6 Celebrity-Inspired Decor For Awe-Inspiring Homes

November 25, 2022

A ‘Home’ goes much beyond the walls, roofs, beams, colours, and textures. A house becomes a home with the presence of your loved ones, fond memories, and nostalgic moments. When decorating the interior of our homes, most of us prefer to draw inspiration from our surroundings. A home’s interior can leave an everlasting impression on whoever sets foot in your home.

Whether we can imitate it or not, we all want to know how the homes of famous celebrities and icons look, from their expansive living spaces to their tranquil balconies, from their swimming pools to their closets. We, at Nestasia, have listed down products that can help you get celebrity-inspired interiors.

1. Sonam Kapoor’s Dining Setup

Sonam Kapoor’s home at Notting Hills is an ode to the rich Indian culture with elements showcasing expert craftsmanship and stunning details. We were particularly impressed by how well-balanced her dining room is. The wallpaper of the room showcases the ‘Early Views of India’ and is ladened with monuments and palm trees. At the centre of the room, is the dining table and to balance the heavily-patterned walls are an array of transparent glassware.

Clear glass tumblers and wine glasses have been lined up at the dining table, making for a stunning display and enhancing the greyish theme of the room. If such classiness catches your eye, then Nestasia’s crystal translucent wine glasses, champagne flutes, and drinking water tumblers can help you with a Sonam-inspired dining room. Our transparent glass vases will help highlight the colours of blooms for a minimalistic and decorative centrepiece.

2. Khloe Kardashian’s Organised Pantry

The title of the ‘queen of organisation’ has rightfully been owned by the Kardashian clan’s very own Khloe Kardashian. Lidded jars have been placed on the shelves to house baking essentials, cereals, sugar, flour, and dry fruits such as cashews and raisins. She has used baskets for stacking food packets, food boxes, and even canned food items. The baskets have also been used to stack cookbooks, noodle packets, and biscuit packets. Convenient spinning trays have been used to organise condiment jars, sauce bottles, and salad dressing bottles.

Organising the pantry provides easy handling of the perfect ingredients while keeping the space clean. Our rotatable organisers are here to help you get that Kardashian-inspired pantry. Not only do they look classy, and bright, especially with their gold details, but they’re also sturdy and manufactured with high-quality PVC with a smooth rotational feature.

Our stackable organising baskets set of 2 are spacious and will help organise all essentials, from kitchen towels, and condiment jars, to food packets and canned food items. This quick home storage solution will help you declutter your kitchen drawers and shelves and make up for the perfect storage solution. Your kitchen pantry can be spick and span and help you keep up with the Kardashians with the simple implementation of our organisers in your home.

3. Gigi Hadid’s Boho Apartment

Gigi Hadid’s eclectic New York apartment is a Bohemian wonderland with vibrant artwork, crockery, vibrant couch, and cushions. The supermodel’s apartment is an expression of her personal taste and preferences that she has spent a lot of time curating to perfection. The elements from her impressive interior may be difficult to imitate but it’s definitely not impossible.

A highlight of her Boho interior is the intricate Hamsa that adorns the centre table. The Hamsa can be considered a symbol of togetherness because of its connections with many various religions. Its affinity to female godly figures illustrates its significance as a feminine and empathetic motif. The Hamsa is known to bring forth harmony, serenity, and wisdom. Also a charm for luck, the Hamsa is a representation of various chakras and elements. Just like the free-spirited Gigi, add a boho element to the home with Nestasia’s Hamsa trivets that are decorative as well as functional. With vibrant colours and intricate patterns, the trivets are artistic elements that’ll liven up the space.

4. Hrithik Roshan’s Comfy Cushions

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan has not only won hearts with superhits but has also impressed people with his style in interiors. The actor’s home is spacious, and airy and exudes a coastal vibe. To balance the vibrant blue rug in his dining space, the sofa features grey cushions and black cushions to perfectly balance the tones of the room.

Opt for velvet black cushion covers from Nestasia and pair them with patterned grey cushion covers to create a similar setting. Such neutral additions give you the option to brighten centrepieces featuring golden-tinted resin showpieces or bright artificial flowers and leaves. Our handcrafted black and grey cushions allow for a comfortable Netflix and chill or a weekend gup-shup with your besties.

5. Yuvraj Singh’s Goa Getaway

Cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s Goa home pays an ode to the rich cultural heritage of the state. The home is a coastal paradise with white and blue-coloured walls and furniture. Casa Singh is so stunning that the cricketer had even opened up his home to his fans for a limited time. The holiday home also features a beautifully decorated bedroom with handcrafted decor elements that contrast beautifully against the serene blue wall.

Nestasia’s Sabai wall plates will help you implement a blend of coastal and bohemian elements in the room. Expertly handcrafted and woven by artisans from Sabai grass, the wall plates can add unparalleled beauty to any space. Our Sabai mats and wall plates are available in different sizes and patterns, enabling you to pair them up and create a wall setup just like Yuvraj’s. 

6. Green Fanatic Jisoo

K-Pop group Blackpink’s member Jisoo is extremely fond of adorning her abode with greens, be it leaf plants or flowering plants. The iconic popstar prefers the potted variety of plants over hanging plants and often shares Insta selfies with her plant babies. If you’re #BORNPINK then we have got a simple solution to create an interior inspired by your favourite singer.

Our ceramic planters are here to be the perfect home for your greens. The smaller planter can house succulents while the larger planter can be used for nurturing seasonal flowering plants. With metallic details or a rustic tone, Nestasia has planters to suit all aesthetics. Add a touch of freshness to your home and brighten up the space with natural greens.

Go for a stylish home interior with the celeb-inspired home decor elements that you can easily find at Nestasia. Blend these with your own style for a more personalized look to make a house, your home.

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