Luxe Leaf Platter Gift Hamper Set of 11
Luxe Leaf Platter Gift Hamper Set of 11
Luxe Leaf Platter Gift Hamper Set of 11
Luxe Leaf Platter Gift Hamper Set of 11
Luxe Leaf Platter Gift Hamper Set of 11
Luxe Leaf Platter Gift Hamper Set of 11
Luxe Leaf Platter Gift Hamper Set of 11
Luxe Leaf Platter Gift Hamper Set of 11

Luxe Leaf Platter Gift Hamper Set of 11

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This festive season, bring home the exceptional gift hamper, thoughtfully designed to impress. The gift set includes a leaf platter set with four exquisite leaf-shaped plates and a wooden tray, ideal for serving snacks, munchies and condiments in style. Complementing the platter set are two decorative tealight holders adorned with artificial pearls and gota patti work. For a culinary delight, we have also included a premium pack of almonds, dried pineapple, chilli cashew and pudina cashew, elegantly enclosed in four transparent potli bags. Intricately crafted and thoughtfully organized, the hamper is ideal for those seeking a touch of elegance in their gifting.

The hamper is non-returnable.

Nestip: Fill each leaf plate with condiments, such as ketchup, mayonnaise, and relishes.

1 Leaf Platter HY820CN45 1 1595 3265
2 Pearl Tealight Holder TL39NSI13 2 125 173.33
3 Almond ALMOND 1 70 70
4 Dried Pineapple DPINEAPPLE 1 128 128
5 Pudina Cashew PCASHEW 1 75 84
6 Chilli Cashew CHCASHEW 1 75 84
7 Transparent Potli POTLI 4 5 10
TOTAL 11 2213 4017.66

Style: NEST23-DW06

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Plates - 15.5cm L x 9cm B
Tray - 33cm L x 14.5cm B

Colour: Multicolour

Material: Ceramic, PVC and metal
1 leaf platter
2 tealight holders
1 pack almonds
1 pack chilli cashew
1 pack pudina cashew
The hamper is non-returnable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the leaf plates suitable for special occasions like weddings or parties?
The leaf plates in the festive gift hamper bring a distinctive elegance to special events and gatherings. Their unique leaf-shaped design adds a touch of nature-inspired sophistication, making them perfect for weddings, parties, and festive occasions. These plates create a visually stunning presentation, enhancing the overall ambiance and leaving a lasting impression on guests. Whether it's a wedding reception or a festive celebration, these leaf plates are a stylish choice to elevate the dining experience and make your event truly memorable.
To maintain the beauty of the leaf plates, it's best to hand wash them with a gentle touch. This ensures that their intricate patterns remain intact. Avoid using abrasive scrubbers, as they could potentially harm the plates' decorative designs. Refrain from using harsh cleaning agents, as they may degrade the quality of the plates.
The versatility of the leaf plates allows you to serve a wide range of dishes, making them ideal for various culinary creations. Whether it's hot snacks, appetizers, or even piping hot dishes, the leaf plates can handle the heat without compromising their integrity. Similarly, they're equally ideal for presenting cold items, such as refreshing condiments or delectable desserts. Their adaptability makes them a fantastic choice for any meal or occasion, accommodating both warm and chilled delicacies.
To maintain their appearance, use a soft, damp cloth to gently wipe away any residue or dirt. Avoid abrasive materials, as they can damage the surface or decorative elements of the holders. This method effectively removes dust and grime, keeping the tealight holders looking pristine and ready for reuse in your decor or on special occasions. Regular, gentle cleaning ensures their longevity and continued elegance.
The leaf plates are meticulously crafted to be food-safe, adhering to stringent manufacturing standards. These standards are in place to guarantee that the plates are entirely free from harmful substances, making them a dependable choice for serving food.

Customer Reviews

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Sheena Guha

Thank You NESTASIA for a perfect gifting solution. The Quality, Design , Functionality & Price were deeply appreciated & All boxes were ticked ✅️

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