have a spoon holder in the Snowberry Collection, that is apt for a brunch set up. Browse for some Cutlery in the Kitchen and Dining section. We have some great cutlery sets that will complement the Spoon Holder. The Spoon Holder has a pink handle and a white center. It can also be used to serve a small quantity of noodles or small snacks.

butter holder

In case you’re planning to serve breads at your brunch table, a Butter Holder is something that becomes almost a necessity. Grab one from our Snowberry Collection to complement all the other products. The pink Butter Holder comes in a Ceramic, knitted impressions with a lacey texture on the sides and a grey ribbon on the top. We also have knives in our Cutlery section that can be easily used as butter knives. You can browse for your favorite ones and look for the color of your choice.


During these tough times when washing hands has become a necessity more than a habit, you can also look for Hand Wash Dispensers in our Bath & Storage section. The Hand Wash Dispenser and Soap Bottle Dispenser, available in our Snowberry Collection, will also complement your tableware. The Hand Wash Dispenser is in the shape of a hut. The pump seems like a chimney on the top of the hut shaped dispenser.


The Soap Bottle Dispenser on the other hand, looks like a round house with windows and a door. It has a cylindrical shape with a brick-like texture in combinations of pink, white, and grey. The pump here, also looks like a chimney on the top of the dispenser.

soap dispenser

Both the dispensers are ideal to be used as sanitizer dispenser, soap dispenser, body wash dispenser, or kitchen soap dispenser.

fondue set

The Snowberry Collection could also be clubbed with our wide range of Fondue Sets for a fun brunch experience. The Grid Plate is an amazing product to serve different types of toppings along with the fondue. Make a list of all the toppings that you’d like to serve.

grid plate-

Breads croutons, marshmallows, chopped fresh fruits, or vegetables, could all be served in the Grid Plate.

fondue maker

Nestip: Check out 10 fondue ideas to find out some fun ways to use a fondue set. Make your brunch super fun by adding a fondue set on your dining table. Our Fondue Maker is a perfectly sized product for individual servings. If you’re looking for a set and want to make your brunch an enjoyable time for all your guests, pair our Fondue Set with different individual Fondue Makers for everyone. The Fondue Set comes with four plates and a tailor-made wooden tray. The plates are ideal for serving toppings along with the fondue.


Look for Cheese Platters or Snack Platter to mix and match with the Snowberry Collection. Our Plates are also available in endless colors and different sizes. Browse for your favorite ones.

Pancakes also make a fun brunch recipe because they can be topped with anything and everything that one likes. While, we already have a recipe for the traditional sweet pancakes in the Jars & Canisters blog, savory pancakes can be make using rice flour or gram flour, following a very similar process of making the batter and spreading them on non-stick pans.

grid plates

Our Grid Plate from the Snowberry Collection is perfect for keeping all the toppings together yet segregated at the same time.  Fill the four sections with nuts, berries, fruits, or toppings like chopped coriander, onions, and tomatoes, for serving along with the pancakes.

bowl holder

Nestip: Check out our Bowl Holder Set which has two bowls and a stand. Available in four different colors- black, white, matte green, and glossy green, the bowl holder has the capacity of holding two different types of liquid toppings like maple syrup, chocolate syrup, or chutneys, according to the choice of your pancakes. Browse for some beautiful Cutlery in our Kitchen and Dining section to use along with the bowl stand.

number plates

Our Number Plates are also ideally sized to serve small munchies or nuts. Pick the ones in the shape of your lucky number to escalate the quirky elements on your dining table. These will be absolutely color coordinated with the Snowberry Collection products that you must be planning to cart up by now.

cake and cupcake stand

You could surprise your guests by adding some surprises to your brunch menu. While everyone must be expecting muffins, show some magic by preparing savory muffins. Sounds interesting but difficult, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this super simple recipe of frittata muffins.


Just prepare your frittatas using your favorite ingredients like cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, broccoli, bell peppers, and everything else that you like. Instead of baking them in a casserole dish, just brush your muffin tin with some oil and bake them in small quantities, in each muffin mould. The results are going to be surprising and presentable at the same time. Use our cake and cupcake stand to serve the frittata muffins and add some height extensions to our dining table.

small gift plate

The muffins can then be served individually, in our small Gift Plates from the Snowberry Collection.

Nestip: These will also look fabulous when served on our Ceramic Cake Stand- a part of our Snowberry Collection, or the Cake Plate Stand- a white colored cake stand with engraved designs on it. The light and pastel colored cake stands will make your frittata muffins look amazing because of their contrasting colors.  These are apt for serving dry cakes like carrot cake, plum cake, lemon cake, and any other cake of your choice.

mini baking pot

Our Mini Baking Pot is the apt size for baking these frittata muffins. You could look for these in our Bakeware section.


Our Cloche Plate is another gorgeous product which will definitely catch your eye when you think about serving these little frittatas. Perfect for a fancy presentation on your dining table, Cloche Plate comes with a wooden plate and a glass cloche to keep the ingredients covered in a way that their beauty isn’t hidden from the guests.

We hope that we’ve been able to inspire you with enough recipes to get you sorted for your brunch day. Share your brunch menu with us and let us know how it went in the comment section.

Happy Brunching!!

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