6 Swoon-Worthy Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

February 10, 2023

Love may be a 365-day affair, but it gets a special shoutout on February 14. Valentine's Day is the perfect day to turn the romance up and show your partner just how much you cherish them. Valentine’s Day is all about love, romance, and expressing affection for your loved ones. Valentine’s Day celebrates the admiration for one’s significant other by showing appreciation for them through actions. Decorating the home for this special occasion is a lovely way to celebrate the feeling of togetherness on Valentine’s Day. After all, one’s home is the most intimate place for people. From cozy nooks to refined arrangements, create inviting areas in your home perfect for the occasion. From pretty flower arrangements to romantic candle displays, our heartfelt homemade Valentine’s Day decorations will help create an affectionate atmosphere for your loved ones. To help inspire you this February, read on ahead for some Valentine’s Day decoration ideas that are sure to spread the love inside your home.

A great way to express sentiments and cherish your loved ones on Valentine's Day is through spectacular room decorations on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. From an aesthetic corner for memorable selfies to a tasteful table centerpiece for some candlelight gupshup, we have it all sorted. Here are the best Valentine's Day decorations you can make for your home or the homes of your loved ones to make them feel oh-so-in love. Our heartfelt Valentine's Day decoration ideas, which range from lovely flower arrangements, passionate candle displays, and cozy cushion corners to heartfelt wall decorations will help you foster a loving environment for your loved ones. The following are some Valentine's Day décor ideas to help you get creative this February and help express the love.

1. On Cloud 9 With Scented Candles     

Candles lend a soft light to the room from their flames giving the home interior a very upscale appeal. Beyond their attractive appearance, scented candles are great for stimulating the senses with their aroma. Nestasia’s floral-scented candles and dessert-inspired candles work great for the décor, especially on Valentine's Day. 

Valentine's Day celebrations often feature candles as decorative elements to set a romantic mood with their soft light. To make the candle display more interesting, one can arrange different-sized candles, such as tea lights in our tea-light holders and Nestasia’s distinctive sizes and styles of scented candles.

The dessert-inspired ‘Sugar Rush’ scented candle will remind one of all things sweet and smells absolutely divine. The beautiful warm fragrance of cupcakes and marshmallows is a wonderful addition to the room during Valentine's date. You can also opt for the Mogra scented candles and Jasmine scented candles that are infused with natural oils with the essence of true fragrances of the flowers. The glass-scented candle jars burn for hours to emit wonderful lighting for the ideal ambience all around you.

2. Flower Centrepieces & Arrangements

Gift your Valentine a token of permanency and decorate the interiors with a Valentine flower decoration with artificial flowers that won’t wilt with time. Instead of cliché valentine's day red roses, curate a colourful bouquet centerpiece with our artificial flowers. Choose a variety of your favourite flowers; for a delicate-looking arrangement, we recommend peony flower bunches and hanging willow flower bunches. For a glamorous centerpiece, pair our metallic gold-coloured dried leaves with our ceramic flower vases.

Nestasia’s artificial flower vines can also be used for decoration, as they can be intertwined with string lights to create a dreamy and wonderful ambience. Hang the artificial flower vines vertically against a curtain or bunch them together to create a canopy. With artificial flower vines in the background and the faux flower stems in vases from Nestasia, a Valentine-themed room decor is ready to woo your loved one.

3. Heartfelt Wall Art And Photo Frames 

Use the artistic wall poster frames from Nestasia to simply add some long-overdue décor to bare walls. Nestasia’s 'hand-holding' and floral printed and framed wall art are perfect to style your home for the season of love. Graphic art prints are as popular as ever and easy to obtain with Nestasia. The best part? You can leave them up long after the 14th. To complement the printed wall art frames, place photo frames on the table encase with a photograph or a collage of you and your valentine.

The printed framed 'Holding Hands' poster represents harmony, reconciliation and the promises and love shared between two people. The framed wall art can be rested against the wall or hung on it, while the surrounding areas can be decorated with showpieces and flowers to complement the theme. Photo frames are the perfect way to commemorate the bond and reminisce over shared memories together with some delicious desserts or savoury snacks.

4. Expressing Love With Cozy Cushions 

Pillows and cushions for Valentine’s Day are a cozy way to express love and the perfect addition to set up the ambience for a Valentine’s date at home. Our sequined red cushion covers lend a Valentine's special element to the decor. Aside from hearts,  look for fun patterns such as stripes, polka dots and chevron prints. Also colours like red, pink, and golden are colours that are suitable for Valentine’s day.

Cushions can add a touch of love and romance to any space, making them the perfect addition to your Valentine's Day room decor. Whether you're looking to add some cosy comfort to your bedroom or create a romantic ambience in your living room, cushions are a great option to add to the home decor. In addition to adding some colour and comfort to your space, cushions can also be used to create a cozy and intimate seating area. Set up a small table and chairs, and surround them with red cushions and pink cushions from Nestasia. Nestasia’s scented candles or string lights can add to the warm and cosy atmosphere in addition to the cushions. This makes a great spot for a romantic dinner, or just a quiet moment together.

5. Love-struck Showpieces

Pamper your love with Nestasia’s soulful Valentine-themed showpieces and make unforgettable memories for a lifetime. Decorations can play a big role in setting the mood for the occasion and Nestasia’s adorable couple figurines and rose showpieces exude romance and the heartfelt love shared.

Valentine's Day is a day of love and affection, and what better way to celebrate it than by decorating your home with beautiful showpieces that reflect the theme of love and romance? Nestasia’s sculptures and figurines including the King & Queen flamingos, adorable bear couple mini figurines, other couple cartoon figurines and resin showpieces capture the essence of love, affection and the magic that comes with it.

Valentine figurines can be used in various ways to decorate your home. Some popular places to display them include on a mantel, on a bookshelf, or on a windowsill. You can also arrange several Valentine figurines and couple showpieces on a table or in a showcase to highlight them.

6. Hearting Heart Mirrors

Not only do heart-shaped mirrors serve as a practical item, but they also make for stunning decor accents.  For a touch of romance, you can opt for our heart-shaped mirrors with vintage intricate carvings. The mirror has a stand that enables the mirror to be used as a dressing table mirror for an aesthetically pleasing decoration. Don’t miss out on some stunning mirror selfies with these vintage mirrors. 

The mirrors can also be placed near candle arrangements for some reflective lighting and add depth to the decoration while increasing the natural glow of the flames. A heart-shaped mirror can also make for a timeless and versatile gift for Valentine's Day that can be cherished for years to come. Mirrors are not bound to have practical use always. Enhancing the room decor with eccentric mirrors can be the aesthetic highlight of the space as well as the festive special decoration. 

Valentine's Day is an occasion that brings people together to celebrate love and affection. Whether you're planning a romantic dinner of two at home or hosting a group of friends, adding the right decorations can enhance the overall experience. From themed flowers to candles and balloons, there are countless ways to set the mood for a memorable Valentine's Day. With our decoration ideas, you can make your Valentine's Day celebration unforgettable. Take a look at Nestasia's curated V-Day finds that can be used for home decor and gifting.



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