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Tired of the same age-old decorations? Explore our festive decoration items to infuse your space with a sprinkle of whimsy and a dash of the unexpected.

Elevate your decoration with unique & luxury festive decoration items

Love, laughter, and timeless memories - the festive season brings with itself a bundle of joy that we wait for every year. Indian festive seasons are vibrant and colourful. No festive season is complete without proper decor or lighting, be it a chandelier, a table lamp, or simply fairy lights - they add charm to the festivities at home. Choosing the right kind of soft furnishings for home decoration during the festive season is also important. Colourful and vibrant cushions, soft throws and rugs, decorating with fresh blooms, or simply garnering artificial flowers in beautiful ceramic vases - all add to the elegance of the festive home. 

Adding refreshing aromas and scents is a great way to elevate spirits during the festive season. Scented candles, potpourri, reed diffusers, and oil lamps are some of the many ways to enhance the ambience at home. 

Unique decoration items for this festive season

Living room festive decoration items: Make your living room look welcoming and warm this festive season. Putting up fairy lights, draping soft and pretty curtains, decorating flowers and ornaments in exquisite vases, and putting up beautiful wall decor and abstract wall art are great ways of hosting your party in style. Shop for festival decoration items from Nestasia this festive season and make your home look festive-ready.

Bedroom festive decoration items: This festive season, consider decorating your bedroom by placing indoor planters, hanging beautiful tapestries and wall art, hanging mirrors, etc. to enhance the positivity of your bedroom during the festive season. Scented candles are another great festival decoration item for your bedroom. It pleases all our senses and makes us calm and relaxed. Choose shades that pop out for your cushion covers for a lively look. Explore the entire range of bedroom festive decor items at Nestasia today.

Kitchen and dining festive decoration items: From mirrors to crockery units, glass makes your home look sophisticated and chic. This festive season, dazzle your guests with the right pieces of dinnerware. From plates to platters, fetching exquisite pieces of dinnerware for the home decor is an elaborate yet exciting task. Dress up your table with beautiful dinner sets and dinnerware from Nestasia to keep the festive feel intact. Be it dessert plates, serving plates, trays, cutlery, bar tools, table mats, table napkins, etc., we have everything you need to host a memorable brunch or dinner.

Study and office festive decor items: Add a jolt of your personality to the least utilized room of your house - your study. Add a pop of colour to your study with the vibrant decor elements from Nestasia. Turn your study into an aesthetically pleasing room by incorporating decor elements like a retro book stand, antique howling showpiece, elegant photo frames, artificial flowers in ceramic vases, etc. Shop for your favourite decoration items online on Nestasia and create a beautiful space at home.

Outdoor festive decor items: The onset of the festive season brings along bright-spirited cheer, good vibes, positivity, and lots of happiness. It is the ideal time and occasion to give your home a festive makeover. From gardens and patios in bungalows and independent houses to balconies or even the windowsills or ledges of apartments, the outdoors work as the perfect canvas for any Diwali decoration idea. 

Explore luxury Diwali gifts & hampers online

Our thoughtfully selected Diwali gift items collection offers a fascinating choice of options, whether you're wanting to surprise your family, friends, or coworkers. Each carefully put-together Diwali gift hamper conveys a sense of craftsmanship and love.

Check out luxury gift items online at Nestasia

Be it an intimate get-together, a wedding, or a housewarming party, gifts are a great way of conveying your warm wishes and love to your loved ones. Below, we have listed Nestasia’s luxurious gifting items that are sure to bring a smile to your loved ones' faces.

Birthdays: Make the special day of your loved ones extra special with our exquisite collection of handcrafted birthday gifts. From cups and mugs to wall art and wall decor objects, Nestasia has an amazing gifting collection that is sure to make your loved ones smile.

Weddings: Looking for the best gift for the newly married happy couple? Look no further! Nestasia has got you covered. With time, people have started to resort to gifts that add a more personal touch. We have a huge collection of customized, handcrafted gifts that are sure to leave your loved ones teary-eyed. We have gifting items like dinner sets, platters, coffee mug sets, perfectly curated gift hampers, home decor objects, and much more that are going to serve as unique wedding gifts.

Anniversaries: Anniversaries are a great way to commemorate your love and bond with your partner. From newly married couples to those celebrating their silver jubilee together, anniversaries are a reminder of the vows and love that you promised to your significant other. Therefore, to celebrate this special day, the anniversary gifts take particular consideration. Nestasia has a wide range of anniversary gifts to fulfill the purpose of adding sentimental value to your special anniversary gifts. Duffle bags, photo frames, makeup organiser, scarf, snack bowls, etc. are some of the most loved gifts that can be given to your significant other on the auspicious occasion of your wedding anniversary.

Housewarming: Moving into a new house is a big step. A thoughtful housewarming gift from friends and family goes a long way during a period that can be equal parts stressful and exciting. Celebrate the big move of your loved ones with Nestasia’s practical yet personalized presents. Nestasia has a magnificent collection of indoor planters that can also be used as decorative objects at home. Scented candles are another amazing gifting item that can be given to your loved one, as their aroma enhances the overall ambience of the place and creates a sense of calm and relaxation.

Baby Showers: Babies are a blessing. The best baby shower gifts are items that parents will actually use. Shop for tote bags, travel pouches, organizers, and cute table decor objects to give the gift of joy to the would-be mother along with your warm wishes. 

Explore home essentials and decor items online at Nestasia

Home Decor items: A home that is composed of beautiful personalized elements evokes a feeling of euphoria. Adorn your home with statement timepieces to exude an expensive aura. Be it captivating wall decor, beautiful wall art that sparks conversation, pretty photo frames to cherish memories, refreshing indoor planters, contemporary ceramic vases, and many more, every small element adds to creating a feeling of luxury in your humble abode. Explore the entire range of meticulously crafted home decor products at Nestasia to add a wow factor to your home.

Kitchen Essentials: Be it preparing a leisurely dinner or regular meals, kitchen essentials always come in handy to prepare that perfectly cooked meal. With proper kitchen tools like noodle cutter, kitchen tools set, cooking pots and cast iron cookware, salt/pepper shaker, oil pouring bottle, etc., preparing scrumptious meals becomes easy. Kitchen racks are an ideal choice for stacking up all of your beautiful spice jars and canisters  in symmetry, decluttering your kitchen, and making it more beautiful. Organising baskets, on the other hand, is also a great way to keep your kitchen organized and tidy. Shop from Nestasia’s amazing collection of kitchen tools and essentials to revamp your kitchen today.

Dining accessories: When it comes to dining, presentation is as important as serving a delicious meal. Shop from Nestasia’s unique selection of opulent dinnerware and luxurious dinner pieces to host a memorable soiree in style. Add a hint of modernism and elegance to your dining table to elevate your meal into a luxurious dining experience. From vintage to modern, minimalist to abstract, geometric prints to floral prints, we have an array of carefully curated dining essentials. Be it fancy glassware, serving bowls, delicate dessert plates, shiny cutlery, table mats, Nestasia is here to fulfill all your dining essentials for a memorable dining experience.

Bags and Pouches: Whether going on a long trip with family or just for a day out with your girl gang, handbags are a must for every occasion. Be it sling bags, tote bags to carry all your essentials, beautifully embellished potli bags, or laptop bags for work, handbags always come in handy to carry all your essentials with you no matter where you go. Explore the entire collection of beautiful and trendy bags and travel pouches from Nestasia that are perfect for every occasion and place. 

Beauty accessories: Be it a teenager or a woman, every individual loves to accessorize their outfit to add that extra elegance to their overall look. The number of accessories to choose from is a lot, and it can get really tempting to buy all of them. Well, guess what? Nestasia is here to spoil you with choice with its gorgeous collection of beauty accessories. Be it hair ties, scarves, hair clips, eye masks, or party glasses, we have everything just for you.

Soft furnishing: Soft furnishings are an integral part of home decor. They contribute greatly to the appearance of the room by adding a pop of colour and vibrancy to the overall aesthetics of the home decor. Beautiful rugs, softly draped curtains, a cozy throw blanket, soft bed covers, and quality cushions are the essence of soft furnishing at home. Nestasia has exquisite sets of soft furnishings that are perfect for festival decoration items. Come be a part of the enchanting world of Nestasia’s premium quality soft furnishings to add a touch of elegance and charm to your homes.

Why Choose Nestasia?

At Nestasia, we understand the value of sustainable and quality living. We offer a unique selection of modern and elegant home decor products that are an exquisite amalgamation of innovative ideas, where form meets function, trendy meets timeless, and style meets simplicity. Our home decor products are unique and reflect global trends for a discerning audience. From minimalistic, handmade accent furniture made by skilled Indian artisans to ornate pieces, Nestasia has something for everyone. 


How do we decorate our homes during festivals?

There are plenty of decorative items that can be used when it comes to embellishing your home. Lights, flowers, pretty curtains, wall decor, table decor, candles and candle stands, aromas, and fragrances are some of the many things that are used to decorate your home during the festive season. 

Why is decoration important for an event?

Decoration is an integral part of any festival, party, or get-together. A well-decorated home represents an extension of our identity that expresses individuality as something external to us but still an intrinsic part of us. Decorations are important because they set the ambiance of the party. They accentuate the venue and the ceremony and give them a look fit for the occasion.

What are some tips for decorating small spaces during festivals?

Opt for space-saving decor like wall hangings, mini trees, or tabletop decorations. Use multi-purpose furniture and avoid over-cluttering to maintain a spacious feel.


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