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Nestasia offers a range of home decor accents, crockery, home furnishings, tableware, fashionable accessories, and gift bags online to help you decorate your home the way you wish to. Nestasia is a go-to place for those who wish to avail great offers at our website. To help each and everyone Make Home Special, Nestasia has a range of products with special offers of up to 30%.

Nestasia has a range of premium and designer home decor essentials and personal accessories that are made of high-quality materials and even with a discount, you may rest assured that all the products have flawless finishes and perfect designs. The offer lets you opt for home essentials without sacrificing quality. We understand how important it is that home essentials be available at budget-friendly prices; hence, the special offers section has been created to ensure that you can design your home.

Special offers of up to 30% off allow you to choose from a range of categories on Nestasia’s website. The crockery includes plates, bowls, and platters available in a range of sizes and patterns to suit everyone’s aesthetic preferences. We also have offers on wall decor, which include wall buntings. The fashion accessories include stylish scarves, hair clips and hairbands. The home decor essentials include vases varying in colours, sizes and designs, table decor objects which include showpieces, and photo frames. To equip your vanity in style, we have special offers on makeup pouches, dressing table mirrors and hand mirrors.

With up to 30% off on dining table mats or placemats, and table runners, you can make the table setup complete for any occasion. Offers are also available on naturally dried flowers that exude artisanal charm into the home decor. The designer cushion covers are available in embroidered designs and printed patterns, making your home furnishing look impressive. Elevate the bathroom decor with stylish and functional liquid soap dispensers with a smooth pump mechanism.


The ceramic bowls and plates are available at up to 30% off and are here to grace the table with elegance and charm. The high-quality ceramic crockery is chip-resistant, lead-free and food safe. Serve up delicious meals in our dinnerware. We also offer discounts on table linen to help complete the table setting.


Great discounts can be availed in cookware including cooking pots and baking dishes. The ceramic bakeware is so stylish that it can even be used as serveware. Bake desserts and savouries in the baking dishes.


Choose from a range of home decor available at Nestasia with up to 30% off. These include vases, decor objects, photo frames, artificial flowers, dried flowers and wall hangings.

Bags + Accessories

Discover stylish potli bags and utilitarian makeup pouches featuring attractive discounts and offers. Stylish accessories include face masks, scarves, hair bands, hair ties and hair clips.


Choose from stylish bathroom accessories including ceramic liquid soap dispensers with attractive designs to enhance the bathroom interior decor.

Soft Furnishing

Get up to 30% off on comfortable cushion covers and pillows. Choose from a range of embroidered cushion covers, printed cushion covers, luxurious velvet cushion covers and comfortable cotton cushion covers.


Get up to 30% off on colourful and useful notebooks with high-quality pages. The notebooks and diaries are suitable to be carried as a travel journal, record book, or office diary.

Nestasia with its motto for Quality, Utility & Beauty ensures that all the products you receive meet this checklist. With these special offers, we aim to be a budget-friendly brand to make each and every home special. From stylish and utilitarian crockery to artisanal home decor accessories, Nestasia is the go-to place for premium home furnishing and home decor.

Why choose Nestasia

  1. Premium Quality Products: Nestasia curates premium and high-quality products. When you shop with special offers, you can still enjoy the same level of quality while getting fantastic discounts on your favourite items.
  2. Unique and Stylish Selection: Nestasia offers a unique and stylish selection of home decor and lifestyle products. Our special offers include a wide range of products, ensuring that you can find something that perfectly matches your taste and complements your home interior.
  3. Irresistible Discounts: With special offers that can include discounts of up to 30% off, Nestasia allows you to save significantly. These discounts make it more affordable to elevate your home decor and pamper yourself or your loved ones with luxury products.
  4. Convenient Online Shopping: Nestasia's online platform provides an easy shopping experience. You can easily browse through our collection, view product details, and add items to your cart from the comfort of your home.
  5. Customer Satisfaction: Nestasia places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. From the quality of products to prompt customer support, we strive to ensure a positive shopping experience for every customer.


What kind of special offers does Nestasia provide?

A: Nestasia offers a variety of special offers, including discounts on select products, seasonal promotions, and exclusive sales events. We offer upto 50% discounts, upto 40% and upto 30% off on selected products.

What materials are used for Nestasia's dinner plates?

A: Nestasia's dinner plates are crafted with high-quality materials, such as ceramic, glass, or fine stoneware. These materials ensure durability and an elegant presentation for your dining table.

Can I find a variety of ceramic vases at Nestasia?

A: Yes, Nestasia offers a wide variety of ceramic vases, ranging from minimalist designs to intricately detailed pieces. Whether you prefer tall vases or small table vases, you'll find an array of options to enhance your home decor.

Are the velvet cushion covers easy to care for?

A: Nestasia's velvet cushion covers are designed with both style and convenience in mind. The cushion covers are machine-washable, making them easy to clean and maintain their luxurious appearance.

Do cushion covers come with zipper closures?

A: Yes, Nestasia's cushion covers come with high-quality zipper closures which have extremely smooth functionality. These zippers not only ensure a secure fit for your cushions but also make it effortless to remove the covers for cleaning or changing.


Product Name Price
Glass Storage Jars With Lid Set Of 6 Large 400ml Rs.750
Chrysanthemum White Rs.430
Dip Bowls Rs.150
Dish For Fruits Rs.190
Spice Jars With Lid For Kitchen Set Of 6 250ml Rs.550
Breakfast Bowl With Handle Rs.180
Mini Greek Head Showpiece Rs.285