Using Wall Hangings to Create a Bohemian or Eclectic Look

February 08, 2024

The Woodstock Festival, frills, ruffles, and all things unfettered - these are the few things that come to mind when engaging in conversations about boho culture. To some, the term “boho” refers to a free-spirited life, defying societal norms, and being one with nature and whatever life throws at you. Others may associate it with a rootless existence owing to nomadism and an almost amoral lifestyle. Whatever our notions about the Bohemian subculture, it is fascinating to think that a colourful world free from the shackles of conventional norms exists amidst everything. But how exactly did this alternative culture arise? Let us take a few steps back and explore the origins of this vivid culture, together.

Boho Wall Decor

Although Bohemian culture was later introduced in the US via immigration, the earliest origins of Bohemianism can be traced back to Bohemia - an idyllic region in the Czech Republic. It was the gathering place for wandering Gypsies from all over the world. The laidback and easygoing nature of the multi-tribal dwellers was reflected in their apparel, music, and other creative outlets. Apart from retaining some of the classic nomadic characteristics, boho furnishings are also an amalgamation of multiple ethnic styles. Beaded designs, cutouts, frills, drapes, and tassels create a free and unrestricted style of apparel and in turn, furnishings.

5 Wall Hangings to Create a Boho or Eclectic Look

1. Macrame Wall Hangings 

Done by hand, macrame wall hangings are a common boho element found in many homes. Macramé essentially refers to the meticulous technique of tying several knots to create an open-weave pattern that imbues a rustic charm like no other. They sometimes come with flowy loose ends that embody the carefree boho spirit. Mostly crafted from hemp and jute, they are also eco-friendly and sustainable. You can pair these wall hangings with hanging planters and earthy tones such as beige, brown, and sage green for the ultimate boho look.

Macrame Wall Hanging

2. Dreamcatcher

The enchanting dreamcatcher has a rich history to back its awe-inspiring aesthetics. Legend has it that Native Americans believed that good dreams would pass through the centre of the hole, while bad dreams would remain trapped in the web of the dreamcatcher, where they would perish in the light of dawn. Filter out negativity and bring good luck to your home by hanging a teardrop dreamcatcher with intricately woven nets inscribed in the hoop and dangling bead-shaped amulets.


3. Tapestry Wall Hangings

Create a truly eclectic backdrop by investing in a boho tapestry. You can go for botanical prints of wildflowers to be one with nature and its bountiful wonders, ornate mandalas, or fringed tapestry to create a playful and spirited vibe. If you are looking for bold patterns and exaggerated designs, you can explore various tribal prints. The richness of colours creates a strong visual appearance and creates a wonderful look.

Tapestry Wall Hangings

4. Mandala Wall Hangings

If you are looking to combine Eastern-inspired elements in your quest to achieve the perfect boho look, mandala wall hangings are a good fit. Associated closely with spirituality, the mandala, despite having a strong foundation in Hinduism and Buddhism, soon became adopted by bohos for its serene presence. To counteract the vibrancy and prismatic style of mandala wall hangings, be sure to introduce muted elements like beige-coloured knitted throws, rugs, and other such accents.

Mandala Wall Hanging

5. Metal Wall Art

The Bohos have always stood up for freedom of artistic expression and fostered a non-conformist approach to art. Bearing geometric and abstract shapes that break free from how conventional art is supposed to look, integrate metal wall art into your boho-inspired decor to showcase artistic freedom and create a captivating focal point at the same time.

Metal Wall Art


In our journey through Bohemian aesthetics, we've uncovered five wall hangings that not only encapsulate the boho spirit but also serve as gateways to artistic expression. Macramé wall hangings, dreamcatchers, tapestries, mandalas, and metal wall art—each piece contributes to the kaleidoscopic tapestry of Bohemian decor. The meticulous craftsmanship of macrame, the symbolism behind dreamcatchers, the eclectic patterns of tapestries, the spiritual touch of mandalas, and the non-conformist spirit of metal wall art all converge in a celebration of artistic freedom.

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