Filigree Metal Cake Stand Silver

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Premium quality metal
Durable & rust-resistant
Intricate filigree metalwork
Expert craftsmanship
High-sheen silver finish
Sturdy metal stand
Detachable base
Easy to assemble and store
Perfect as a table centrepiece
Ideal for serving desserts
Size & Details
Size: 29cm D x 12cm H (with stand)

Colour: Silver

Material: Metal
Products included
1 cake stand

Product Introduction

Elevate your dessert presentation with our exquisite metal cake stand. Meticulously crafted with premium quality metal, this stand boasts unrivalled durability and rust resistance. The intricate filigree metalwork showcases expert craftsmanship, exuding timeless elegance. Adorned with a high-sheen silver finish, it radiates sophistication. The sturdy design ensures stability, while the detachable base offers versatility in use and storage. Whether for lavish gatherings or intimate celebrations, the cake stand iis an deal choice for showcasing and serving desserts with unmatched flair.


  • Premium quality metal
  • Durable & rust-resistant
  • Intricate filigree metalwork
  • Expert craftsmanship
  • High-sheen silver finish
  • Sturdy metal stand
  • Detachable base

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the metal cake stand for items other than cakes?
While the metal cake stand is designed with cakes in mind, its versatile design makes it suitable for a variety of uses. Use it to elegantly display cupcakes, pastries, appetizers, or even as a decorative centrepiece. Its intricate filigree metalwork and high-sheen gold finish add a touch of sophistication to any presentation, making it an excellent choice for showcasing various culinary creations.
While the cake stand is not specifically designed for tiered cakes, its sturdy construction, and ample surface area make it possible to use it for multi-level displays. However, please ensure that the cake tiers are properly supported and balanced to maintain stability. You might also consider using a cake board or separator plates between tiers for added support. As always, practice assembling and arranging your display beforehand to ensure a secure and visually pleasing presentation.
The detachable base feature of our metal cake stand allows for convenient storage. To disassemble, gently twist and remove the main stand from the base. This makes storing the cake stand a breeze, whether it's in your kitchen cabinet or event storage area. Just remember to handle the pieces with care during disassembly and reassembly to maintain the stand's structural integrity and elegance for future use.
While the metal cake stand is specifically designed for dessert presentations, its elegant design and sturdy construction can spark creativity in various ways. Beyond desserts, consider using it to showcase appetizers, small finger foods, or even decorative items like candles, floral arrangements, or small sculptures. Just ensure that the weight and dimensions of the items are within the stand's recommended capacity. This versatility allows you to make the most of your investment and adds an element of refinement to various settings.
The intricate filigree metalwork is designed with careful consideration for dessert compatibility. The metalwork adds a touch of elegance without compromising the stability of your dessert base. To further protect delicate cake bases, consider placing a thin, food-safe barrier, such as parchment paper or a decorative doily, between the base of the dessert and the metal surface. This precaution maintains the visual appeal of the stand while safeguarding your desserts.

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