10+ Tips To Decorate Living Room Walls on This Eid

March 20, 2024

As Eid approaches, it's not just our homes that are adorned with festive cheer, but also our hearts filled with joyous anticipation. Living room wall decor ideas for Eid cover the cherished tradition of decorating the living room walls. These expanses offer a canvas for creativity, where personal style meets cultural flair. In this guide, we'll explore ten invaluable tips to transform your living room walls into stunning showcases of Eid splendor. From incorporating traditional motifs to infusing modern elegance, these ideas will help you curate a space that reflects the spirit of the season while captivating guests with its beauty.

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10+ Living room wall decor ideas to try out this Eid

Islamic Calligraphy: Adorn your walls with beautiful Islamic calligraphy featuring verses from the Quran or traditional Arabic phrases that symbolize blessings and peace.

Eid Art Prints: Hang colorful art prints depicting scenes of Eid celebrations, mosques, or intricate patterns that evoke the spirit of the occasion. You can also add moon motifs to the mix. 

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Festive Banners and Garlands: String up decorative banners and garlands featuring Eid Mubarak greetings or vibrant colors to add a festive touch to your walls. Wall hangings from Nestasia are the perfect mix of colorful & chic to add charm to your Eid celebrations.

Gallery Wall of Memories: Create a gallery wall showcasing cherished memories of past Eid celebrations, framed family photos, or snapshots of loved ones dressed in their Eid attire. Nestasia happens to have a wide variety of photo frames to display your favourite memories. Explore them here.

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Traditional Tapestry: Hang a traditional tapestry or embroidered textile featuring intricate designs and patterns inspired by Islamic art. This will not only add texture and visual interest to your walls but also help you level up your traditional living room design.

Statement Mirrors: Place a statement mirror on your wall adorned with metallic accents or intricate frames to reflect light and create the illusion of space while adding a touch of elegance to your decor. From opal designs to vintage styles, there are ample mirrors that you can explore at Nestasia to add to your living room wall decor ideas. 

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Floating Shelves: Install floating shelves to display decorative items such as ornate lanterns, candleholders, or miniature sculptures that capture the essence of Eid festivities. Check out floating shelves from Nestasia here. 


Framed Art: Arrange a collection of framed artwork in varying sizes and shapes to create a visually appealing focal point that reflects the beauty of Eid. From smooth metalwork to embossed designs, Nestasia takes pride in honing a wide range of wall art. 

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DIY Wall Decor: Get creative and make your wall decor using materials like washi tape, stencils, or paper cutouts to craft unique designs that celebrate Eid traditions and motifs.

Seasonal Wreaths: Hang a seasonal wreath adorned with flowers, foliage, or ornaments in colors that complement your living room decor to welcome guests with warmth and joy. Check out Nestasia’s wreaths here!


Living room indoor plant ideas: Incorporating indoor plants into your living room decor for Eid adds a touch of freshness and natural beauty to the space while enhancing the festive ambiance. Opt for lush greenery like potted ferns, palms, or peace lilies to symbolize renewal and growth during this auspicious occasion. Arrange the plants strategically around the room, placing them on side tables, shelves, or decorative plant stands to create visual interest and balance. Consider adding fragrant flowers like jasmine or roses to evoke a sense of joy and tranquility. With their vibrant colors and organic charm, indoor plants effortlessly elevate your living room decor for Eid, bringing nature indoors to celebrate the spirit of renewal and abundance. Explore Nestasia’s ever-expanding range of indoor planters to add a touch of green to your living room wall this EID.

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By incorporating these tips, you can transform your living room walls into a captivating backdrop for Eid celebrations, where every corner radiates happiness, tradition, and the spirit of togetherness.

Small living room design ideas for walls

1. Opt for removable Islamic wall decals featuring verses from the Quran, intricate patterns, or traditional motifs. These decals are easy to apply and remove, making them a convenient option for a small living room.

2. Choose festive wall hangings made from fabric or paper in vibrant colors and patterns. Look for pieces that feature Eid greetings, crescent moons, or other symbols associated with the holiday, to add to your small living room decor.

3. Select art prints specifically designed for Eid celebrations, featuring calligraphy, mosque silhouettes, or celebratory scenes. Frame these prints and arrange them on your small living room gallery wall to create a focal point in your living room.

4. Hang small string lights or garlands along your walls to add a warm and festive ambiance to your small living room. Opt for lights in colors that match your Eid decor theme, such as gold, green, or blue.

5. Small living room furniture that also helps you store necessary items is a win-win for small living rooms. Not only will it help you save space but will also provide seating space. 

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In conclusion, decorating your living room walls for Eid can be a delightful opportunity to infuse your home with warmth, joy, and cultural significance. By implementing the tips shared above, you can transform your living space into a captivating sanctuary that celebrates the spirit of the occasion. These quick & easy-to-implement living room wall ideas are ALL you need to amp up your EID celebrations. Whether you choose to adorn your walls with Islamic calligraphy, festive banners, or cherished memories, each element contributes to creating an atmosphere of togetherness and celebration. Remember to personalize your decor to reflect your unique style and preferences, and don't be afraid to get creative with DIY projects or handmade decorations. Ultimately, the goal is to create a space that radiates happiness, welcomes loved ones, and serves as a backdrop for cherished moments and meaningful connections. With careful planning and attention to detail, your living room walls will become a beautiful expression of Eid festivities for all to enjoy.

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1. How do you layout a tiny living room?

Designing a tiny living room requires strategic planning to maximize space and functionality while maintaining a sense of style and comfort.

2. How do you maximize space in a small living room?

Maximizing space in a small living room requires careful planning and the strategic use of design techniques. Choosing space-saving furniture and utilizing vertical space are some ways to maximize space in a small living room.  

3. Which type of sofa is best for a small living room?

The best kind of sofa for a small living room would be a sleeper sofa, serving the dual function of both seating and guest bed.

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