Unique And Thoughtful Rakhi Gift Ideas For Your Siblings

August 21, 2023

Raksha Bandhan or often referred to as ‘Rakhi’, is an integral part of the deeply rooted Indian Hindu festivals. The word ‘Raksha’ means protection, whilst ‘Bandhan’ is the verb, meaning, to tie. The festival being eminently popular in India and the nearby countries, is celebrated with great exuberance marking an event of pure love and bonding between siblings. The festival has been prevalent since the mythological ages and has been since then celebrated with lots of love and excitement.

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in various ways in different parts of the country. In the eastern states of India, the festival is commemorated by worshipping Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha and performing a ceremony of Jhulan Poornima. In the northern part of the country, the festival is celebrated by flying kites and in the western part, it is celebrated by worshipping Lord Varuna. The celebrations may vary from region to region, nonetheless, the festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and hearts full of joy. 

Unique Rakhi Gift Ideas For Raksha Bandhan 2024

We know how the love hate relationship of siblings are; you are perpetually torn between “I can’t live with them; I can’t live without them”. They drive you nuts, but the fact remains that you have grown up together and are a huge part of each other’s lives. With the most loved festival of the country, Raksha Bandhan, round the corner, it is definitely a difficult task to keep one’s excitement intact let alone finding the perfect Rakhi gift for your best scapegoat. Don’t worry! We are here to help you out with some of the most captivating and unique Rakhi gift ideas for your siblings. 

Unique Rakhi Gift Ideas for Elder Brother:

Elder Brothers are considered to be a fatherly figure in the family. However, the bond between you and your elder sibling is something that you create yourself. Every bond is beautiful and unique in its own twisted way. Commemorate your bond with your elder brother with the perfect gift this Raksha Bandhan and let them know how much you love them. Below we have listed a few gifting ideas for you to choose from. 

  • Laptop Bags – Laptop bags are a crucial part of one’s work life. Carrying a laptop to work along with the many things can surely be a task. A good laptop bag not only eliminates the risk of your laptop getting damaged but also comes in handy for carrying other official documents safely. This Raksha Bandhan gift your elder brother a stylish yet functional laptop bag from our wide collections of laptop bags that are sturdy, long-lasting and equally pleasing.
Laptop bag
  • Coffee Mugs – They say that the cups or mugs you drink your coffee from matters. Well, we second that thought. We at Nestasia, are a staunch believer in sipping your coffee from the right coffee mug. What perfect way to bond with your sibling other than over a cup of a brewing coffee. If your sibling is a coffee connoisseur, then this Raksha Bandhan gift your sibling the perfect coffee mug and go down the memory lane. If you are confused about, what kind of coffee mug should you get your sibling then you are looking for it in the right place. From matte finish and sophisticated to eccentric and vibrant, we have it all for you to choose from our amazing range of coffee mugs. 
Coffee Mug
  • Bar Tools and Drinkware – If your sibling loves to host a party at home, be it extensive brunches or just an elegant night of dinner and drinks, then gifting the chic bar tools and drinkware are just the right thing to gift them to craft delicious drinks at home. While good music and scrumptious food are crucial for a good party, there are few things that should be served in style. A well-stocked barware is sure to level up your cocktail game. It is also important to choose the right kind of glass for your drink. Not only does it add elegance to your bar but also helps in capturing the aromas flavours of different beverages. 
  • Lunch Bag – Having proper meals on time is an essential part of one’s day. A tummy filled with all the goodness of food helps us function better throughout the day. The benefit of carrying a lunch box is that it promotes healthy eating habits. To carry a lunch box is better than spending money on food outside. Buying a lunch bag ensures you to carry your lunch boxes with you. Take a peek at the array of our lunch bag collection. We have all kinds of lunch bags to choose from, depending on your taste and preferences. 

Lunch bag

  • Duffle Bag – Have a long due vacation with your sibling? Now would be the right time to take a timeout from your fast paced life and go on a trip with your sibling. Keeping that in mind, it would be the perfect time for you to choose a duffle bag for your travelling purpose. If you are wondering, why should you opt for a duffle bag, then to simply put, a suitcase might be quite heavy and cumbersome to carry on a trip. At Nestasia, we have a wide option of Duffle bags to choose from. Be it Vegan leather duffle bags, travel duffle bags, or sporty duffle bags we have it all. The benefit of picking the perfect duffle bag from Nestasia is that all our duffle bags are water-resistant and lightweight. So go satisfy the adventure buzz in you with your sibling, explore new places and evoke a sense of solidarity with them. If you happen to be island hopping in the Caribbean or hiking an epic alpine trail at the time, that’s a total bonus! 
Duffle Bag

    Unique Rakhi Gift Ideas for Younger Brother: 

    • Desk Organizers – Do you get a sheer sense of lowkey satisfaction from organizing all your files according to their sizes and thickness? Do you like to keep all your stationery in their assigned compartments? Coz, we totally feel you! Having a mess of everything around by your younger siblings can be annoying at times. Having a durable desk organizer for the stationaries can be really helpful to declutter the space and make it look presentable and appealing. Explore our entire collection of book racks, pen holders, file rack, desk organizer and much more. Available in various materials, colours and styles, our meticulously designed and curated products are sure to elevate your existing space. For the sibling who is obsessed with organizing, this Raksha Bandhan, gift your younger sibling the perfect desk organizer for all the meticulous organizing. 
    Desk Organizer
    • Lunch Boxes – Lunch Boxes make for a great utility product. It inculcates healthy eating habits. Gifting a lunch box to your younger brother would be an amazing idea to show how much you care for them and their health. Nestasia offers a wide variety of lunch boxes. Be it eco-friendly lunch box, glass lunch box, ceramic small lunch box, ceramic lunch box set or easy to clean, we have it all. A lunch box makes for a perfect gift for someone who is always on the go and carries their lunch with them on a daily basis. 
    Lunch box
    • Section Plates – Kids are always fascinated by colourful and eccentric objects. A section plate can prove to motivate kids to finish their meals. Section plates are the perfect mealtime addition for serving balanced meal and separating different food textures and food groups, making it mess free. From conventional shapes to artistic, neutral colours to vibrant, minimalist patterns to quirky, we have an extensive range of section plates to choose from. 
    Section plate
    • Notebooks – Notebooks are an essential part of one’s day-to-day life. Be it an adult or a child, notebooks come in handy for everyone. If you are a fan of stationary then you would know how tempting and difficult it can get to choose from a variety of beautiful notebooks. Writing can be interesting and fun with the use of artistic notebooks. If your sibling is obsessed with pretty stationaries, then, gifting them one of these is a good option this Raksha Bandhan to put a smile on their faces. 

      Rakhi Gift Ideas for Little Sister: 

      At Nestasia, we have innumerous products that would charm your little sister. This Raksha Bandhan get your hands on some of the most amazing products to put a smile on your younger sibling. Below is a curated list of gifting ideas: 

      • Makeup Pouches – Makeup is a girl’s best friend! However, it is also equally important to keep your makeup products clean and safe. Makeup pouches make for the real time rescue for all your makeup products. Not only does it keep all your makeup products in one place conveniently, but also is portable for you to carry all your makeup products without any hassle. Makeup pouches come in different shapes and sizes and is available in a variety of styles depending on the taste of person to person. This Raksha Bandhan gift your little sister a unique and pretty makeup pouch to store all her essentials in one place. 
      Makeup pouch set
      • Sling Bags – Sling bags are a highly convenient and functional piece of accessory. They are widely popular among people. Be it a kid or an adult, sling bags are loved by all as it lets the person walk hands free. You can keep all your essentials in it and need not worry about holding anything in hand. It is all about comfort and style. It has abundance of space inside it for you to carry your phone, documents, any other gadget etc. For girls and women, sling bags have become a fashion statement. At Nestasia, you will find cruelty-free and vegan leather products; not to mention stylish at the same time. 
      Sling bag
      • Key Chains – Nestasia has an exclusive range of vibrant and funky keychains for you to choose from. Keychains can be a perfect Rakhi gift for your sibling. Whether you are near or far, the key chain can be a reminder of you to tour sibling. 
      • Soup Snack Bowls – Soup Snack Bowls are an essential part of dining. Explore Nestasia’s exquisite range of elegant soup snack bowls to gift this festive season. 
      Soup snack bowl

      Rakhi Gift Ideas for Elder Sister:

      Whether you need a partner in crime or a person to click amazing pictures with, elder sisters tick all the checklist. Make your bond with your elder sister from good to great by gifting her a unique or a personalized gift this Raksha Bandhan. Some of the gift ideas are listed below for your help.

      • Scented Candles – Create an aromatic ambience at home with a range of scented candles. Not only does the scented candles uplift your mood but also significantly helps in reducing stress and anxiety. It promotes relaxation not just mentally but also to the atmosphere of the entire house. At Nestasia you’ll find a plethora of fragrances of the scented candles to choose from. If you are a fan of fruity fragrances, then you can opt for a citrus fragrance, if you like floral, then, you can opt for Lily, Lavender, Mint Rose Mary, Mogra or Jasmine. If you like gourmet fragrances, then you can opt for caramel, musk, pumpkin spice etc. 

      Scented candles

      • Photo Frame – We all love to hold on to memories that are close to our heart especially childhood memories. If your sibling love to cherish their bond with you by preserving them in a photo frame, then you can choose from a range of beautiful photo frames from our website to reminisce about the time spent with your sibling.

        Photo frame

        • Wall Décor – No home is complete without the perfect piece of wall décor to compliment the entire space. A home should reflect one’s preferences and style. A wall décor piece or a wall mirror can breathe life to the walls of your house. Be it putting up minimalist photo frames or vintage art frames. Your home should exude of your aura.

        • Tote Bags – For someone who loves to carry all their essentials on the go, Tote Bags are a total life saver for them. You can carry your laptop, lunch boxes, books, scarves and many more things inside a tote bag. It comes in different styles and colours for you to choose from, as per your preference. 
        Tote bag
        • Eye Masks – One of the best things you can do to improve the quality of your sleep is to wear a sleep eye mask. There are many benefits of wearing an eye mask, from blocking out light while sleeping to prevent wrinkles eye masks are essential for oneself. The sleep eye masks are a small square fabric with an elastic or a Velcro connected to them that makes it look like a headband. 
        Eye mask

          Rakhi Gift Ideas for Married Sister: 

          • Jewellery Boxes/Organizers – Jewellery organizers are used for keeping all your precious jewelleries in one convenient place without worrying about them getting lost or broken.

          • Throws and Blankets – A new house requires to be adorned in everything pretty and essential. A comfortable and beautiful throw or a blanket is a great gifting option for a new home. A throw is basically a small blanket made of different fabrics. Nothing feels as good as curling up in a soft blanket on a couch on a chilly evening. Gift the luxurious comfort of a throw or a blanket to your loved ones this Raksha Bandhan.
          Throws and Blankets
          • Cups and Tray Set – If your sister is newly married then she would love home décor products and essentials for her new home, wouldn’t she? If you are looking for the perfect cups and tray sets, then, Nestasia has it sorted for you. From Modern to minimalist, and vintage to eccentric, we have it all. 
          • Travel Pouches – Travel pouches are a convenient and an essential part of travelling. One can keep all their essentials in one place without the fear of it being lost. The travel pouches come in different sizes so that you can categorize and carry all your various belongings with you. It can be a great gifting option for someone who is a travel enthusiast. 
          Travel pouch set
          • Shoulder Bags- Celebrate Rakhi with a touch of elegance by gifting your sisters-in-law stylish shoulder bags. These trendy accessories blend fashion and function, perfect for their everyday needs. Choose vibrant colours and classic designs to match their style, showing thoughtfulness and appreciation. A chic shoulder bag is a practical yet stylish gift they'll cherish long after Rakhi.

          Rakhi Gift Ideas for Bhaiya Bhabhi:

          Do not miss out on gifting your lovely Bhaiya and Bhabhi this Raksha Bandhan. Our exclusive an extensive collection of hampers and products make for a perfect gift for a couple. Some of the gifting ideas are listed below.

          • Indoor Planters – Indoor planters make for a perfect gift for those who love to bring the beauty of nature into their homes. This Raksha Bandhan gift your loved ones who is a home décor enthusiast, a beautiful indoor planter so that each time they look at it, it reminds them of you.

          • Wall Art – Wall Art are the most commonly used piece of decorative that is used to enhance home. Be it minimalistic or vibrant, sleek frame or decorated frame, Nestasia has all kinds of Wall Art for your home to look even more beautiful.

          • Bathroom Sets – A bathroom set can be a great way to give your bathroom a clean and stylish look. Generally, a bathroom set includes a variety of matching accessories such as soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, soap dishes and tumblers. However, choosing a set that complements the colour scheme and style of your bathroom is important. Treat the home décor organizer in your family this festive season with a beautiful bathroom set. 

          • Duffle Bag Sets – The duffle bag sets are a perfect Rakhi gift for your Bhaiya and Bhabhi. With a wide variety to choose from, you can opt for a matching duffle bag in different colours for them to twin or can opt for two distinct duffle bags, Duffle bags are travel friendly and makes for a great option instead of the traditional luggage that are heavy.  

          Personalized Rakhi Gift Ideas:

          Express your love for your family members with a thoughtfully curated personalized gift hamper. Commemorate the special occasion of Raksha Bandhan and bring a smile on your sibling’s face with these eclectic gift hampers. 

          • Home Décor Hamper – If your sibling loves to decorate and lend their unique personality to their space, then Nestasia has a collection of aesthetically pleasing home décor pieces that are perfect for them. From vases and canisters to cushion covers, rugs and throws, and lots more, these pieces will surely complement their style.
          • Potpourri Set – This Raksha Bandhan gifts a Potpourri Set to your loved ones to add a personal touch to their homes. A potpourri is a mixture of dried, naturally fragrant plant materials that are used to render gentle fragrance to the entire home space. Choose from an array of fragrance diffuser and potpourri sets from our website to enhance your home. 
          Potpourri set
          • Mugs – A couple mug set is an ideal gift set for the lovely couple in the family. For the ones who love their morning me-time with their favourite cuppa, Nestasia’s eclectic collection of mugs will make for the perfect gift for them. From oversized mugs to delicate and dainty ones, from floral prints to geometrical patterns, we have everything for everyone.
            • Scented Candles Hamper – The scented candles hamper makes for a perfect gifting product for a home décor enthusiast. These scented candles not only create a cozy and tranquil atmosphere at home but also helps in relaxation. 

            Handmade Rakhi Gift Ideas:

            Handmade gifts are always special! Not only does it make the receiver happy but also it makes Mother Earth happy. 

            • Eco Friendly Baskets – Considered as multi-purpose, baskets play an essential role in keeping home organized and look clean. With the evolving time, preferences of people while purchasing anything have changed. Keeping in mind our planet, consumers are now focused more on buying eco-friendly and sustainable products. Hence, eco-friendly baskets serve as the best gifting option this Raksha Bandhan.

            • Sustainable Rakhi – Eco-friendly and sustainable Rakhi is the new trend-to-go. The seed inside the Rakhi not only is an initiative to plant more trees but also is a metaphor to nurture and nourish the bond between the siblings. Shop for organic and eco-friendly Rakhi from our wide collection of sustainable Rakhi. 
            Sustainable rakhi
            • Handicraft Tray Set – The Handicraft Tray Set is a beautifully crafted home accessory. Choose from a variety of tray sets to gift it to your loved ones this Raksha Bandhan. Be it wooden tray with metal handles or Golden Rim Crystal Bowls Set, we have an exquisite collection of these handicraft trays.
            • Handwoven Basket – Handmade or Hand Woven gift items always add value and personal touch to them. Handwoven baskets are among the many great options to gift it to someone who loves eco-friendly and sustainable products.


              Raksha Bandhan is one of the most loved and widely celebrated festivals in India. The festival boasts of unity, solidarity, respect and love between siblings. Whether you live near or far, the small gesture of gifting on the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan will surely bring them close to you. Don’t forget to add a cute little note to give a personal touch to your gift, and we bet it’ll leave your sibling teary-eyed.


              Who gets gifts on Rakhi?

              Traditionally, the sister ties Rakhi to her brother and the latter offers gifts to commemorate the essence of their unique bond. However, with evolving times, the rituals of gifting have changed too. The celebrations no longer limit the gifting to the sisters, but allows the brothers, sister-in-law and other familial ties to be gifted too. The concept of “Raksha” no longer apply only to the brothers anymore.

              What are the important things about Rakhi?

              The auspicious festival strengthens the bond between siblings and brings the feeling of unity and oneness in the family.

              What is the unique way of celebrating Rakhi?

              Choosing for the perfect Rakhi gift can be a little challenging. However, if you are looking to gift something unique to your sibling, then handmade gifts and self-propagated plants could be among the many to gift to your siblings as they have a personal touch to them.

              Which gift is best for married sister?

              Personalized gifts such as home décor hamper, scented candles, jewellery boxes, home and kitchenware are some of the best gifts for married sisters. Explore the wide range of personalized gift hampers on our website.

              Why do girls get gifts on Rakhi?

              Raksha Bandhan or ‘Rakhi’ is an auspicious festival to address the pure love and bonding between siblings. Traditionally, the sisters tie Rakhi to their brothers and the latter gives gifts out of love for their sibling.

              Which type of Rakhi gift is best for kid brother?

              Be it USB Fans, Lunch Boxes, Stationeries, all of these makes for a perfect gifting option for younger siblings.

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