10 Vogue-Worthy Statement Pieces For Eclectic Home Decor

March 08, 2024

We’re going to let you in on a little secret… 

Designing your home should be fun. And nothing screams more fun than eclectic home decor. It’s the perfect home decor style that allows a person to show off their style through all the different bits, bobs, and trinkets in their home without having to worry about staying within the confines of a particular style. It’s all about making it their own.

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From soft furnishings to dinnerware and decor objects, eclectic home decor allows you to showcase a curated collection of items that don’t necessarily pair well together in a traditional sense, but do work together to create a visually intriguing look. 

So, having said that, what are some of the must-have statement showpieces you need for your home to be considered eclectic? 

Mirror, Mirror…

Pops of gold are a constant in eclectic interior design, as they bring major drama in the best way possible. The gold tones create the warmth needed for a cozy atmosphere while also adding a touch of grandeur. 

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And our gold monstera leaf mirror is the perfect way to add a touch of gold to your space. It has an interesting design that instantly captivates people’s attention, but not in an overbearing manner, making it a great statement wall piece.

From The Windows To The Wall…

Wall art and wall decor are key components to creating an eclectic look, as they help tie all the diverse elements together. Think of it as the glue that holds the group together. 

Embrace a mix of styles, mediums, muses, and even frames that speak to you and your style. Using abstract metal wall art, safari paintings on canvas, and retro posters, you can create a focus wall worthy of having its own MET exhibition.

Letting Things Get Wild

Have you ever looked around a room and seen a tiger figurine in the middle among cherished photo frames? Or perhaps Gandhi’s monkey trio as a mantle centerpiece? Or maybe a few abstract gorilla showpieces that add a subtle avant-garde edge to the room? 

Minimalist Gorilla Sculpture White

Such showpieces draw inspiration from the global and cultural influences that are seen throughout the eclectic home decor, as well as the mystery and exotic je nais se quois


Flower Vase Showpiece - Flower vase for home decor, office and gifting | Home decoration items

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Vases are a fundamental decor object in any interior style; therefore, it should be no surprise that you need to include them when developing your eclectic look. However, it’s not just any random vase. It must be a vase that is so out there that it demands people’s attention. Whether it’s through the colors, textures, patterns, or shapes, these vases must be considered the piece de resistance of your eclectic decor collection.

It’s Time For A Pillow… 

No, it is a pillow fight, but it is time for us to help guide you on which ones to choose. Embroidered floral cushions are best showcased during spring. But with this home decor style, they’re suitable all year round. And if that isn’t a good enough reason, then our flowers are groundbreaking.


Whether you decide to use them as a wall hanging or to keep your feet warm, woven mural rugs are a great way to liven up a space. Every facet has intricate details that allow a person to gaze at it for hours on end. 

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The Female Form: 

Yoga poses showpieces that create a zen atmosphere, torso statues that beautifully showcase the elegance of curves, or over-the-top, abstract figurines that add some whimsy to your space - the female form emerges as a versatile muse in eclectic home decor, offering a spectrum of artistic expressions that resonate with both serenity and playfulness.

Picture Perfect Frames: 

Heart Photo Frame - Picture frames and photo frames online | Living room decoration items

Photo frames hold some of our most beloved and cherished memories. Therefore, why not choose frames that are wildly imaginative yet regal and elegant? Like this heart crown photo frame, it is a fusion of different styles, making it the epitome of eclectic home decor. The gold draws inspiration from Victorian and traditional styles, while the overall whimsical design adds a contemporary chic element.

Floating on Cloud 9

Cloud Metal Shelf - Wall shelf and floating shelf | Shop wall decoration & home decoration items

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In true eclectic home decor fashion, these cloud-shaped shelves are the playful wall decor your home is missing. The soft curves and clean lines bring a touch of modern simplicity to any room, while the cloud shape adds a dose of creativity. Moreover, they bring a sense of lightness and airiness to the space, while the unconventional shape adds an element of surprise and creativity. And in the world of eclectic decor, it’s all about embracing the unexpected.

XOXO, Nestasia 

Spotted, our XOXO candle stand. 

Silver Showpiece With Tealight Holder

The eclectic nature of this candle stand effortlessly merges classic elegance with a modern edge, making it the perfect accessory for those who know that true style is all about the unexpected.

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