Jars & Canisters: 5 Ways

August 22, 2020
jars and canisters
For all those who are bored of their regular spice jars and containers and want to revamp their kitchen counter tops or centre table displays, Nestasia's Jars & Canisters Collection is here to your rescue. 
With the newest jar collection, get as creative as you can to use them in the most unique ways.
Spice jars don't necessarily have to be used as spice jars always! Right?
That is why we are here to show you and inspire you to use them in different settings. You'll see how as you follow on.
The White Spice Jar Set is a combination of two ceramic jars with lids and ceramic spoons. The jars sit on a smooth wooden base with a neat finish.
The white colour specifically makes this set a versatile one, making it fit into various settings effortlessly.
white spice jars
If you are someone who enjoys a lavish breakfast spread or elaborate Sunday brunches then check out how you can use these jars to fill in a variety of little condiments and your favourite cereals.
Create your very own cereal station which is sure to be loved by family members of all ages. Be it muesli, granola, cornflakes or more to lend colour to your table against the white jars.
spice jar white
Place an array of four jars with a variety on the breakfast buffet table and let everyone fix a yummy and wholesome cereal bowl of their choice.
white bowls
Nestip: Fill small ceramic bowls with toppings like choco chips, berries, banana slices or dried berries like cranberry and blueberry. 
heart bowl set
You could also add some seed mix in one of the ceramic jars.
breakfast spread
The more options on the table, the better your breakfast spread will be!
The jar set has a minimal look to it that adds a chic style to a table. It would blend perfectly in a modern, casual or a formal setting.
The Green Spice Jar Set is similar to the one above but in a lovely teal green shade. The asymmetrical lined texture on the jar complements the organic colour of the jars and so does the wooden base.
It is not just the colour and the texture but also the use of ceramic and wood together that make the entire set come across as an earthy one.
green spice jar set
We decided to fill them up with nuts and dried fruits. The natural texture and its contrasting colours, makes not only the nuts stand out but also gives the jars its due importance. The brown hues complement the teal green well. 
spice jar set green
These jars can also be paired well with the White Ceramic Jars and can be added to the breakfast spread.
Nestip: Alternatively these can hold crudités of carrots and beetroot, served with various dips or sauces placed in mini bowls.
jars and canisters
The whites and greens go well when placed together. Besides the two jars that can be paired, you could also layer the table with a runner. The runner would add a pop of texture and a floral cheer to your table.
white flower runner
The White Flower Runner that has a floral pattern with small green leaves would be a great companion for the jars too. Adding florals and botanicals in any form add cheer and life to any space.
white flower runner
Nestip: You might not require a theme for every setup. All you need is a colour palette to make your table setting look attractive. Play with colour and texture. Don't hesitate in adding layers to your setting by mixing and matching tableware.
The festive season is upon us and while it may mean different things to different people, one thing that remains constant is hosting and entertaining family and friends. You may want to stock up on a good range of jars to place on your centre table. Fill them up with gourmet nuts, sweet treats and host your guests in the most stylish way with minimal effort!
The set has a combination of a white ceramic jar that comes with a spoon and lid, a ceramic oil pot with lid and a wooden tray. Although, conventionally people would use it to store oil or sauces and salt in the jar to place it on their kitchen counter tops. This however is a versatile set that can be used in multiple ways.
ceramic jar set
We pulled it out from our kitchen and placed it on our breakfast table. The mini jug was filled up with milk to pour into coffee and cereal. 
The little ceramic pot can be used as a sugar pot. If you're a health freak, you could also alternate the sugar with jaggery powder or date syrup. 
ceramic jar set
Pour in just the right amount of milk as per your requirement into your favourite cereal mix. A small yet useful addition to the table tops. A set which is compact and accommodates just the right amount.
 sugar and creamer set
This can also be used during tea time and coffee time as a sugar and creamer set. You can make endless combinations and pick a variety of settings to use this super versatile pair.
Adding happy colours is always a good idea. If you like all things happy and colourful, especially the pastel colour palette, then you have got to check out this adorable spice jar set.
colourful spice jar set
Who says you can't have fun with the most basic of crockery! You don't always have to fill it up with pickles and chutneys but can go for something unusual and fun too! 
Check out how we made use of this set!
colourful spice jars
Do you want your children to lend a helping hand? Transform simple chores into a fun weekend activity.
Nestip: Create your very own pancake station at home and get your kids to help you out with the set up. Here's a super simple and quick recipe you could follow too!
Go ahead and have a flippin' great time!
colourful jar set
Fill up the spice jars with yummy pancake accompaniments and toppings. 
Be it maple syrup, chocolate ganache, nut butter or whipped cream, all of them will be just apt for these candy coloured jars.
Nestip: Pastels when contrasted with dark colours from the ingredients like the setting above add a dynamic look to the tablescape. 
Wondering how you can add some zing and a touch of creativity to any tablescape? Use ceramic spice jars in another new avatar!
leaf ceramic jar set
A set of jars with pretty little florals and botanicals can be used the next time you host a brunch. Fill up the the jars with dips and sauces with regard to the cuisine you serve.
Say for example, you plan on serving Pan Asian cuisine. You can fill the jars with soy sauce, vinegar and some chilli sauce. 
leaf spice jar set
How can you twist this a bit and give it an unusual dimension?
How about creating a Pan Asian salad station?
leaf ceramic jars
Nestip: Use the jars to put in salad dressing and garnish ingredients like peanuts, cilantro, coriander or other condiments like nuts and seeds. Make the spread an interactive one where your guests can go all out and toss up their own salad bowls.
leaf spice jar set
One does not have to follow all table setting rules to the T. Your decor setting does not always have to be impeccable. Creative chaos can make the set up homely and inviting. 
Nestip: Next time you're in the mood for Khao Suey or Laksa, serve those exciting toppings in such jars to rev up up the meal experience.
ceramic white bowl
Make hosting fun! Garnish your table with this Leaf Spice Jar Set and let your guests garnish their salads in style!
Have you ever thought of incorporating spice jars into your tea time set up while you have guests over? Here's how you can..
ceramic spice jars
You do not always need to have a formal tea time set up when your girl gang is over for a cup of tea the next time. You can ditch the conventional setting and instead play around with your kitchen utilities and tableware to give the occasion a little bit of that quirky yet elegant feel.
Here's how we have used the new Ceramic Spice Jar Set.
white spice jars
Since the set has three jars and three little drawers, you have ample amount of storage space to fill in all the binge worthy snacks.
spice jar
You could use the jars to fill in sweeteners, three ways; sugar, honey and powdered jaggery and let your guests suit themselves.
Fill up the drawers with tea bags, coffee sachets and some cookies. The drawers come with wooden detachable knobs which makes it easy for the user to store the entire set when not in use.
spice jar set
The intricate and beautiful cutwork on the jars makes it an exquisite addition to your collection of tableware. Through the cutwork, one can see the contents of the jar too.
tea set
Nestip: If you plan on recreating this set up, you can pair the jar set with the Glass Tea Set since both of these go so well together.
One can really test their imagination and get so creative with this one. 
Nestip: Whether it is your dresser to store knick knacks and make up or your study table to stash in stationary, this sure is a good buy!
Can you think of other ways of using jars and containers? Please share with us in the comments below, which one of these do you fancy the most and how would you use them?
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