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January 20, 2021

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If you are someone who loves hosting friends and family for a dinner, lunch, brunch, or just a high tea, you’d know that prepping the table is as important as the meals. Table set up and table décor amps up the whole dining experience. Every little element, be it dinner plates, snack plates, cutlery, snack bowls, gravy bowls, napkins, and glasses, give a luxurious dining experience when kept in place. Other elements like flowers, vases, centerpieces, and candles, can take your table setting and table décor game, a notch higher.  

dinner plates

From color themes to aesthetics, tableware and décor, every element when experimented with, can make table setting a fun experience. While we have a wide range of products for tableware and décor sorted for you, we are here with 10 table set up ideas to take care of the aesthetics for your table set up during lunch, dinner, brunch, a snack party, or a high tea party.  

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While there are endless colors and themes that you can experiment with, we have some very unique table set up ideas for an unforgettable and colorful dining experience with our products. Afterall, who wants a less than fabulous table setting after putting in so much effort in preparing the meals.  


Follow on to know more about table setting and to find out the 10 table set up ideas to amp up the overall mood of the gathering.  

All things pink 

table setup

Go all pink when it comes to your table set up for an all-girls party. The setup has our dinner plates, ideal for serving everything- from salad to meat. For the meal suggestions, you can read our brunch ideas for winter and experiment with endless possibilities to create a plate full of flavors. The smaller plate can be used for serving starters or can also be used as a fruit plate. 

The dinner plates can be clubbed with food bowls-available in three different sizes and their colors can beautifully complement the dinner plates as well. The bowls are ideal for serving soup, salads, gravy dishes, or starters. The small sized bowls can be used for serving dips or chutneys.   


Club the set up with our microwave safe cups to serve your favorite drinks and feel free to serve that wine. The colors of the cups will blend seamlessly with the colors of our dinner plates and food bowls. Use the cutlery set along with a grey napkin and some pink flowers. You can use our Basket with handle to use as a centerpiece with flowers as well.  

Mint delight 


Mint colored tableware is ideal for a cozy lunch, brunch, or a dinner setup. The pastel-colored dinner plates and food bowls can also be used for an early morning breakfast. The matte look of the tableware can blend with any bright colored breakfast food like fruits, bread slices, eggs, sausages, cornflakes, pancakes, and a lot more.  

The food bowl is aptly designed to serve cornflakes with milk because of the depth that it comes along. The plates can be used to serve pancakes, eggs, sausages, waffles, and a lot more. The small bowls, however, are ideal for serving fruits. Add a drinking glass to the set up for serving your favorite fresh fruit juice. In case you’re a tea or a coffee person, add a cup of similar color.  

The white and golden cutlery set and a blue napkin, can be an ideal combination along with the mint tableware.  

NestipClub the tableware with a vase and some beautiful white colored flowers for a warm and colorful morning meal with your loved ones.   

Old-school black and white 

black and white

The dinner plates and food bowls are available in classic black and white colors- a combination that never goes out of style. The food plates can also be clubbed with the collection, owing to their colors and matte finish. Any bright food items would be ideal to be served on this setup. 

For cuisines that include a lot of curry items like Indian or Burmese, the setup would be apt as the popping orange, red, brownish yellow-colored curries would marry the colors of the tableware and make an ideal match with the blacks and whites. 

Use the food bowl to serve your favorite curry items, the food plates for rice or other accompaniments, and the dinner plate to serve your breads. The salad or the dessert can be easily served in the small food bowls.  

Club the set up with a bright colored napkin and a black cutlery set for a dining experience that is a blast of flavors. You can also use the setup to serve other cuisines in this classic combination that can snuggly fit with any table décor ideas.  

Double date setup 

Double date setup

Double dates are always fun and exciting, isn’t it? If double the love, is what you’re looking for then you can get it sorted at your dining table with the help of our double date table set setup.  

The double date set up is specially designed for four people. It can be a double date with your best friends, another couple, or even your parents. The setup is ideal for serving any cuisine. From incorporating Thai, Chinese, Italian, Continental, to Indian and Mughlai food, the setup is capable enough of going along seamlessly with any cuisine.  


A green blue setup is beautifully complemented with pink and grey napkins and a centerpiece with pink flowers, adding a décor element to the table setup. 

Nestip: Check our fondue collection and add a fun element to meal with your loved ones.   

Asian lunch 


If you’re planning an Asian lunch or dinner, go for our Asian lunch table setup and thank us later. Black dinner plates when clubbed along with black food bowls and bright table napkins, can create a beautiful Asian dining experience at your own dining table.   

Club the whole set up with a wine glass if you’re planning to booze along with the meal. Remember, there should always be a drinking glass for the guests who are teetotalers and would like some juice or other non-alcoholic drinks. Here, you can replace it with our microwave safe cup in grey to add some colors and play with the table decor aesthetics a little.  


The cutlery set, here, becomes of prime importance because the chopsticks are ideal for having noodles, sushi, or dumplings. However, the rice and meat items can be served in the plate and can be consumed using the spoon and fork.   

The folds of the napkins are the little details that you need to pay attention to, for a perfectly set table. 

Kids plate 


If you’re someone who struggles when it comes to making meals for children more exciting and interactive, we have your back with two different table set up ideas specially curated for children.  

Since children are fond of finger food, we’ve made sure that there are a greater number of small bowls being used in this set up in order to segregate their nuggets, fries, fruits, or popcorns. The dinner plate can be used to serve the main course which can include their favorite pasta or sandwiches.  


To make the table look more exciting, fold the napkin either in the shape of a fish or place the small dinner plate and bowls in a bigger food plate in the shape of a cartoon. The small bowls can look like the ears of the cartoon.  

If you’re planning to serve noodles in the plate, add a pair of chopsticks along.  

Beachy vibe 


We picked a combination of mints, whites, and blues to create a beach vibe on your dining table. This beachy and breezy set up is ideal for anyone who loves to be at the beach. Sea food would be the ideal food that should go on the top of this setup but you can use it to serve other any other food. Our beachy set up that involves a lot of whites, blues, greys, and mints, is inspired from beach house interior design which involves similar color tones.  

beach setup

Mix and match from various products to create a similar table set up and club our dinner plate, food plate, food bowls and cutlery sets to give you a luxurious dining experience.  


The napkin can be folded in the shape of a boat and the cutlery can be kept inside the boat. You can also fan fold the napkin.  

Sip and snack 

high tea

If you’re planning to have a high tea party use our snack dish as the centerpiece and club it along with your favorite colored dinner plates in small size for serving snacks along the beverage which can be served in our microwave safe cups. 

The snack dish has three sections. The center one can be used to keep flowers and add a décor element. However, the side sections can be used to serve munchies.  

Nestip: Our luxury tea setavailable in some amazing colors, is ideal for any high tea party. The matching cups in pastel colors and the unusual geometric shape of the set can take your high tea game, a notch higher.  

Oriental lunch 


Cook your favorite Thai, Chinese or Japanese food to serve it in Oriental lunch setup. The special attraction of the setup is the fan-folded napkin kept on the top of dinner plates. The napkin instantly gives you a hint of what is going to come on the plate. 

Experiment with noodles, rice, Shushi, Schezwan chicken, Thai chicken, sea food, pork recipes, and a lot more. The popping colors of the dishes will amp up the whole look of the table setting.  

NestipAdd a pair of chopsticks if required. 

The soup can be served in our microwave safe mugs and a glass can be used to serve water along. In case you’re planning to booze along with meal, you can use the glass or microwave safe mugs for serving alcoholic drinks. 

Date night setup 

Date night

If you’re someone who loves to cook for your loved ones, we can bet that you’re going fall in love with our date night setup which is specially curated for love birds who like staying at home. 

The setup essentially involves experimenting with a lot of flowers and candles. While some scented candles and flowers add some romance to the date, tableware is kept minimalist with a dinner plate and a snack plate but the heart bowl with lid will definitely catch the eye of your loved ones. 

date night

Surprise them with a small note to check what’s inside the bowl, and fill it with their favourite food item. The bowl is ideally sized to serve a small amount of food. Experiment with your favourite cuisine and enjoy your romantic date night. But, wait! Don’t forget to pour some wine in those wine glasses.  

In case you’re still trying to pick your favorite table setup idea (we know that your liked more than one 😉), watch the video below to see them all together and finally pick your favorite ones. 

We hope that we’ve been able to inspire you enough to start implementing these table setup ideas. Let us know about your favorite table setup ideas and what all décor items do you like on your table in the comments section below.  

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Have a great week ahead! 

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