Cooking Pots Green

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Ceramic cooking pots are modish flame safe cooking pots with a striped texture on the surface. The cooking pots come with lids and handles which can make cooking a lot more fun, exciting, yet super safe. The lids have small holes to let the steam pass while cooking. The ceramic pots are dishwasher safe, providing for a hassle free cleaning. The pots can be used for food items like rice, noodles, soup, vegetables, lentils, meat, and a lot more.

Nestip: The cooking pots also double up as serving pots

Size: XS - 21.5cm diameter x 14.5cm H, 1.5L capacity
S - 26cm diameter x 15cm H, 2.7L capacity

Material: Ceramic

Colour: Green

Products Included: 1 ceramic pot with lid

Style: Green XS - YUDU10
Green S - YUDU09


Customer Reviews

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Benu Sood
I cooked in it fried dal. Loved it.

It was nice for frying dal. Will try cooking a dry vegetable soon