Unique Rakhi Ideas For Bhai & Bhabhi - Gifts And Trends

May 25, 2024

Originating from ancient Indian mythology, Rakhi symbolizes the sacred vow of protection and support between brothers and sisters. Traditionally, sisters tie colourful threads, known as Rakhis, around their brothers' wrists, while brothers pledge to safeguard their sisters' well-being throughout their lives. However, in recent times, Rakhi has evolved beyond its traditional boundaries to encompass the beautiful relationship between Bhaiya (brother) and Bhabhi (sister-in-law). This expansion of Rakhi's significance reflects the changing dynamics of family relationships, highlighting the importance of acknowledging and celebrating the bond shared not only by siblings but also by married couples. 

In this blog, we have listed down a few gifting options that you can use for your Bhai and Bhabhi. Continue to read the list below!

Rakhi Gift Ideas For Bhai & Bhabhi

1. Couple perfumes

Be it a man or a woman, everybody loves good fragrance. A couple’s perfume will make for an ideal Rakhi gift for your bhai and bhabhi. Choose a premium fragrance set that includes complementary scents for him and her, allowing them to express their styles while harmonizing their aromas as a couple. Look for perfumes with notes that evoke memories or emotions special to them, whether it's a floral bouquet, a woody musk, or a citrusy burst.

2. Spa hamper

Who doesn’t like to be pampered after a hectic day? A spa hamper would be the right Rakhi gift for your Bhai and Bhabhi. It would not only help relax their mind after long hours of work but would also make them feel rejuvenated. Create a spa hamper by throwing in some body scrub, body gel, manicure and pedicure kit, essential oils, etc. to create the perfect spa hamper for them.

3. Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are another great gifting option. And it will surely make for a perfect gift for your Bhai and Bhabhi this Rakhi as these will offer them the freedom to choose what they truly desire. You can also explore our gift card collection to get your hands on some of the most creative and beautiful gift cards.

4. Gym kits

Another great Rakhi gift for your bhai and bhabhi would be gym kits. By gifting gym kits, you're not only encouraging them to prioritize their health and well-being but also showing your support for their fitness journey as a couple. It's a thoughtful and practical gift that reflects your love and concern for their holistic happiness and success.

5. Gourmet hampers

If your Bhai and Bhabhi are fond of gourmet desserts and food items, then this Rakhi you can gift a gourmet dessert and food hamper to them. Curate a luxurious hamper filled with a selection of their favourite gourmet treats, including artisanal cheeses, premium chocolates, savoury snacks, exotic teas, and fine wines or champagne. You can also include speciality jams, preserves, olives, crackers, and gourmet spreads to add variety and sophistication to their dining experience.

6. Customised water bottles

Customised water bottles also make for a great Rakhi gift for your beloved Bhai and Bhabhi. Opt for minimalistic bottles or a more vibrant one. You can also explore our water bottle collection to get your hands on some of the most amazing water bottles for them.

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7. Lunch bags

For the hustle and bustle of everyday busy corporate life, our lunch bags serve as the perfect resort for carrying your home-cooked meals. This Rakhi, gift your Bhai and Bhabhi a handy and chic lunch bag to make their days easier and show your love and thoughtfulness for them.

8. Puja thali

A puja thali will make a traditional and auspicious Rakhi gift for your Bhai and Bhabhi, symbolizing blessings, harmony, and devotion. Choose a beautifully crafted thali adorned with intricate designs and embellishments, reflecting the richness of Indian culture and spirituality. Include essential items such as diyas, incense sticks, roli, chawal, and a sacred idol or image of a deity to complete the puja set. 

9. Dry fruit hamper

A dry fruit hamper makes an excellent Rakhi gift for your Bhai and Bhabhi, combining health, taste, and elegance in one thoughtful package. Create a hamper with premium nuts and dried fruits to offer a delicious and nutrition-packed treat that they can enjoy together. You can also shop for Rakhi gift hampers from Nestasia that consist of beautiful gold and silver boxes filled with premium dry fruits and other goodies.

10. Couple’s wristwatch

A couple wristwatch set makes a timeless and elegant Rakhi gift for your Bhai and Bhabhi, perfectly symbolizing their bond and your affection for them. These matching wristwatches are not only practical accessories but also meaningful tokens of togetherness and love. Moreover, if your Bhai and Bhabhi are a gadget head, then a couple’s smartwatch would make a super fun Rakhi gift for both of them. 

11. Sweets

Traditional sweets made with rich ingredients like ghee, nuts, and saffron make an OG gift for any festival and occasion. A beautifully arranged box of classic Indian sweets, such as laddoos, barfis, kaju katli, and jalebis, is sure to evoke nostalgic memories and create new ones this Rakhi for your Bhaiya and Bhabhi for sure. Present them with their favourite mithai to show your love and affection for both of them.

12. Auspicious idols and statues

Gifting beautifully crafted idols of deities like Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, or Lord Krishna can make for an ideal gift for your Bhai and Bhabhi this Rakhi and can also add a touch of spirituality and elegance to their home. These beautiful idols symbolise blessing, prosperity and positivity that will enhance the overall ambience of their beautiful home.

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13. Mugs

If your Bhai and Bhabhi love to have their morning and evening tea and coffee together, then coffee mugs make for an ideal gift for them. You can gift them coffee mugs of their favourite colours and sizes with beautiful prints on them or you can also get the coffee mugs customised to throw in an element of art and fun. You can also browse through our coffee mugs set for him and her or individual mugs for their distinct personalities.

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14. Travel bags

Make the globetrotters in your Bhaiya and Bhabhi happy by gifting them a reliable travel bag set. Be it organisers or travel kits, they’ll come in handy for all their trips - long or short. It's a thoughtful gesture that shows your love and support for their adventures, making Rakhi celebrations even more special and memorable.

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15. Beauty accessories

Who says skin preps cannot be fun with your partner? Consider gifting grooming sets or skincare essentials to your Bhai and Bhabhi tailored to their needs and preferences. For your Bhai, opt for a sophisticated grooming kit containing high-quality razors, trimmers, and skincare products to help him look and feel his best. For your Bhabhi, consider a luxurious skincare set featuring indulgent creams, serums, and masks for a spa-like experience at home.


Choosing the perfect Rakhi gift for your Bhai and Bhabhi is all about showing your love, appreciation, and thoughtfulness. This Rakhi, go beyond the conventional and surprise your beloved Bhai and Bhabhi with gifts that celebrate their unique bond and add a touch of joy to their lives. Make this Rakhi unforgettable with thoughtful, heartfelt gifts that bring smiles and create lasting memories.

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