9 Trendy Secret Santa Gift Ideas

November 29, 2023

Secret Santa brings an element of surprise to the festive season. It is a traditional Christmas practice where friends, family, or even coworkers assemble to draw random names to become each other’s Secret Santa. The Secret Santa is then presented with a list of gift ideas to choose from to give to the chosen recipient. Here comes the fun part - after receiving the present, the recipient has to guess who their Secret Santa is.

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How To Choose A Gift As A Secret Santa?

You can follow these few simple steps to choose the perfect gift for your giftee: 

1. Check Wishlists 

An online wishlist can be a goldmine for gift ideas for Secret Santa. However, you have to exercise a certain degree of discretion when you go about this. You must do more than swoop in and peek into their wishlist a few days before the Secret Santa exchange. Start by developing a conversation about a new item they’re wearing or carrying, maybe a new dress or earpods, and politely ask them to see their order history for more information on the item. You can then go through their wishlist for gift ideas. 

2. Explore Subscription Services 

If your giftee has a specific interest, you can purchase a subscription catered to their passions and hobbies. For instance, if the recipient has recently taken a liking to digital art, you can gift them an illustration software subscription, showing support for their hobbies. You can also purchase online courses if you plan on being a part of their career endeavours, or a subscription for monthly flower deliveries. 

3. Consider practicality

Finding the right gift for Secret Santa requires a bit of homework. You might want to think about the daily life of the recipient and base your presents around their routine or profession. If they are fond of hitting the gym, you can get them a spacious duffle bag to carry all their gym essentials, or maybe some art supplies if they are interested in painting. 

4. Gift Cards

When in doubt, a well-thought-out gift card to a favourite online store or platform can work wonders. This ensures that the person gets something they may have carted and genuinely wanted for a long time.

Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Friends 

1. Customized Gift Basket 

To add a personal touch, you can create a customised gift basket filled with items related to his or her hobbies and likings. It is important to factor in things that they love doing - if they are into reading, a book by their favourite author, a cosy blanket, and some hot chocolate bombs with mini marshmallows should do the trick. 

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2. Concert Tickets

What can be a better and more exciting Secret Santa present than concert tickets to a much-awaited concert? Imagine the joy on their face when they get a hold of those tickets, looking forward to a night filled with laughter, lights, and music, and vibing to the beat of their favourite songs. 


Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Family 

3. Dinner Sets 

Dinner sets are an excellent choice for a Secret Santa present. Not only are they practical, but ceramic dinner sets are also incredibly resilient, making them lasting additions to the recipient’s dining setup. You can go for ornate floral prints, geometrical patterns, and intriguing textures when selecting these plates. 

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4. Kitchenware

Kitchen items are an integral part of all culinary creations. If your recipient has a knack for cooking, consider choosing from a collection of kitchen items such as robust and durable cooking pots and pans, ladles, whisks, and other items needed to create delicious dishes. 

Glass cooking pot

5. Bakeware

Whether they have a dominant sweet tooth or enjoy savoury baked treats, you can surprise them with stylish and practical baking trays and dishes, or even moulds to whip up yummy baked goods.

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Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Colleagues 

6. Photo Frames

Everybody wants to adorn their home with snaps and glimpses of the days gone by, which is why you should consider investing in a sleek and refined photo frame so that the giftee can grace their tabletops or shelves with treasured memories cradled within four corners of the frame.

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7. Notebooks

Notebooks are an excellent gift choice for Secret Santa as they are highly practical, and can assist one in their day-to-day activities. Whether it is to keep track of their errands, jotting down thoughts, motivational quotes, and resolutions, or writing about the highlights of their day, a good-quality notebook can be a great present for Secret Santa. 

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8. Bath Accessories

Bath accessories such as toothbrush holders, dispensers, and all-inclusive bathroom sets are fantastic gift choices that you don't want to miss out on! Their ability to keep bathrooms organized and simplify self-care routines is unparalleled. Don't hesitate to invest in this essential item, which can make a great Secret Santa present. 

Bath set for daily use

9. Decor Items

Last but not least, you can discover a range of home decor items so that your Secret Santa recipient can breathe a little life into the dull corners of their home. Slender vases, stylish photo frames, and indoor planters are a few great options from where you can select an item that resonates with your giftee’s unique style.

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Secret Santa is a fun activity and a great way to exchange gifts and bond with one another during Christmas. The element of surprise, the guesswork, and sharing laughs while you are all huddled together make Secret Santa a very exciting holiday tradition. We hope our curated list of Secret Santa gift ideas makes selecting a good present a tad easy. 

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