17 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

November 29, 2023

For most of us, Christmas is a magical time filled with love, light, and anticipation - the anticipation of a new year that presents itself with new opportunities, and of course, the anticipation of presents. Nestled in a cozy blanket, sleeping with one eye open to catch a glimpse of Santa while he’s dropping off presents and chocolates in the dead of night is a memory that forever remains fresh in our minds. 

Christmas home decor

Since then, we’ve all been through many phases, outgrown them, and settled into a fast-paced life with a busy schedule, packed with more errands than we can cover. But the thought of a legendary mystical figure dropping off presents and bringing joy to children around the world, and the childlike anticipation is something we can never outgrow. Although we wish to partake in the former in vain, the customary exchange of Christmas presents is something that is here to save the day. However, picking the right Christmas gift for her can be challenging, considering there is a fair bit of criteria to take into account. Whether you are looking for festive gift options for your mother, your wife, or your girlfriend, there is no reason to fret.  We are here to walk you through a curated list of Christmas gift ideas that will rekindle the childish joy of unwrapping presents, quintessential to Christmas. 

Christmas Gift Ideas For Her 

1. Christmas Decor 

Christmas decor is undoubtedly at the top of the list. If the special woman in your life is an ardent decor enthusiast, she will surely be leaving no stone unturned this upcoming festive season, and go all in with Christmas decorations to bring the spirit of the holidays to life. It is the time to embrace the shimmering strands of tinsel, a classic Christmas wreath with a big red bow, stockings lined up neatly on the fireplace mantel, and a gorgeous Christmas tree adorned with baubles, candy canes, gingerbread man, string lights, and the piece that pulls it all together - a star tree topper. When it comes to picking out Christmas decor, the creative possibilities are endless with a few classic items. You can shop for different decor items and customise an assortment of Christmas decor essentials that she can put to good use this festive season. 

Wreath for home decor

2.  Sweater

Whether she gravitates toward a cosy loose-fit pullover or a flowy gracefully elongated cardigan, a beautiful sweater is something that all women appreciate. You can also go for a turtleneck or a classy cowl neck sweater. This festive season, consider adding a stylish piece to her winter wardrobe. Beyond its functionality, gifting a sweater reflects your love and consideration for her, keeping her warm and snug. 


3. Tote bags 

A stylish tote bag is every woman’s best friend, making it a breeze for her to navigate through her day-to-day activities hands-free. Dangling over her shoulder, a stylish tote bag not only serves as a great accessory to complete any look but also makes carrying everyday essentials super convenient. Depending on her taste, you can explore a number of options - from a classy leather bag or a trendy canvas tote bag with an artistic flair. 


4. Festive Mugs 

Christmas definitely calls for a decadent hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. Bearing this in mind, a festive mug with classic Christmas colours such as red, green, and white would make a great present for that special woman in your life. You can go for Christmas-themed prints of reindeer, gingerbread man, or Santa Claus, and find the perfect mug that truly embodies the spirit of Christmas, making it the right fit for the occasion. 

Festive mugs for Christmas

5. Cushion covers 

The importance of soft furnishings as an essential element of general or themed home decor is truly understated. In the realm of Christmas decor, Christmas-themed cushion covers play a crucial role. A themed cushion will not only allow the special woman in your life to elevate the aesthetics of a carefully put-together Christmas decor but also serve as a practical gift, which can be used beyond the festive season. You can go for a velvety bright red cushion cover or covers with quirky Christmas-themed prints. 

Christmas cushion covers

6. Ice Skating 

Ice skating is more than a mere sport; it is a timeless romantic activity. Imagine seeing the joy on her face when she is gracefully gliding across the rink or sharing laughs when she is clumsily waddling across the rink, struggling to get across and clutching your hand for support. This Christmas, consider giving her the gift of winter wonder by including ice skating in your list of Christmas presents for her. 

Ice skating

7. Dinner Date 

Christmas isn’t always about grand gestures and expensive presents, and something as simple as a dinner date can hit the spot. Create an intimate setting adorned with festive decorations and jazz up your Christmas table with fairy lights or candles. If you are shooting for a romantic red theme, a vase full of long-stemmed red roses should do the trick. A homemade dinner such as a mouthwatering pot roast or a nice cut of steak with roasted vegetables will make her see the effort you put into it. Do not forget to end the date with a decadent dessert, be it a luscious chocolate moose or a delicious fruit cobbler. 

Dinner sets for Christmas dinner night


Christmas Gift Ideas For Mom (H3)

Here are a few special Christmas gift ideas for the most special woman in your life - your mother. 

8. Kitchenware

In the realm of culinary creations, the right selection of kitchenware can be a complete game-changer. We are sure you are a fan of the delicious dishes your mother prepares, and you can show her just how much you appreciate her passion for cooking by gifting her a set of artisanal cookware, elegant serving platters, or even kitchen organizers to keep her kitchen spick and span. These presents are a practical and durable choice, constantly serving as a token of your love and appreciation. 

Serving bowl with handles

9. Dinnerware

Moms are always open to entertaining, and the meticulous planning that goes behind every little family brunch or get-together with friends clearly shows that they have a keen eye for detail. Hosting warrants the perfect dinnerware, which presents you with an amazing opportunity to find an exquisite dinner set or other table accessories such as table linens, mats, and runners for your mother. 

Festive ceramic dinner sets

10. Scented Candles 

Mothers are inherently caring and nurturing, and this often requires them to be on their toes, breaking their backs to meet both professional requirements and manage the house. Amidst the hustle and bustle, it can be difficult to reserve some time for herself. Scented candles are surefire stress busters, and can be an excellent Christmas present. You can go for typical Christmas elements such as a sharp peppermint scent, or even vanilla if mild scents are more to your mother’s liking. Not only will they create a warm and relaxing ambiance, but they will also reflect your consideration of your mother’s well-being and peace of mind. 

Animal sculpture for home decor

Christmas Gift Ideas For Wife (H3)

11. Photo Frames

Imagine seeing the joy on your wife’s face as she unwraps a sleek and stylish photo frame where she can preserve beautiful memories of your journey as a couple. If you are planning to align with a Christmassy theme, you can go for frames featuring classic Christmas colours and designs. Bold red, green, or dual-toned borders with a combination of these two colours are a great choice. Whether it is a candid snap of your family, or a glimpse of your first date, an elegant photo frame will not only allow her to tuck away treasured memories but also enhance your home for years to come.

Photo frames for home

12. Bed Covers

This holiday season, treat your wife to a harmonious blend of comfort and style by gifting her a luxurious bed cover. From cosy flannels to stunning duvet sets, each option is a way of showing the mistress your keenness to transform your shared space into a haven of relaxation and serenity. You can go with ravishing red colours with golden or white embroidery to seamlessly incorporate the covers into a Christmas-themed decor.

Bed sheet

13. Decor Items

Whether it is classic red and white stockings, Christmas wreaths abound in lush green moss studded with pine cones, red berries, and acorns, or reindeer sculptures, these typical Christmas decor items should absolutely be on your list of Christmas gift options for her. 

Christmas inspired home decor

Christmas Gift Ideas For Girlfriend (H3)

14. Scarf

A scarf goes beyond a mere accessory; it is a warm gesture that shows your affection and serves as the perfect addition to her winter wardrobe. You can go for classy plaid prints which will pair well with muted winter or fall-inspired colours, serving as the perfect chic piece for an evening out. Alternatively, you can go for silk scarves with colorful prints and maybe even extravagant tassels. There’s no better present for Christmas than the one that stays gracefully draped around her neck, keeps her warm, and serves as a reminder of consideration for her comfort. 

Scarves for women

15. Makeup Pouch 

If your girlfriend has a whole bunch of makeup products circling the sink, often complains about losing small palettes, or frequently tosses all her makeup essentials into one handbag, consider gifting her a handstitched makeup pouch with multiple compartments for segregating different makeup items, brushes, and beauty blenders. While selecting the pouch, be mindful of her favourite colours, and put a smile on her face with this functional Christmas present. 

Multipurpose makeup pouch for women

16. Purse 

There is no better present for a woman than a stylish purse, that will complement her style and make it a breeze to carry her essentials and become an integral part of her daily routine. Imagine the sparkle in her eyes as she unwraps a beautiful purse, that serves as her very own style statement. Whether it is a trendy crossbody or a classic tote, it is essential to pick something that will resonate with her style. Your thoughtfulness in selecting the perfect purse will make her appreciate your attention to teeny tiny details. 

Sling bag

17. Backpack 

This Christmas, surprise your girlfriend with a gift that combines practicality and style - a fashionable backpack. Whether you opt for a sleek leather bag with a timeless charm, or a hip and trendy canvas-style bag, be sure to select one that matches her unique sense of fashion, allowing her to carry her on-the-go essentials in style.

Bags for daily use


As we navigate the hustle and bustle of our lives, there lies comfort in the spirit of Christmas. While we may have outgrown the days of staying up to catch a glimpse of Santa, the joy of giving and receiving remains a timeless tradition. With just a touch of festive spirit and nostalgia, it is possible to evoke childish joy in unwrapping presents. Whether you are selecting a gift for your mother, wife, or girlfriend, it is important to remember that the true essence of Christmas lies not just in the items, but in the love that went behind each present. At Nestasia, we believe that every present should fairly reflect the warmth of your sentiments and tap into whatever your special someone desires. Our list encompasses a diverse variety of curated gifts that cater to all the special women in your life. Shop today and impress that special someone!

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