7 Budget-Friendly Wedding Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Day Special

December 29, 2023

We all love a big, fat Indian wedding with hundreds of guests, exquisite decorations, and delicious food. However, the reality is that we are living in a generation of increasing inflation, and it is best to cut back on the costs. People falsely believe a low-budget wedding cannot be grand or exquisite, but that’s a myth. You can choose affordable wedding decor that does not burn a hole in your pocket yet elevates your wedding to one that matches your dream. In this blog, we are here to help you create your fairytale wedding with the top 7 inexpensive wedding decoration ideas.

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Top 7 inexpensive yet beautiful wedding decoration ideas

1. DIY flower and garland decorations


Skip the elaborate flower decorations and go for a simple yet elegant floral aesthetic by consulting with your wedding florist. Instead of going for sophisticated and huge wedding floral decorations that can cost a significant amount, opt for simple greenery. You can choose bud ceramic vases, minimalistic flower bouquets, and long-stemmed flowers to take up more space.

2. DIY centrepieces


You will hardly see people sitting at tables for too long in Indian weddings. This is one of the main reasons why you should not opt for high-end table centrepieces. For some affordable wedding decor, repurpose empty wine bottles or old tea kettles, give them a new look, and use them as table decorations.

3. Set up the stage in natural light

Do you know how amazing things can happen if you take up new opportunities and are in the right place at the right time? One such opportunity for you to use affordable wedding decorations is if you have a daytime wedding in the winter. You can make the most of natural light and also ask your photographers to take beautiful, sunkissed pictures on your wedding day. This way, you can cut down on costs that would have been spent on elaborate lighting set-ups.

4. DIY Chalkboards

Chalkboard decoration

When looking for low-cost wedding decoration ideas, you cannot skip chalkboards. Not only are they creative and personal, but they also look amazing when it comes to affordable wedding decoration ideas. Do away with metallic showpieces or big floral decorations and write down your personal love story in a short, simple message on chalkboards. You can also ask your guests to share their thoughts as well.

5. DIY Chandeliers 

When we talk about affordable wedding decor, DIY are the three letters that can help you get there. It is, of course, not possible for you to DIY all your wedding decorations. In that case, ask your wedding designer to gather troops and some gorgeous DIY chandeliers for affordable wedding decorations. Repurpose glass jars or bottles to make these chandeliers and hang them from the ceiling for some intricate, opulent charm.

6. Simple Balloon decoration

Step away from plain weddings and add uniqueness to your wedding decor with balloon decorations. Not only are they not expensive at all but they are also great for adding an element of fun and romance to your weddings. While balloon decorations are still slightly unconventional in Indian weddings, this affordable wedding decor idea can make your wedding celebration vibrant and special. 

7. Minimalistic Photo Booth

Photo booth

Making an elaborate setup for a photo booth at your wedding would be an additional area where you might overspend. This is why you should go for a minimalistic photo booth made up of DIY decorations like artificial flowers, leaves, vines, origami flowers, birds, and creeper plants. Make use of pastel net fabrics as the background over which you can use additional decorations.


Tea light holder

Thanks to low-cost wedding decoration ideas, you can have a truly charming wedding with your loved ones without having to break the bank. By incorporating DIY elements and repurposed items, you can also make your wedding decor unique, bringing in personal touches and warmth. Keep in mind that with these inexpensive wedding decoration ideas and thoughtful details, you can make your day quite special, exuding sophistication and sentiment and leaving lasting memories for you and your guests. Explore Nestasia's collection of unique decor accents, and use them as table centrepieces for a distinctive touch.

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