10 Indoor Plants & Planters

June 28, 2020
indoor plants and planters for home
Be it experienced gardeners or all the amateur plant lovers out there, they will surely agree that pots and planters at home add immense aesthetic to the ambience of the space indoors as much as the plants themselves. Whether you own a sprawling bungalow or a small apartment, placing pretty planters with well manicured plants will make your home calm, extremely soothing and a space that is ever so inviting.
indoor ceramic planter
With our newest planter collection, we have curated a list of 10 plants and planters that are sure to interest all decor enthusiasts and plant lovers and make the others fancy them too!
1. Baby Tears
Botanical name: Soleirolia soleirolii
baby tears plant
The myriad little leaves make this unique and eye catching. Go for the artificial tear drops if you don't have the time to invest in them as the plant is a true attention seeker.
pebble planter with stand
This plant or the English ivy as well, would look best when placed in a narrow mouthed planter just like this Pebble Planter which have a small opening as they tend to spread out. 
artificial tear drop plant
Nestip: Place this planter by the side of a couch or a wide console and team it up with a few other plants like a cluster Devil's Ivy that's sprawled around or taller plants like Areca Palm or Fan Palm.
2. Frangipani
Botanical name: Plumeria
No flower evokes summery-tropical vibes quite like a frangipani does! 
blue gold planter
Frangipanis suit any home setting style or garden and will cast a tropical spell over any decor.  These are very easy plants to grow at home with very low maintenance.
blue ceramic planter stand
Place one at your home entry way or foyer to welcome you home everyday. Team it with the Ceramic Planter Stand, filled with water and floating frangipani flowers.
3. Philodendron Xanadu
Botanical name: Philodendron bipinnatifidum
Geometric planter
Go for a planter that has a broad base to maintain a balance as the leaves tend to fan out.
geometric planter
This could be placed by the side of any low seating arrangement. Featured here is the Geometric Planter with wooden legs that are easy to assemble. 
4. Devils Ivy
Botanical name: Epipremnum aureum
Featured here is the half moon shaped blue Ceramic Planter Stand that spreads out the leaves and complements the colours. 
5. Rainbow Coleus
Botanical name: Coleus blumei
These are great to add shaded hues to your plain, boring corners at home or balconies.
coleus care
Finding the right partner for your leafy fellows is an art in itself too. Matching the plant to the planter is vital if you are looking to create a specific vibe indoors.
ceramic indoor planters
Pair patterned planters with solid coloured ones and place them at different levels. Featured here is our Terrazzo Planter with the Indoor Plant Stand to create sets of contrasting or complementing tones and levels. 
6. Sprenger Asparagus Fern
Botanical name: Asparagus aethiopicus
The bright green coloured fern, especially in the monsoon season brings a freshness like none other. 
geometric white planter
These ferns love moisture and thrive in humidity. The long vines can be pruned every now and then to keep the plants indoor. 
asparagus fern
Pair the bright pop of green with a wide bottomed planter that can hold a good amount of soil to nourish the plant. Featured here is the Wooden Plant Stand that has an organic, geometric or even futuristic shape. 
Nestip: The planter pairs well with the Geometric Planter and can be kept together as a pair! 
7. Areca Palm
Botanical name: Chrysalidocarpus lutescens
One of mostly widely loved plants, the Areca palm is so versatile that it can be found in many homes across the world
Indoor planter
The look of the versatile palm can be further enhanced by styling it differently and placing it in different styles of pots. 
indoor planter
Featured here is the Indoor Plant Stand with wooden legs to lift the palm off the floor and give it further height. 
8. Bamboo
Botanical name: Bambusoideae
Bamboo, whether green or dried can add a rustic interest and drama in any space. 
White planter
Bamboo twigs here, in their dried form are cut at varying length to create an artsy arrangement that is easy to maintain and last forever. 
white planter
What further enhances the arrangement is the textured tall White Planter that hold the sticks in place and complements the colours. 
textured white planter
A unique planter can truly uplift the aesthetic of the space as well as the look of the plant. The White Planter has a woven textured exterior, a unique design for a planter that can be put to multiple uses. 
9. Dracaena Mahatma
Botanical name: 
Dracaena has a variety of species but our favourite is the one with red leaves.
planter with stand
Nestip: The maroon colour of the leaves would go extremely well with the blue-gold ceramic planter. Although not contrasting, but the rustic appeal is surely eye catchy.
planter with stand
You could pot them in a stark contrasting White Planter with Legs too for a well balanced look.
10. Aralia
Botanical name: Polyscias fruticosa
Plants with thin long leaves resembling green rain are great indoor plants that are easy to care for. 
planter with stand
For planters that are unique, simple easy to grow plants are best to highlight them. Featured here is the spiral Planter Stand that is made with precision to give it a symmetrical cylindrical shape. 
planter stand
The wooden legs give the plants a slight lift while the ceramic surfaces add texture and a modern take to your indoor spaces.
white planters
We are sure you are no longer under the impression that you require a whole lot of sunlight or a green thumb to have your own indoor garden. These set of indoor plants are easy to care for and not very demanding either.
Whether it's an empty corner or an alleyway, use plants and planters to take your home decor a notch higher!
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Share with us, your ideas of decorating with planters and your favourite plants to have indoors! 

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