Top Picks Under 1000: Best Home Decor Selections

October 14, 2022

While growing up, we all have seen our parents going to the shops to bring the most beautiful decor items for the house. As they said, “While buying something, you must be present to examine the products carefully.” Of course, it allows us to be sure of what we are purchasing, and a sigh of relief prevails seeing it's in absolutely perfect condition. With a shift of time and it dwindling in a fast-paced lifestyle, we don’t get some relaxing time to ourselves easily. To our rescue, the superhero called “online shopping” has arrived with many popular choices, brands, and styles to pamper us by giving us a million options. 

Best Of Festive Decor

So, you might ask, “What happened to what our parents used to say? Are they wrong?” Well, definitely not. Over time, we have learned to trust a few brands, so much that we don’t feel the need to walk ourselves to their stores. With an amazing collection, premium quality products, superb craftsmanship, and most importantly, being true to their words, brands have established a trusted base of customers.

Glass Vases

However, decor brands have won the medal of the ‘most popular’ among online shopping windows. The world of decor is a universe in itself! The elements of design are the fundamental aspects of any visual design which include shape, color, space, form, line, value, and texture. So, each of the rooms should have its unique identity based on these 7 elements. It might be a tough decision to choose what will be appropriate for which room, so our window is always open for you. Today’s your lucky day, because we, here, have curated a special collection of our top picks under Rs.1000 covering not just the basic wall and shelf decor but also the tablescape, seating arrangements, and many more that we will keep as a surprise for now! 

Jewellery Organisers

A home is a place where you spend many hours in a day relaxing and replenishing yourself. So, it's important to keep the space appealing and pleasant, throwing a reflection of how the space in your heart might look. A well-decorated room or table renders you peace of mind and attracts the guests' attention in a snap. If you're planning to revamp your home with lavish yet budget-friendly eye-catching home decor elements, this blog is your ultimate guide to selecting the best from Nestasia, all under Rs.1000.

Floral Festive Decor

1. Cups & Mugs

Thinking of starting your day without a cup of coffee is always a no-no, isn’t it? Hence, the coffee mugs should be stacked in abundance for you, and your loved ones, and you’ll create the perfect mood to have the cozy company of your friends. 

Cups And Mugs

Nestasia’s wonderful range of ceramic and glass cups and mugs will give your morning rejuvenation a perfect boost with its amazing design, excellent craftsmanship, good quality material usage, and sufficient capacity. The price range of these cups and mugs varies from Rs. 300 to Rs. 700.

Coffee Cup And Saucer

After all, your cup contains everything you need and cherish. Start your day with tea, coffee, water, or any other beverage in your favorite mug, and ta-da, the day turns into something magical. You savor the drink to the utmost because of a personal connection that you have with it. This emotional bond is what gives mugs their emotional connection.

Coffee Mugs

2. Faux Flowers And Vases

Faux Flowers And Flower Vase

Flower vases are a common attribute of home design since they can provide brightness to any space. However, finding the right flower vase for your space can be a difficult task as they come in so many different shapes and sizes. Flowers refresh the environment and bring life to a living place. 

Flowers Vases
Flowers are the ultimate mood boosters and when it comes to enhancing emotions, having flowers around the house or at the office is quite advantageous. A beautiful floral arrangement can instantly make you feel fantastic all day long. Faux flowers are the easiest to look after, maintain and arrange. They don’t need to be watered; and for an aromatic aura, just spray a bit of essential oil on the petals. 
Colourful Faux Flowers
Just vases or just flowers look too empty, isn’t it? That’s why it’s always best to combine these two. Especially when it fits your budget without making a hole in your pocket. Our vases range from Rs. 350 to Rs. 950 and the faux stems of flowers and leaves start from Rs. 120.
Faux Flowers And Ceramic Vase 

3. Festive Special Lotus Decor

Lotus Decor

We always look forward to celebrating festivals all year round. They are the only ones we allow to keep us eagerly waiting. And, when it's time to welcome the festive season, prepping up ourselves and our homes is where our shopping goals focus on. 

Lotus Decor

Festivals are the source of constant happiness, cheer, and joy. It’s the time when family and friends come together to celebrate, regardless of busy schedules. Hence, it’s important to keep your home decked up fully with little pieces of glitz and glam.

Lotus Tealight Holders
Our exclusively new and adorned lotus wall decor and tea lights are charmed with sparkly golden embellishments and a beautifully bloomed lotus. These perfect sets of decor are available in our online store at Rs. 540 each. So, don’t miss out on our festive special decor and deck up the humble abode in a traditional but stylish fashion.
Lotus Hanging Decor

 4. Table Runner, Coasters, Trivets

Trivets And Coasters

Home decor relies on a number of sub-elements, one of which is an attractive tablescape. Imagine your guests moving to the dining area after enjoying a jovial evening, and seeing an empty table without any ornamentation. Doesn’t sound like quite a nightmare?  

Table Runner
Any kind of hosting is simply incomplete if you do not have beautiful tableware to complement the food and drinks. Table runners are commonly used to make table decorations more visually appealing, as they help to define seating arrangements whilst also creating a continuity of design in line with the coasters and trivets. The artfully traditional trivets with vibrant colors and quirky, and eclectic coasters will surely enhance the mood of the guests as well as the ambiance.  

Our designer table runners range from Rs. 450-750, coasters are available at Rs. 660, and traditional Mediterranean art imprinted trivets or platters at an affordable price of Rs. 600 maximum. If you are already painting a picture of how the tablescape might look by including these, it’s time for you to hop onto our website, and start adding your favourites to the cart.


 5. Vanity Bag Sets and Jewellery Bag

Vanity Bags And Jewellery Organisers

“Getting everything in one place” Did you give a shoutout to vanity bags? Because they heard you! The vanity bags, in a set of 2, are here to help you organize and keep your belongings under one roof.

Vanity Bags Set Of 2

The jewelry bags, on the other hand, makes a home for trinkets, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. These can be rolled and tied, and kept in the closet, cupboard, or anywhere without captivating much space. 

Jewellery Organiser

The foldable jewellery organiser is crafted in premium-grade velvet with PVC pockets. The six PVC compartments, secured with plastic zippers will efficiently store and protect earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, hairpins, and wristwatches against scratches or dents. And the vanity bags can be utilised for keeping toiletries or makeup essentials while traveling. These embellished vanity bags and jewellery organisers are available at a price range of Rs. 750-790. 

Jewellery Pouch

Now, I hope you are ready with your long list of our budget-friendly buys. And since Diwali is just around the corner, check out our specially curated festive hampers to surprise your loved ones.

Diwali Festive Gift Hamper

The festive hampers are a collective of heartfelt snacks, chocolates, embellished tealight holders, and lots of love from Nestasia in the form of ceramic ware, glassware, and decor. They are a complete package of just what you need this Diwali to celebrate the occasion with bright lights and the wide smiles of your loved ones.

Diwali Festive Gift Hamper

Last but not the least, keep your eyes hooked and notifications on for our next blog which would be a delight for all the coffee connoisseurs to match with the cups and mugs.


1. Which are the best home décor items for a small living room?
A: For a small living room, one can use scented candles as home decor and pair them up with adorned votives/candle holders. One can also try their hands on our DIY paint with numbers kit and showcase them on the walls of each room. 

2. How can I use a mirror for home décor?
A: A mirror can be used to accentuate the space, make a small space seem larger, and adjust the lighting. Mirrors can be of different types, but most important of all, they should be placed in a way that transforms the overall look.

3.Which are the budget friendly décor items for cozy winter decor?
A. Here are some of our top picks for winters- 
1. A cozy throw
2. A cup reusable as a planter
3. A soft pillow cover

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