A Guide to Efficiently Label Your Jars for Pantry Organization

March 30, 2024

Whether you’re quickly cooking a meal for two or having over friends and family for Sunday, a kitchen in disarray causes a lot of chaos, and you end up chucking your ingredients into the fridge and considering ordering in. However, if your kitchen is well-organized, it will help things run a lot smoother and you’ll be able to whip up and present your signature dishes in no time. For an efficient and operational kitchen, pantry organization certainly reigns as a top determinant. This is an area where jar labels rise to the occasion, emerging as unsung heroes of your overall kitchen organization. Labels not only make it a breeze for you to locate your spices, herbs, and other storage containers in the blink of an eye, but they also help curate a spick and span kitchen. Keep reading to gain valuable insights into the know-how of picking the right label and ensuring their longevity. Without further ado, let’s jump in!

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Top 5 Tips on Using Labels for Pantry Organization

1. Choice of Label

Choosing the right label goes a long way in terms of pantry organization. There are various options that are at your disposal but ultimately, your choice of label boils down to 4 things: the size, shape and colour of the container as well as waterproof performance. 

For Rounded Bottles

At the risk of sounding redundant, go for round labels for round bottles. You can get personalised labels with your preferred font and other designs if you please. 

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For Spice Jars & Storage Containers

For spice jars and other storage containers, square labels of a proportionate size are a good choice. Getting the right-sized label is quite important. If you try to tack on a really large label on a small jar, the edges will invariably jut out and rip with time. So, make sure you measure your jars before searching for labels online or at your local shops.

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For Clear Glass Jars

For a chic printed look, consider clear labels with black text. These labels add a stylish touch to your jars while helping you allocate each of them to a specific ingredient.

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2. Print Matters

In the realm of label selection, go for simple and readable fonts. Always go for a sans-serif font instead of a serif font. A serif typeface has extended lines that can make it quite tedious to read, whereas a sans serif font is a cleaner font that does not feature these small lines. If you fancy, you can also have labels with your handwriting.

3. Be Concise

Overcrowding your labels with too much information is a big no-no. Instead, adopt a clear and concise approach. Switch out “Arabica coffee” for “Arabica” and “Green Tea Leaves” for “Green Tea.” We hope you get the gist.

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4. Get Creative

There’s no reason your kitchen labels have to be boring. Breathe some life into your pantry by shooting for colourful labels, small doodles, and stylish fonts. You can bend the font rules we discussed earlier just a tad if you can clearly read the labels.

Pro Tip: Chalkboard labels add a rustic farmhouse feel to your kitchen and allow you to label your jars by hand.

5. Apply with Care

Although sticking labels on jars is no rocket science, if you’re hoping for your labels to last, make sure to clean and dry your jars properly prior to application. For a smooth and even application, take your time and avoid getting air bubbles under the labels. That’s it! You and your labels are all set.

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A tidy kitchen pantry is of the essence if you have a knack for cooking and delighting your friends and family. Properly labelled jars will keep your kitchen running like clockwork and save the trouble of fumbling through your kitchen shelves in the hunt for the right spices and herbs. In this quick read, we’ve compiled the top 5 considerations when it comes to efficiently labelling your jars. We hope you can incorporate these clever ideas into your kitchen pantry.

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